Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sad News

A friend has passed away

I am choosing for now not to identify this individual, as I have no idea the wishes of the family and friends at this time regarding how public his death may be.

However, he was someone that I just came to know at a recent play party, having discovered that he was a very delightful boy who was excited to learn and grow with the kink world that he had recently discovered. I had a chance to give him a ride to the airport at the end of the event, and we talked about what he hoped his future to be. I found his optimism and enthusiasm to be as refreshing then as it is heart breaking now to know that future will not come to be.

Unfortunately he was discovered in what is likely a self-gassing scene, apparently with the use of ethyl chloride (Max Impact & similar).

Good bye, good boy, I wish we had longer to get to know you. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this sweet kid.

Too all my friends out there who read this blog, please do me a favor. Throw these damn spray poppers away. I have used them myself, sure they are fun to a point, but it just isn't worth it. In the last few years I have known too many people who have died this way, as if one death wasn't already one too many.

Beg you all not to be the next.


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  1. It is very very tragic when another of such beauty and mind is lost to such... Things. My deepest condolences to you, friends, and family of this young lad.

    "To the wind we lay him down,

    Bow our heads and sing a song,

    Here's to you and to those who knew,

    You will be missed and never forgotten,

    We love you, Goodnight"