Saturday, August 28, 2010

NW Rubber Weekend - First Post

Hey all, currently having some fun at the annual NW Rubber weekend, held in late summer each year. This has been my 7th one, with many years of connections and friends, gear and play, and truly a unique experience that you just can't get from the large contest site.

I will be sharing some experiences, photos and videos from the weekend over the course of the next few weeks. In the mean time, here is a little bit of the gear just laying around in the aftermath of just one night.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So last year at this time I was knee deep in helping prepare for the regional leather contest. I had become involved with a local leather group, one that claimed to be of real players and had a lot of lofty goals for building community.

As with most things that I do I couldn't help but jump right in and immerse myself. I took a seat on the board (within months they asked me to be VP, which says more about the low membership than my own abilties), I was working on several projects and was helping with the contest on posters, the program guide, and some stage management. In many ways it was a great deal of fun, and I met some interesting people.

Now I ended up leaving the group rather suddenly due to getting into an arguement with a local title holder. Perhaps I will write about why later, but for now I will just say that I decided to take a break from all that, and step back so as to create peace with the person I got into an arguement with and the rest of the group. Was just easier for all involved and they had their own goals for giving back to the community, so there is no need for me to stand in the way of that.

Now it is a year later, and I hear rumor of the preparations going for the contest again and that things are still a little chaotic. It drove me crazy last year to try to organize an event with no production schedules, no work back schedules, and no clear delegating of duties. I don't blame anyone for that, I come from that world and know how to produce events quickly and easily, and perhaps they just don't have training.

But to hear that some of the same challenges exist again this year fills me with one emotion: relief.

Relieved that I am not involved this year at all.

Not to say that I wouldn't have stepped up to help if asked. I would have done whatever little thing was asked, though I suspect that there are some resentments lingering, or perhaps they just want to give me space, or worse, they didn't care of the work that I did last year. Doesn't matter in the long run.

But last year I felt as if I was doing something for the community, the leather/kink community of Seattle. And more importantly, as someone outside of the normal kink community I thought that I could work over the course of months to help them reach some of the kinksters around town. When I look at the landscape of those involved in the leather events there is only a very small number of the total leather/kink people around involved, even if you count "involved" as only showing up to contests.

So many voices not heard because no one knows how to talk to them.

The part I am struggling with, however, is this. Last year I felt it was very important to drive towards this goal, and focused a lot of energy to it. I still think that there should be a place for kinksters around my city to come together for a common goal (I still think that Seattle could have an MAL or IML sized event), but at the same time I don't feel the need to get excited about it like I used to.

I just don't have that drive anymore, and can't tell if it is becuase I now feel that it doesn't matter, or that I can't make a difference. Was it my fault, or are the "leaders" of the leather community unable to excite their base? Am I one of their base? Are any of the peopel that I care about a part of the leather community, or do they need to be involved by going to or participating in contests? Is there something I am missing?

So I have decided to ask around to some of my friends from around the country about their vision of what a leather commmunity is, how they relate to it and what they hope it could be for themselves and their friends.

I will be featuring guest contributors in the comming weeks, and if anyone reading this would like to lend their voice please contact me directly at

Internet Pic Post #11: Football


This evening I took my partner to a concert for his birthday, a concert for one of this favorite singers, Rufus Wainwright. One of the treats of the evening was the opening act of Martha, Rufus's very talented sister.

Now, I often at these kinds of shows become lost in analyzing the venue, the lighting, the stage design, crew, audio, etc. I work in this industry within my professional life and it is natural for me to downshift into that mode very easily.

However, at some point in the first song that Martha sang I became aware I was not paying attention to the performance in front of me, and these were the lyrics that Martha was singing when I truly listened:

I want to sing, I want to dance.
Dancing and loving like I don't care

This hit me as I realized that I need to open myself up a bit more. My head wants to go to the analytical, the cold data, the hard facts, the videos, the action, the toys and gear, and I don't give much of myself and my own thoughts.  
This blog has reflected this attitude; there is little of my person views or emtions within these pages so far, I know I have held myself back a little, though I have always intended to.
This changes starting today.
I want to sing, I want to Dance.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Time Electro - Direct Link

Here is the directly link to the video as well.

