Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Self-Built piece

I am really excited! To help prepare for the New Year's Eve party at our house I wanted to finish the first piece built for the playroom. Now granted, I chose something that was relatively simple, a bondage frame but it was a great first piece to start with.

After finding something similar in the profile of Boundtight (thanks for permission to plagiarize, Sir!) I started earlier this week with planning it out, managing to get most of the individual parts ready for assembly.

Thankfully though, my buddy Kinkidiver, arrived and lent me a hand a few hours before the party.. I was a little behind for getting it down before the party, and he stepped in to help me, and he gave me enough advice to make it event better. Thank you my friend!

The result, I am pretty damn pleased, this thing is going to fun to play with. The frame is rock solid, partly because of a cool tool for joining wood call the Kreg Jig, a birthday present from my husband (along with the power tools). It did a great job of bringing everything together, and giving the frame enough stability for two people to be suspended! And those eye bolts all over are rock solid in there.

Big thanks to Kinkidiver and to Pupowner for putting together this great scene for me and a cute pup, MrIncognito.

Will be following up with videos of the rest of the weekend very soon!


  1. Safety tip: those eye bolts or screws should be driven into the wood all the way to the eye itself. If there are any straight parts visible, they will bend with the sideways pressure you put on them (as visible in the photos) and will eventually snap off. If you already have slight bends after this play, replace those eyes altogether instead of driving them deeper into the wood; you don't want hidden weak spots.

  2. well, I never really wanted to use it for suspension on the eye bolts themselves, but we ended up doing some stress tests to see how it would go. Going to be adding to and modifying the design to be able to do other things safely without having to worry about the bend ont he bolts.

    however, also have to keep in mind that the eye bolts have nuts on the end of the thread, as well as washers on either ened. given the capabilities of the bolts, it is more likely the wood would split before an eye bolt will break. However, I will always be watching and keeping track to make sure this remains safe and a fun toy for years to come.

  3. Nicely done! Hope you studs enjoy it, but looks like you already are! :)