Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Leatherati: Interacting with Pups

I recently was asked by Daddy Loren of Leatherati.com to write an article regarding pup play, which was a great honor to be asked to contribute as a part of this series along side Brue, Pup Tim, Angel, Ace, Stomper and Pug, many of whom I am fortunate enough to count as friends. 

If you do not have Leatherati in your feed, you need to go there. No place out there is better to find out what is happening out there in the kink world, no matter which kink you have. Plus, Daddy Loren and his boy Alex are damn hot too!

I had already been working on a post for NoSafeWord on a topic that has bugged me for a while; how to best interact with pups in all these public events we have. There are way too many stories from pups who go to events in full pup gear and come back with some sort of weird mistreatment.  So I felt this was the perfect time to finish it up. 

Please check out the article, it hope it helps change some perceptions and helps some pups out. 


Also, be sure to check out the other awesome article in the series, they have been a great and informative ready. 

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  1. GREAT post at Leatherati! And the collection of articles there on pup play has grown into one of the best groupings I've seen. Totally proud of my pup for putting something together and dragging me into it.

    Hope you have a great, great, fabulous time at IML. Pet a pup for me, please!