First Time Electro

On a recent work trip to New Orleans I was speaking with a boy that was at the time going by Curiousasianboy. Now, while he wasn't so curious by the time I met him, he has had a few bondage experiences, he admitted to me that he had not yet ever experienced electro.

After a few days of arranging the details, I set up the following scene with him. He was to go to my hotel room at a specific time. The door would be propped open for him to be able to enter but I would not be there.

Note: Often I describe scenes that may make some of my readers wonder about safety, such as this one; i.e. giving access to someone I never met to my hotel room. I leave out the details of the precautions I take because I am intending these to be stories to be fun, but those precautions are still there. In this case the boy had no ability to enter or leave the hotel from a vantage point that I could observe the entire time.

When he entered the hotel he found laid out for him a neoprene open crotch singlet, a rubber hood and a blindfold. Once he got himself into this gear he was to text me on my cell that he was ready for me to join him. I arrived to find him on the bed and proceeded to secure him as you see in the video.

His only instruction was that I had a goal for how high to get him on the electro, but he would need to ask for each time to have it increased. The longer he waited to ask the longer his torment would be.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Neoprene Sleepsack - 665 Leather Sale

One of the fun toys that I purhcased in the last few months was the neoprene sleepsack from 665 Leather ( It is not the most feature rich sleepsack ever, but for the price it is a rugid toy, as the numerous loads spilt on it so far will attest to.

Here is a photo of the very first use of the current sleepsack:

I bring this up because there is now a sale going on at 665, with 15% of storewide on everything, including this sleepsack. Use coupon code AUG2010 at checkout for the discount.

Recently I posted the following review on Rubberzone recently about this sleepsack, in response to the question, "I have seen, on several sites, a neoprene sleep sack for $199. It is on twistmyrubberarm, Ft. Troff, etc. I am guessing it is made by the same manufacturer and being sold to retailers with a $199 MSRP. So my question is -- has anyone bought one? If so, what is your opinion of it?":

I don't know if they are the makers, but I believe that 665 Leather is the primary distributor (the local leather store gets their neopene singlets from them). You can find the sleepsack at the following link:

I have to say that I am loving mine. There are better sleepsacks out there, with lacing and nip access, blah blah blah, but for a $200 sleepsack it worth the money.

I love the smell of it, it rolls up and goes in my suitcase really well, very snug and well constructed. Also the arms look a little bit off because they are towards the chest a little bit, but that ends up being one of the great parts of it, as the arms cradle into a very comfy position.

Just a few weeks ago while playing with a Daddy friend of mine in DC, I spent the entire night in the thing!

There are a couple of drawbacks, however. One is that I get nervous about the chest zip going down as it attaches to nothing at the top. I solve that by locking the zipper pull to a collar, which makes it more fun anyhow, but should be something they thought of in the design. and two, the rear zip seems to be a little low for a good fucking. I have successfully fucked a boy in that sleepsack just fine, but I was aware at all times I was barely clearing the zipper in teh back and it could have rubbed me wrong during it. Barely.

So, the lack of features and a couple of weird drawbacks take a little away from it overall, but not enough to overcome the great price. I think that I am going to putting this puppy to good use for many years to come. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I want to take a moment to highlight and thank some of the other blogs out there that have linked to mine, and tonight I want to extend my appreciation to Metalbond.

From the stories, to the pics and the first hand accounts there is something for every kinkster, and I have truly been enjoying this site. According to that stats of my blog, this is one fo the biggest referring URLs to No Safe Word, so my recommendation to all my readers to go check it out will probably be a futile gesture, most of you will have already been there!

But in case you haven't you should check it out!

Thanks Metalbond!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rubber Bound by Rocket - Part 2

Finally have part 2 of the last video I posted up from my play with Rocket, which I am excited to bring you the conclusion of. While it is apprent that I am cumming from the sounds I am making at the end, the electro insert in my dick was preventing anything from showing up on the camera. You will just have to trust me.

Or don't. I had a good time either way.

Why are we argueing about this!

Ok, here is the vid...

