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Contributer: DivePup - The Fantasy

This was shared with me by DivePup, and I encouaraged him to let me post it here becasue I realy enjoyed what he wrote. Very horny. I know he is hoping you all enjoy it as well!

The Fantasy
by DivePup

*This story was written from the depths of my mind. Whether it be fantasy or reality I have yet to find out. It was written when asked the question, “What is your biggest fantasy at this point in time?” The following is my answer. Enjoy.

I’m dragged quickly into the room. The zip cuffs digging into my sore wrists and ankles.

I’m roughly dumped onto the vinyl floor, moaning into the large gag that is invading my mouth. I crane to see what is going on out from under the handkerchief that is acting as my blindfold, but my motions yield nothing. I’m picked up from under my arms and swiftly dropped onto a cold and unforgiving stainless steel exam table. A hand is thrust around my neck as another holds my body down to the table. A sickly sweet smell hits my nose and I promptly pass out.

I slowly open my eyes, attempting to shake the haze from my mind. The gag is gone from my mouth and the handkerchief removed. There is a blinding light shining down on me. I try to move my hand to block it, but I cannot move it. I try to sit up but I’m promptly tugged back with something around my neck. This discovery sent my mind into a spin, the cuffs, the men, the room and the table. It all came flooding back to me. I look across my body as best I can through the glare of the light and I see a sight that takes my breath away. It’s my body, completely covered in a shiny, black suit. I flex and bend, feeling the material and determining it is skin-tight latex rubber, my cock instantly stirs at this discovery. As I continue to look over myself I see that it is a full catsuit, complete with attached booties and gloves. I marvel at this as my cock goes larger, plastering itself against my chest as it’s tucked inside the suit.

I set my head back down on the table, feeling a rubber collar around my neck. I attempt to pull my head off the table again but, like before, I was promptly yanked short with what sounded like a rattle of chains.

As I lay there contemplating what is to become of me, and why I’m here, I sense a movement next to me. I strain to look over and through the bright light to see a set of dog ears poking up over the edge of the table. I whispered, “Help me.” As I did the figure below rose up into view. What I saw made me gasp.

Rising into view was a Husky, more specifically, a person (or so I thought) in what looked like a grey Husky fursuit. I tried to motion for it to let me go, but it just stood there. I whimpered, and whined as much as I could, attempting to show him that I would like to get out. As I was pleading for him to let me go, he reached up from under the table and held what looked like a fairly larger gag in front of me. As I stared wide-eyed at it I whimpered at him to please not use that. But I never finished my sentence. Swiftly my mouth was wrenched open and the gag was shoved in and buckled behind my head. My pleas and cries were muffled to just a few small, muffled whines. I set my head back down in defeat and closed my eyes.

I felt a fuzzy feeling on my neck and opened my eyes to see that the Husky had his paw caressing and feeling the collar. The paw moved to my bare cheek and up to my forehead, touching, and caressing my sweaty head and hair. I tried to convince my thoughts thru my eyes, but all that stared back was unmoving, big, blue eyes.

He then abruptly took his paw from my face, turned around and left. I pleaded for him to come back, I wanted to feel his touch, know that somebody cared. Before I could finish my thought a foam earplug was roughly shoved in each ear. I thrashed and squirmed as a dark, black, menacing latex mask was pulled over my head. I thrashed and squirmed against the straps, I tried to get up, but the chain locked to my collar pulls taunt, halting me in my tracks. It was smoothed over my face by soft hands and the nose holes lined up so I could breathe. This mask however, had no eye or mouth holes. I was now deaf, blind, and now even more helpless. I feel hands caressing up and down my helpless, latex covered body, rubbing especially hard in the crotch area... making my whimpers and cries turn into moans of pleasure.

