Monday, September 5, 2011

Story - Puppy Dreams

I was poking around and found an old story that I wrote over 7 years ago, and thought I would put it here. 

This story was written at a time when I was first starting my relationship with my then boyfriend and Sir, Oneill67, as his collared pup, and the story reflects some real events, both of a day dream I had as well as some susquent play just after. 

It was fun to find this and thought I woudl share it as a reflection of where I was with my pup headspace back when I first started.

The kennel was nothing special really. It was nothing more than a square brick building, just off the highway outside of town. At the end of the gravel driveway the building held dozens of dogs hoping for a good home. And more often than not the individuals who came there looking for their new pal leave excited to start their life together.

The pup hoped today was his day. He spent the entire morning grooming himself, making sure his black coat shined more than all the other pups next to him. His cage was perfectly clean, not a stray hair on the floor, not a single one of his kibbles carelessly dropped near his bowl in the corner. Any prospective owner would tell right away this pup meant business.

Not that he was the only one. The kennel attendant marveled everyday on how each dog spent the morning getting ready, just as if they know exactly when the kennel would open their doors to the public. Each and everyone had their own special trick. One spent his time arranging his scant few toys over and over again, carrying them from one corner to another and back again. The neat piles of toys never seemed quite right. Another one walked around in circles, first in one direction then in the other, as if exercising up to keep himself fit. There was one puppy that would practice how to sit in just the right spot, turning his head just a little one way, then deciding on another, or shifting more to the right. The attendant was sure the pup was never going to find the right pose.

But this young pup was trying extra hard today. He stood patiently by the door of his cage, watching the door, even as the attendant scuttled about in preparations to opening. Saturdays were always the busiest days and there was much left to do.

Sparky was the pup’s name, and all he could think of as he stared at the door was how his one pal had found his owner just yesterday. The man looking over all the pups was immediately drawn to Rocket the moment he walked in the door, and Sparky was happy for him. He just hoped he could play with his friend again, they had done all the times before through the grating of their cage.

While Sparky was distracted by thoughts of his buddy, he barely noticed that the attendant had opened the front door, letting in a new customer. Snapping back to reality the pup immediately began wagging his tail. The man stepped in from the harsh sunlight, causing the pup to blink against the glare. He was a handsome, well-built man, with short cropped strawberry blond hair and strong, square chin. He gripped the attendant in a hug, being an old friend and set a motorcycle helmet on a chair before excitedly turning to the rows of cages against the wall.

He carefully surveyed the pups as he walked by their cage, smiling grandly at each one. He laughed as one brown collared puppy chased his tail around and around. He clapped his hands at the smart pup doing back flips in his cage. And dutifully he bent to shake the paw of the older gray pup as it was offered to him through the cage bars. For each pup, one at a time, he petted and encouraged them, letting them know how impressed he was.

Sparky knew this was his new master. Somehow he just new. Nervous, he wagged his tail endlessly, excited that his new master was finally here for him. And also frantically trying to remember any trick to make sure this man knew Sparky was his pup. The closer the man came to his cage, the more frantic the tail became, being more of a distraction to the poor pup than anything else. Sparky was still frantically searching for that special trick put him over the top when the man stepped in front of his cage.

The man was taken aback at the first site of the puppy before him. He had been here many times before, always hopeful of finding his new best friend, sometimes coming close to taking one home, before finally deciding to wait until next time. He had not been here in a couple weeks, and this pup was surely not here last time.

The pup’s eyes sent an electric shock through him, triggering something new. He almost felt sure he had seen those eyes before, though the recollection seemed to slip away as quickly as it came. The round blue eyes perched above the dog’s snout where alive with energy, drawing the man closer. They stared into his own blue eyes as he kneeled before the cage, carrying the same sense of recognition the man felt, almost as if the pup sensed he too had found a long lost friend. As he slowly reached forward, the pup’s nose came out to reach towards his out-stretched hand and sniffed. The pup then sat back, tail furiously see-sawing from side to side faster than ever before. The pup’s blue eyes never left his own.

“How can I ever say no to those eyes,?” the man said.

The pup seemed dazed, trying to focus on the meaning of those sounds issued from the man’s mouth, when he noticed the cage door opening. The pup scrambled his paws to climb into the waiting arms of the man, nuzzling his chin and the short stubble there. A small joyful whimper escaped the pup as a leash was click on his collar and he was lifted into the man’s arms, carried to the light shining through the door. Carried off to his new home.

“It’s time now pup. Go get ready.”

He snapped back from his daydream, realizing he had dropped the book he had been enjoying to his side. He had drifted off slightly, starring at the leash lying on the dresser next to the bed where he lay. Sparky often was distracted from his reading, dropping into various forms of the same dog related fantasies.

