Monday, February 28, 2011

Wish List: Mr. S Deluxe Neoprene Sleepsack

As many of the people who have followed this blog may have noticed, I have been using my neoprene sleepsack that I picked up from 665 Leather a great deal. It has been in several of the videos and photos of this site over the last few months, and is one of my go-to toys.

Neoprene is my new favorite material, mostly due to the smell. It triggers memories and sets a mental spot for me of my own early exploration of kink. And of course my love of sleepsacks knows no bounds, I can be in one for hours, overnight, are have a hot boy/pup in one next to me for extended time.

However, my current one is great for some play, it is still not the best. The one that I am really looking forward to getting one day is the Mr S Deluxe Neoprene Sleepsack, found Here.

I have played with these a couple from times from other friends, and I have been extremely impressed by the construction and quality, and the visual it greats when a boy is fitted into it. There are two things that also make this toy the top of my wish list:

First - This one has the lace up front, which means an even tighter enclosed feeling. In my other sleepsack I can feel myself melting into the neoprene and at somepoint start to feel like it is barely there anymore. Part of the headtrip is the complete bondage and helplessness, and the feeling of the rope lacing is a constant reminder of your vulnerability.

Second - The collar is far superior in the Mr S version. In the other the zipper can suddenly zip down. Since it only goes down to the belly button, the likelihood  of anything getting caught is very low, but still nerve wracking, and potentially distracting. I tend to have to lock the suit up to an extra collar, which doesn't always look that great. The snap collar on this device gives a clean, solid look to the bound up boy.

I am hoping to pick one of these up and add to my growing neoprene collection!

Deluxe Neoprene Sleepsack

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  1. i have the old one they use to sell. The new material they use I am not thrilled about. Just dont like the feel and shine of it.