Sunday, April 3, 2011

Updated Blog List

On the right side of the blog you will find toward the end a complete list of all the blogs I am following. There are a shit-ton of them out there, my friends, and a great deal of fun content being shared. If you haven't checked some of these sites out, now is the time. 

Some of the recent additions you should check out is:
2 Locked Boys
A Pups Life
Breaking the Twink
Cuddling on the Wild Side
Daddy's Birchboy
Gagged Lads
Kinky Pig
Master Richard Playroom
Musings of an Ischaemic Encephalon
Naughty Charlie's Blog
Pup and Sir
Rubber Anubis
Sir to you Pigs!
Slave Gay BDSM
slavejimmy AKA Bondageslave

And remember, if you havne't done so already, to click on the Follow button on this site as well! 

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