“I’m sorry, what?” Sparky said, straightening himself on the bed. His lover, his Sir, stood at the foot of the bed, dressed in tall black boots, tightly laced up to his knees, and a pair of baggy camo shorts. His wore no shirt, and sweat shimmered across his chest from the heat of the day.

“I said it is time to get ready, pup.” Sir said, more firmly this time. He struggled to hide the chuckle welling up inside of him, taking a more strident and commanding tone that he knew his lover enjoyed.
Sparky jumped from the bed, and slipped by his boyfriend through the bedroom door into the playroom next door. The coy smile on his lips earned him a playful slap on the ass. He had been looking forward to this all day. 

Laid out on the table near the door the shiny rubber suit waited for him, along with a newly mixed bottle of j-lube. Sir had been busy while the pup wiled away the afternoon with his book. Sparky quickly stepped out of his black spandex singlet he wore on weekends, and gathered together the suit and the bottle of lube. Laying the suit in the middle of the room, he dropped to his knees to begin coating the inside of the latex. He glanced up at his lover, and basked in the approving smile he received, noting the obvious bulge growing in the green shorts. While naked, he filled each corner of the suit with the slippery liquid, into the bottom of the attached feet and into each finger on the gloved arms.

Finally satisfied, he stood and began to rub lube onto the key points of his body he knew would need some extra for a secure fit. He wore the suit for his Sir many times before. Ready to begin, he sat on a nearby wooden chair and began to slip his feet into the neck entry of the suit. Despite the cold shock of the latex touching his skin, Sparky worked quickly, sliding the tight latex onto his feet and legs. The neck entry on the suit was quite tight and it took some doing, and he managed to get the suit up and over his legs. His Sir came over then to help him pull the over his shoulders and onto his body, hands slipping into the gloves of the suit. He was now encased in cool, shiny black latex.

Sparky took a moment to look at himself in the mirror, noting how the suit tightly clung to every part of his body. Then his Sir stepped behind him, gripping the pup’s body all over, squeezing the ass, tweaking the nipples, running his hands up and down the slick body. Sir grabbed his shoulders and forcefully pulled the pup down to his knees. Waves of tingly horniness swept through Sparky.

“Are you ready to be a pup again for me, boy?” Sir said.

“Yes Sir!”

The master took a pair of rubber fist mitts from a nearby table and taking each hand he slipped them onto the pup, turning them into paws. Locks soon followed, securing the mitts into place. As usual, the keys were nowhere to be seen.

“You are becoming a dog now,” Sir said, though Sparky was already drifting into the headspace. He concentrated on his Master’s words and the sound of his voice, as all other thoughts and concerns drifted from his mind. Small distractions interrupted the flow of the puppy space as it began to drift into his conscience, like the sound of Sir picking up the rubber dog hood.

“You will not speak in human voice. You will be on all fours at all times,” Sir said, as the hood descended over Sparky and the laces were tightened. “You will only communicate to me in barks, whimpers and growls. Let me hear you bark.”


As the collar of the hood fit into place he could feel himself drifting further into head space again. Work, TV, the book he had been reading, all concerns melted as he felt his other self take control. His ass involuntarily began to slowly wag from side to side. His cock was hard as a rock. He slumped down to all fours.

Sir reached for the three way zip on the rubber suit, using the pulls to open a hole from the top of the pup’s ass to the base of the ball sac, careful not to snag anything. He reached into the pup’s crack, fingers brushing against the plug that had been there since early that morning. Sparky whimpered.
Sir gripped the plug. “Release!” he commanded, and Sparky complied, releasing his hold on the heavy metal butt plug. With only a couple of tugs the plug came free, and Sir was proud of his boy for remembering to clean himself out before inserting the plug.

Sparky had only a moment to register that there was now on emptiness in his hole before he felt something pressing against the hole. The small portion of human mind that still remained silently screamed YES, anticipating the feel of the toy as it slowly slide into place. The widest part of the new plug was stretching his hole wider than the previous plug, and Sparky whimpered again. A moment of pain coursed through the pup’s ass just before the plug pushed in all the way and his ass snapped around the base.

“Almost done.” Sir said as he stepped back. Sparky enjoyed the full feeling of the plug tail pushing against his prostate. Sparky wagged his ass again and felt the end of the tail slap against his cheeks. Each wag of his new toy sent an almost electric shock up the puppy’s back, making him even hornier. Sir reached to the zipper and closed it around the base of the tail.

“Come with, pup.” Sir patted his leg, indicating the pup should follow him out of the play room. As he walked to the living room, the pup followed closely behind, bouncing along on all fours. Once they reached the couch the pup bounded past him and jumped up on the couch, knocking pillows on the floor. “Down! Get Down from there!” Sir yelled, pointing to the floor in front of him. “I didn’t say you could get up there!”

