Friday, May 20, 2011

Interview with Stomper of Pupzone

I have been blessed to have some truly special people in my life who have changed me in ways I never thought possible. 

One of those is my first handler, Stomper. We knew each other before either of us where into kink but when I started in kink he was the one, along his partner Squirm, to help introduce me to what has become my favorite kink, pup play, as well as bondage and rubber and all the other fun things that today I love

But of course it was more than just that. 

One thing that I can say about our relationship, it has always be intense and passionate. He was my first trainer and I was his first pup, and that is a bond that means a great deal for me. 

So when Leatherati just recently interviewed him and he called me (and this blog) out in the interview, I was blown away. Thank you Stomper!

You definitely need to check out the interview, it is truly insightful and he gave a great deal of great information about him and about Pupzone. Check it out at

And if you are looking for an online home as a pup or a handler to find others like yourself or information about what pup play is about, you need to go to

Finally, there is no place in the blog world that I have learned more about the leather/kink community than by following, check them out now.  

Stomper talking about pup play makes me want to breakout the old pup tail again ;)

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  1. What a nice "shout out"! Don't know anybody more deserving.