Thursday, June 9, 2011

IML - Reddywhp

A few months ago I posted about my early experiences in kink, and that the first time I wore gear out in public was for a party from a visiting friend, Reddywhp. You can see that post HERE

This last IML I got the chance to do some play with Reddywhp. For as long as I have known him we haven't done a full scene, so getting to play was something I was really looking forward to!

I have known he was wanting to do some ball torture, my personal favorite as of late. Add to the whole feel of the night was knowing he had been locked up for weeks ahead of the event and had not yet blew. I do so love getting ready to beat the cum out of backed up balls.

If you aren't following Reddy's blog, Musiings of an Ischaemic Encephalon, you need to... now. Great stories and personal content for beginners and players alike. 

For this scene I went for the Neoprene Straitjacket as the primary tool. As you will be seeing in some upcoming videos, I tried the straitjacket for some ball torture with KinkiDiver, and found it a little more maddening to have the the slight give of the jacket but still more than enough security to prevent any possibility of stopping what is about to happen.

I went with a combo of electro with the ball paddle, then electro with the electrified ball crusher. Tied to the bed with a of rope to ensure easy access to my query, and we were set to go. 

Photos for now!

Video to come soon!

Gear Featured in this Post
Neoprene Straitjacket
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
E232 Electro Box
Thigh to Wrist Restraints
Electro Flexi Ball

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