Sparky didn’t need to understand the words but responded to immediately to the tone of the voice. He scrambled to his Sir, sat on the floor in front of his master’s feet, starting up at him. Sir’s eyes were ablaze, obviously displeased with the pup’s impulsiveness. Sparky’s head drooped down, knowing Sir was not pleased with him. Sparky was startled to hear a clanking noise and looked up to see Sir pulling his leather collar out of a pocket in his shorts. The tag on the collar clinked again against the d-ring.

“You are now a full dog.” Sir said as he fitted the leather collar around the pup’s neck, and slipped a lock into the post on the back. The click of the lock coincided with the click in the pup’s mind, as the pup space fully took over.

“Now, you stay here, I will be right back, pup.” Sir said, taking the stairs down to the kitchen. Sparky eyes roved over the room, and began sniffing around. He came across something that smelt strange and was a fuzzy, soft orange thing. Growling, Sparky chomped down on it, shaking the thing from side to side, intent to kill.

His Sir was carrying in the dog bowl filled with water into the room, wondering what the commotion was about. He nearly dropped the bowl when he discovered Sparky attacking the stuffed Tigger doll he had since childhood. It usually sat next to the TV but at the moment was in the pup’s snout through the hood, being flung around as he violently shook Tigger to death. “Sparky, NO” He set the bowl down and rushed over, snatching the doll away. “No, bad dog! Bad!” Seeing the pup was going to be a handful as usual he grabbed the d-ring on the front of the collar, dragging the dog back over to the couch. Sparky cowered from Sir. “That is not your toy.”

Sir reached behind the couch and brought out a very heavy gauge chain he stashed there earlier. Working quickly he used a coupler link to attach the rings of puppy’s mitts together, and attached another to the collar. He reached behind the couch again and pulled out the leather ankle cuffs. After securing them to the pup’s ankles, he clipped them together with a third coupler. Using the chain he connected the neck to the mitts, then the mitts to the ankles, leaving the pup in a tight kneeling position, head nearly to the knees. The pup struggled but couldn’t move.

“That should hold you for a while” Sir said, as he left to the playroom. Sparky could barely move, his legs pulling his neck down. The pup couldn’t see anything except the rug just an inch in front of his face. He began to whine over and over again, wanting Sir to return so he could show how sorry he was. Dogs are not so good at telling time, and Sparky felt Sir was not coming back as the time passed away. In reality it was about 10 minutes, but it felt longer to Sparky.

He could hear Sir walking back in the room, and he began wagging he tail again, letting out several loud barks. He felt Sir kneel beside him and Sir’s hand began to rub along his rubber body, petting the dogs back and scratching behind the ears. He could feel Sirs breath on the back of his neck as Sir leaned in closer, feeling Sir hug him tightly. Sparky began sniffing widely as the scent of Sir’s rubber drifted by his nose, and he struggled to turn his head to see him, with no luck. The puppy wanted to see the man, and lick the rubber. Sir reached under, and began loosening the chain, first the ankles, then the paws, and finally the collar. The puppy stood up on all fours, and stared at the man before him.

The Sir was now wearing tall black rubber hip boots and a shiny black latex jock. On his upper body he now wore a black muscle shirt, clinging tightly and showing off his muscled chest. On his arms were now black arms bands just above his biceps. The man exuded lust and the pup responded quickly, jumped up at the man and sniffing up and down the long rubber boots. Sparky began working his way up as he inhaled the aroma of the rubber, until the ears on his hood began rubbing the underside of the latex pouch between the man’s legs. Feeling Sir’s balls with the ears, Sparky pulled his head up and began licking the rubber covered bulge there. He wanted his favorite toy he knew was inside, and Sir began pulling the bone out for the pup to play with.

Once free of the jock Sparky engulfed the entire shaft down his throat, gagging at first, and slurping and sucking with an abandoned frenzy. It was almost as if the pup had been denied the pleasure for some time, though in fact he had just sucked it dry the previous night. The dog’s head bobbed up and down on the bone, running his tongue all over the top before plunging again down the shaft to deep throat it.
A wide smile spread across Sir’s face.

The pup would have loved to play with the bone all night, but soon Sir pulled the bone away from him and returned it to the rubber jock. “That is enough for now, pup.” He reached down inside the leg of his left hip boot, and produced a large red ball, tossing it across the room. Sparky bounded after it, knowing this was Master’s favorite game. Sparky enjoyed it too, and loved to show off to Sir how quickly he could get the evil red ball back to be thrown again. Sir threw the ball several times, both to give the puppy some exercise and also to get a good sweat going under the rubber. He loved it when his puppy sweated for him.

