Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video: In the Leather Sleepsack

Back on May 26th I posted a video that I called CBT and Icy Hot, a scene were I was visiting BindNlocK and we had a couple of really great scenes before I had to rush back to Seattle.

For some reason when I tried to post this video before it got flagged by Xtube, so I waited a couple of weeks to repost and seems to have gone through this time. I am glad, because this was a fun scene!

Sir had me put in an electro plug, then fitted me into the his Essential Leather Sleepsack from Mr S (oh how I love that sleepsack!).  He also at first put on a gasmask that was tied into a bubble bottle, forcing me to concentrate and have to work on my breathing, which made the intense feeling of being secured in the sleepsack even more intense. Later the gas mask was replaced with my rubber dog hood.

Two areas of CBT I haven't done a lot of his forced pumping with a cock pump and clothes pins. Sure I have done clothes pins a few times (there are vids out there, ha!) but only a small handful of times and truthfully being on the receiving end helps me with being on the Dom side with these kinds of toys, and really loved that Sir was giving me some hands on training!

It is always a privilage to play with him and I can't wait for the next one!

Gear Featured in this Video
Essential Leather Sleepsack
E232 Erostek Electro Box
Electrified WMCBP (Electro Butt Plug)

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