Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday was a good day!

Ok, it was a damn good Saturday all the way around

First, I started off the day waking up to the husband (Dvous1) deciding he needed some morning protein. I do love a morning blow job!

After spending some time playing around with the twitters, some blog stuff, cleaning and work emails, I wanted to take the husband to the playroom for some play.

I wanted to get him into a position of complete exposure, so tried two positions. The first is a stress position. I wanted to see the boy completely helpless and in a position that I knew would be very difficult for him. At one point he managed to mutter, "i don't know how long i can do this, Sir." through the muzzle, and you could hear his frustration when I told him I was well aware of that.

after a while it was time to take him to the play room, and using some chain and rope I tied him into the second position, his chest held up by the rope, causing his ass to stick out at just the right angle for a long rough fucking.

Later that night a couple of pups joined in, which was able to manage to capture only a pic of them in a 69 position, was busy playing around most of the night which is mostly going to be on video. Before the play we had dinner and a trip to the local leather bar (Cuff Complex). Both of the pups in rubber and matching dog hoods and garnering a lot of looks :) I was, however, distracted most of the time by trying to play with them and scritch their ears :)

Videos of the play with the pups will be coming soon.


  1. Very, very nice. Both the composition and the content! Woof!

  2. Great work - I wish my Saturday had gone so well. WOOF