Monday, March 21, 2011

Chained Leather Boy

There is never enough chain in the playroom.

I love the feel of steel chain for restraints; there is no give, there is no escape. It is heavy, with each length weighing down on you, making you feel every part that is strapped on. The sound of it reminds you of just how fucked you are.

The night before I left on this current trip I decided to take the boy (Dvous1) to the playroom for some play, handing him his leather boy uniform: shirt, cod piece jock, and chaps. He always looks amazing in it, and I don't have him wear it often enough. As per usual I donned my favorite gear: rubber.

I took him into one room in  the house and put the restraints on him while he sucked my cock. Now, I know I have said it before, and at risk of giving him a big head, he is the best cock sucker I have ever met. If it was a sport, he woudl be A-rod (who is also a cocksucker, but in a far diffferent way). After progressing to a heated throat fucking and a gushing load for him to have in his mouth, I immediately put the hood and gag on, so the taste would linger while he was tied up.

Below was the results of what came next.

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