Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WOOFnDC - Part 1

Earlier this year I was in DC for work and was talking with a few of the local kinksters in the area about playing. One pup in particular, WOOFnDC, I had wanted to play with because we had spoken a few months earlier when he was in Seattle but I was swamped with other things and couldn't play with him. Ended up having him over a few times during my week in DC, and it was fun not only to play but to get to know him a little as well. He is a sweet puppy, as well a very hot boy as you will see in the videos.

Plus he is a vocal pup that knows how to bark properly, which is a huge turn on as well.

For this first one we started off easy, with just some bondage, latex and a forced bj. He looks great in his gear, especially in my favorite bondage position, a hogtie.

We will be hitting some more bondage, electro and puppy play in the upcoming videos, so stay tuned for those!

Direct Link to video


  1. Woof, great vid! It loads for me here, but not on xtube for whatever reason. Maybe you can post part 2 here also so I can see it? :)

  2. That is odd, shoudl work in either place, they are coming from the same source. Xtube has been experiencing a lot of problems, might just need to give it a day.

    but I am most certainly going to be posting Part 2 here very shortly! :)