As my sacred, helpless mind is slowly transformed into one of erotic pleasure, I hear a few faint clicks and at the same time, feel a tug on my arms. They’re strapping me down even tighter! I thrash and squirm as I try to break free, but a hand is quickly pushed against my face, stopping my flow of air. I calmed down, and the hand is taken away, the clicks and tugs continue to move along my arms. It moves over to the other arm and finally across my legs. When I try to flex and squirm, I realize I’m not going anywhere soon. I’m strapped to this table as tight as can be.

A buzzing sound is faintly heard through the latex and foam blocking me from the outside world. At first I didn’t know what it was, but I soon found out. As it was laid across my crotch and turned up even higher than I had heard, I instantly recognized it. A vibrator, the bastard took out a vibrator! Oh man did that really start me thrashing as much as I could. Squirming, moaning, and screaming for somebody to let me go.

This person knew what they were doing though, for they seemed to know when I was close. Just when I was about to fall over the edge into oblivion, they turned it off and left me hanging and gasping for air. This sexual torture went on, for roughly a half an hour, maybe more. Just when I thought they would finally bring me over the edge, they let off and it went completely silent.

This I thought, this quiet, unmoving, stale atmosphere... was worse than the sexual torture itself. I begged, I screamed, I whimpered, and whined for all it was worth, and I was met only by silence. I thrashed, wriggled, pushed, pulled... but the restraints held true.

"They couldn’t have just left me here!" I thought to myself.

Then I heard it, faint footsteps. Closer, closer until they stopped next to my helpless form bound down to the table. Then, the soft touch of a hand thrust me into reality. It started at my face, working down, down my cheek, chin, and neck… over to my shoulders and down my latex-clad chest, tweaking my nipples and heading down to my abdomen. Drawing circles around my belly button and continuing down to my crotch. I thrust my crotch up as much as I could, but the hand moved aside as it continued down my leg to my knees. As it kept moving it finally found its way to my feet. I flinched and wriggled as they poked and prodded my extremely ticklish feet. I giggled and moaned as the finger went in and out of my toes. Then it came back up my leg.

I held my breath as it stopped at my crotch. It lifted the flap on the suit and pulled out my rubber covered member that was fully erect despite the moaning and pleading into the gag.

I was then softly stroked and fondled until I thought I would spurt right then and there. Then it stopped. I pleaded and thrust up for them to continue.

I then felt big, wet lips around the tip of the protruding shaft... holy sh*t they were giving me a blowjob! Damn!

I was brought close to climax 3 maybe 4 times by these pair of lips before they stopped abruptly. I screamed and cried for more until I heard some rummaging around next to me. I then felt a long, cylindrical shaft, pre-lubed, being slid down my shaft. I whimpered into the gag because I knew exactly what this was. Then it started moving. I thrashed trying to throw it off, but they must have tied it securely so that it didn’t fall off. Aww hell, I moaned as the speed was upped to about medium thrust, the footsteps faintly faded into the distance. They can’t just leave me here with this infertile contraption!!! “No, no, no,” I kept telling myself, I couldn’t give in. I could NOT let them take over me like this. But then it happened. After 15 min of fighting it, I lost. I could not hold out any longer.

The build up was one of the most extreme and erotic feelings I have ever felt. I screamed into the gag, I thrashed around on the table; I moaned deeply and squirmed in my bonds. The climax and subsequent orgasm was something to behold. I felt like I was on the biggest high of my life. I must have spurted a gallon of cum because I just kept pumping into the machine.

I rode out the orgasm for another two, maybe three minutes before I finally settled back against the table. But the machine didn’t care; it kept going, at (what to me) seemed like a quicker pace. I whimpered and squirmed until it took over me again. The ride up was longer this time, but the climax and orgasm just as intense. I pumped everything I had into the tube. I was wriggling, pulling and tugging at the leather straps holding me tight. I dried out my throat screaming and whining.

As I fell back against the table, chest heaving I knew I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew I had given them everything I had... but the machine didn’t mind, because it kept going. As I rode up the 3rd orgasm I didn’t care anymore, I just let it happen.

I passed out shortly thereafter

The End.

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