Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Videos - Direct Links - 2nd Attempt

Ok, so recently I tried to post up a page with all the direct links to the videos that have previously been posted. I know that a few people have had some issues accessing the videos from within the blog due to the variances of browsers.

However, it would seem that my links were not working, so I am trying again. And this time I have tested them! 

Here you go:

3 Boys and a Milker - Posted 3/12/10

BindNLock Sleepsack - Posted 5/1/10
 CBT Torturer - Posted 5/14/10

BindNLock Hogsack - Posted 5/16/10

BindNLock Chair Bondage - Posted 5/24/10

Drewp Zentai Hogtie - Posted 5/26/10

Rocket Leathers Hogtied - Posted 6/4/10

Spreadeagle and Rubber - Posted 6/6/10

Spread Eagle Ball Bust - Posted 6/14/10

Electro Time - Posted 6/16/10

In the Sling - Posted 6/24/10

Rubber Puppy Visits Part 1 - Posted 6/28/10

Rubber Puppy Visits Part 2 - Posted 7/3/10

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