Monday, April 4, 2011

Wish List:

KOMODOSPORT Vibram FiveFingers

Officially on my horny gear wish list! 

I also already own a pair of the standard KSO's, and don't get me wrong, I love them. A little awkward at first when you put them on, but as you get used to having something between your toes you start to realize that you forget about them. All you will get is the natural feel of walking barefoot. 

So these new ones, with the shiny yellow on the top and the mixing in of the black and gray, make them a perfect match to all my fun gear! I need these :)

But I am going to be patient and savor the anticipation, and wait for a bit (i.e., when my husband forgets how much I have spent on gear this year).

If you haven't tried Five Fingers yet, I highly recommend you do. Most unique shoes you ever will have


  1. Oh God I LOVE my KSO TrekSport! One of the most COMFORTABLE shoes i have ever worn while traveling.

  2. I forgot I was wearing them.... they are awesome:)