Direct Link:


On my Xtube account where I post up all these vids I have been putting I received the following comment:

There are power-bottoms and total tops. You're a power-switch; a rare and hot trait that I hope you have loads of fun with as often as you like. Great profile. Amazing vids. Thanks for adding me to your friends list. Steve-San Fran

Have to say, I kind of like that! Think I might have to own that title for a while!.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rubber Bound by Rocket

In some posts over the last couple of months I have shared my adventures during a work trip out ot the east coast, in particular my visit with my buddy Rocket (and of course his super hot boyfriend!). This video is from a bit of play we did one night, and is the first part of a two part series.

We both suited up in some fun rubber gear, and he began to strap me down with restraints and chain. The hood was a amazingly hot, though it did become a bit too intense after a while, mostly because of my gigantic head.

Now there are those who have noticed in my play recently that I have focused a great deal on ball tourture, and this video isn't going to be much different. You will be able to tell by the sounds I am making that I will love this type of play, after having discovering about a year ago.

So, here you go with part 1 of 2, hope you like it!

Direct Link

Looking for volunteers

Hey all, I am looking for some volunteers to help me with a little project I am working on. This will involve looking through some profiles and recording same data. The data remains anonymous and the totals will be used only for items within this blog.

If any readers on this blog would be willing to volunteer to help me with this please let me know. Email me at


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Videos - Direct Links - 2nd Attempt

Ok, so recently I tried to post up a page with all the direct links to the videos that have previously been posted. I know that a few people have had some issues accessing the videos from within the blog due to the variances of browsers.

However, it would seem that my links were not working, so I am trying again. And this time I have tested them! 

Here you go:

3 Boys and a Milker - Posted 3/12/10

BindNLock Sleepsack - Posted 5/1/10
 CBT Torturer - Posted 5/14/10

BindNLock Hogsack - Posted 5/16/10

BindNLock Chair Bondage - Posted 5/24/10

Drewp Zentai Hogtie - Posted 5/26/10

Rocket Leathers Hogtied - Posted 6/4/10

Spreadeagle and Rubber - Posted 6/6/10

Spread Eagle Ball Bust - Posted 6/14/10

Electro Time - Posted 6/16/10

In the Sling - Posted 6/24/10

Rubber Puppy Visits Part 1 - Posted 6/28/10

Rubber Puppy Visits Part 2 - Posted 7/3/10

Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Red Rubber Straitjacket - Direct Link

Direct link to video:

New Red Rubber Straight Jacket

I have known the guy in the next video for a few years; we get together to play from time to time. bndggabe is always a fun rubber boy to torment, so when he was excited about a new toy I told him to bring it over.

He got himself a red rubber straitjacket from Mr. S, which you can see here. The red color just brings out the sadistic side of me, plus it was a while since I have used a rubber straight jacket on someone

There are a few hot buttons with this boy, especially the bondage. Fully secured, gagged and hooded then he is a happy boy. However, I thought it best to oblige him with a few layers of play. Electro plug to the ass. Ball crusher slapped on.  And his favorite, breath control.

I'll use this opportunity to mention one thing about BC to everyone following this blog. I won't do this kind of play until you really get to know me, and I get to know you. No exceptions. I have seen too many people end their lives from fucking around with BC not to be careful with it.

So with the proper warnings in place, let's can go ahead and present the video:

 Hey all, I am back!I have 9 videos ready to go from play over the last couple of months, and have a couple of upcoming friends and play parties where there will be more. I am looking forward to sharing some of the fun.

Those that know me personally now that I have been out of sight for some time now due to my professional life interfering with my personal life. I have been fully engaged since IML with travel and work projects. In that time I have tried to keep up with this blog as best I can.

That doesn't mean I haven't had NoSafeWord on my mind lately. Long nights after work, sitting in a hotel room with only the TV and the world's slowest internet, there is only one thing to do pass the time. And when I can't find a boy will to do that (ha, misdirection, classic comedy right there) I have been spending time on a couple of pieces for this blog.

I am excited to bring additional content changes beyond just photos and videos, but that comes later.

Second, I have heard all my friends who have advised the opening of my videos was far too long, so I spent the time learning some new software and techniques. Hope the new one is as well liked as it is brief. I will be posting that shortly.

Good to be back!