Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wow - What a month!

My protestations that this site is not an exercise in my own ego have to ring hallow even to my own ears. 

To a certain extent I must admit I get off on the attention, though truly there are a couple of more high-minded reasons why I continue with this. I am finding the best part is that having this blog is continually there to push me in the development of my kink and have better experiences. 

So this last month, when I looked at the stats that Blogger collects, I was truly amazed!

I don't feel comfortable with talking about the actual numbers, but I will say as you can see from the chart rendering below that the number of visits to the site has jumped significantly (the drop off reflecting the beginning of the month). Also, to have  the cumulative page views of a quarter million since blogger started tracking last summer is pretty damn breath-taking. 

One person I want to thank is Ruff of the infamous Ruff Stuff blog, as the big jumps directly correlate to referral posts from his blog. 

And most importantly I want to thank to all the people who have contributed, either through play and agreeing to be taped for a video segment, or for photos or writings, to this blog. I really want to expand that more and have more people involved. 

And of course to my fantastic partner, who just has to put up with me, but he does it with style!

Seeing the chart look like this makes me want to keep trying harder!

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