After nearly 15 minutes of fetch, he stood and walked to the bedroom, the pup at his heals, jumping up every few steps to get the red ball in his hands. He stepped into the bedroom and up onto the bed, but the pup stopped at the foot of the bed, unsure if he was allowed. Sir was glad to see the early misbehavior seemed to have dissipated, and patted on the bed to allow the pup up. Sparky bounded up the bed and landed between the outstretched legs. The horny puppy immediately dropped down to stuff his rubber covered head into the man’s crotch, licking furiously through the snout of the hood.

Sir knew the pup wouldn’t rest again until he had more bone time, so he pulled the jock aside and let the pup have at it. The feeling was incredible and he hoped he wouldn’t get too excited too soon, he had plans for the pup tonight. He thought the pup would tire himself on the bone eventually, but the dog kept at it for quite some time, until Sir decided he couldn’t wait to begin the next part of their play. He reached down and pulled the pup off, then guided the dog up until he was laying on top of his own body. Once settled in the pup began licking his face and neck through the dog hood, running the rubber of the snout against his skin and covering it in slobber. The dog’s crotch met his own, and they began to grind into each other, and Sir parted the snout and stuffed his own mouth in to kiss the pup. They began to roll around, passionately playing like this for some time. All the while Sparky’s tail continued to wag, and the plug rubbed against his prostate. The dog was nearly wild with passion.

When Sir was satisfied the dog was fully worked up, he rolled the dog off from him, and turn him on his back. He pulled each mitt to the corners of the bed above Sparky’s head, and began attaching the mitts D-rings to rope he had tied there earlier. In short order Sparky’s arms were secured and spread wide. Sir leaned down, and began sniffing the rubber covered pits. Even with all the latex he could smell the sweat of the pup, and he took a long sniff, enjoying the smell. As he did so he reached up with his left hand, stuffed fingers into the snout of the hood and into the pup’s mouth. Sparky sucked on the fingers immediately.

Sir sat up, standing on his knees, and reached over to pull the pup’s legs up to his shoulders, resting the ankles there. Sparky looked up at his master expectantly. He reached down to Sparky’s now upturned ass, and pulled the zippers away from the plug, opening the suit for access. “Release!” he commanded, and like earlier the pup complied, letting go of the grip his ass ring held on the plug. Sir gently pulled on the plug until it popped free, hearing the dog let out his held back breath. The puppy whimpered at the emptiness he now felt.

Sparky’s eyes grew wide as he watched his Sir take the plug and slow reach behind himself, working it into his own hole. It took a few minutes, Sir slightly grimacing, eyes darting up and down the rubber form of the puppy under him, as he slowly pushed the slick, warm tail into himself. With a loud sigh he felt the base slip in and his ass gripped the tail tight. He was in heaven knowing the toy had just been in his pup, still feeling the warmth of the pup on it. The pup watched the whole thing while squirming under him, trying to push us crotch up to Sir.

With the pup’s legs still on his shoulders, he leaned in and positioned himself, slowly feeding his dick into the pup’s waiting hole. It had already tightened up a bit, and he was afraid the feeling of the tight, wet hole was going to push him over the top too soon. He felt the ring give way and his large bone began pushing into the pup. Sparky continued to struggle, but couldn’t escape while tied and pinned down.

Soon Sir felt the base of his cock hit the back of the pups ass, and the feeling of the pup’s hole surrounding him. He could feel the head pushing against the pups insides, and the dog let out a long whimpering moan. The entire body of the pup seemed to be vibrating below him, and he was going wild himself from the feeling of screwing the pup and feeling the tail in his own hole. He began to thrust in and out, slowly at first, building and building up force and speed, pushing the dog slowly up the bed until the dog’s head was nearly hitting the headboard. Sparky barked a few times, a sexy throaty bark, and was thrashing his head from side to side. Sir was pounding the pup, and released all inhibition, madly slamming himself into his dog’s ass over and over again.

He could feel the orgasm coming light a freight train, no hope of stopping it, so reached down and pulled the pups dick from the suit. Starting to jack it with his slick hands the pup nearly came up off the bed, back arched and arms straining against the rope securing him. He could feel the pup was getting closer and heard the pup begin to moan and growl, indicating release was coming soon for him as well.

Sir let out a long groaning sigh just as the first eruptions left him and began to fill the pup’s inside. He was still pounding the ass in time with each spurt, jacking the pup quickly as he did. In just a few second he could feel the pup’s cock begin to jerk. Sparky groaned a loud deep growl as spurt after spurt shot from him and landed on his rubber covered chest and belly.

Exhausted, Sir collapsed on the pup, Sparky’s legs wrapped around his sides and his dick still lodged inside. They breathed heavily and he hugged the puppy hard, resting his cheeks against the pup’s chest and sliding slowly on the slippery load between them. They lay like that for several minutes, just enjoying each other.

After he grew soft again and popped out of the pup, he leaned up beginning to release the pup from the bonds on the bed. “Thank you, pup” he said.

Sparky looked up at him. “Thank you Sir!”

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