Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playroom Update

Building a playroom takes time. Or least that is my excuse. Been working on a few projects in the playroom recently to get it where I am hoping to take it. 

Everyone goes about building their own playroom differently. I have decided to go over my projects on this here because this is the first time I have ever had the opportunity to make my own play space. I want to enjoy the process and remember it later. To get to where I wanted it to be will take years I am sure, so this will be a record of that journey.

A couple months ago I talked about the building of the bondage frame, and the result was this:

I have since, however, been working on updating it with a few extra pieces. First and foremost, color. It needed an update, so I undertook staining. 

BTW- Staining fumes are like anti-poppers. No horniness from that shit. 

The result:

Much better. Black goes with everything. 

I have also added a few new features to make this more handy. In the previous photo you can see the Leather Pride Flag colored spreader bar mounted on the top of the frame. 

Next is the the gear racks. Made of industrial pipe that I fitted to the frame. There are three racks now on the left side, each for different kinds of gear, making for an easier selection of which horny shit to put on tonight.:

Additionally I needed to be added in for access to some common tools, like the flogger, sound proofing ear muffs, and a place to put all the extra eye hooks and chain links.

Not a great many innovations, but I am starting off with the things that are going to be more simple for now and work my way up to the more complex projects as we go along, and I will be documenting the projects as I go. 

Stay tuned.

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  1. Hmmm good stuff Sparky hope I can get a chance to try out .
    Your boy George from boston.