Friday, September 9, 2011

Video - Harness boy Chained

I walked into the playroom to find the boy (Dvous1) already in his leather jock, the pouch straining as he anticipated what was coming next for him. He also had on his rather unique looking chain harness, which knows I love to see. Boots and gloves completed the picture of the boy in front of me. 

After making the boy blow me for a long while, letting him show me how talented he has become as sucking dick, I pulled from the shelf nearby a gasmask that already had the eyes blocked out, and fit it on his head. The hose was attached as  I knew I was going to hit him with some poppers for this one while we play. 

First his booted feet were locked with long heavy chains to the floor so that he couldn't move his legs, then additional chains were attached to his hips to limit leg movement. He head fitted into the socks and it was locked to prevent him from moving too far in front. 

Working quickly I placed a bamboo pole behind his back, between the arms, tying his hands in front. This made sure not only that he had no used of his hands, but that his back was kept arched in the perfect fucking position, hole forced to just the right spot. Additional tension ropes added to keep the pole in place. 

Time for the fun to begin

Direct Link to video

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