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Contributor - Bouncer is Becoming a Puppy - Part 2

Last week I featured the writing from pup bouncer and his journey to puppy play (see Bouncer is Becoming a Puppy - Part 1), and I am excited to bring you part 2!

Becoming a Puppy: Part 2
by pup bouncer

Hello again!  I've spent the last week, besides working my ass off, getting geared up for my first Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, which is why I have taken the time to wait and write this since I wanted to have another fleshed-out weekend of puppy fun to reference as I write more about my personal Journey of understanding in this lifestyle.  At least, my understanding thus far!

What I found when I first started out was that I had this idea that being a pup carried with it certain "rules" to follow and that if I did not adhere to them, I would technically not be a "true pup" and just embarrass the shit outta myself and look like some sorta poser or imitator.  NOT TRUE, as I found out from just meeting people and pupping out; in reality, being a pup was more about whatever you made of it.  

Sure, pups have typical personality traits:  we are playful, energetic, chaotic at times, super eager to please, we make messes and we love our scritches, but the ways in which we express these traits varies from pup to pup.  I found that some of the most meaningful epiphanies came from simple, one on one playing with another pup and his Handler in an intimate setting.  Just having the chance to roll around and play together and try new things, with a Dominant overseeing things, meant that I could begin forming a more detailed identity as a pup, and seeing how another pup and his Owner reacted with one another helped me also get a grip on how I could come up with more ways to express myself and let the human side of me fall away.  

My puppy buddy, Miho, is the pup I played with (he is so cute and awesome!); I was invited over for dinner and playing as a pup by a good friend and got to meet his partner/pup who got so excited seeing a new puppy friend that he couldn't contain his excitement and had to play with me!  That exact excitement is what being a puppy is all about, being able to let your human side take a back seat to that giddy, child-like happiness that overwhelms the senses at times of extreme joy.  As it turns out, Miho had never played with another pup before either (we were both playing off one another thinking the other to be more "experienced", lol) and we both learned more about ourselves that night than either of us could have on our own.  

I learned more about how to get into the head space from him and he learned to love cuddles!  Among other things, hehe.  He's a very awesome pup, I must say.  Truly, you can find out more about yourself and learn from other pups by playing with and around them, or just observing their behavior and trying it with somebody yourself!  Just relax and don't be shy, after all, pups tend to be quite impulsive and react to stimuli quickly without fully thinking things through, so don't over think things too much!

The most profound experience I have had thus far, though, is finding an Owner.  This is probably the most single important part of my Journey at this time, but by no means am I saying you HAVE TO find an Owner/Handler (or a Dominant) to find your true self or your identity as a pup.  How each of us comes to find out more about ourselves is up to us and what works for us individually; for me, finding my Sir has been the single most enlightening thing to happen.  Since meeting Sir, I have had so many wonderful experiences and learned more about myself than I ever thought possible; all this came from being open, honest and true about my feelings and desires with Him.  These are rules you MUST follow in a D/s relationship for it to work, and boy has it!  

Being with Sir has always been great but I didn't fully appreciate it, nor truly understand how significantly I believed being a pup has changed my life until I was in pubic with Him at the Folsom Street Fair and actually had His tags displayed for more than just myself to see and had His harness on me with a leash attached, hooded and told to Heel, Come and Stay all day long.  I felt so proud to be knelt on my knees at His side and when He introduced me to the pack at the K9 Unit booth as His newest pup.  Funny aside here:  I got to experience my first puppy pit while at the K9 Unit booth (whew, it was way more exhausting than you may imagine) and was having fun everyone was improvising as we all went along......then somebody decided to wrestle and everyone was doing it by the time a big blue furry wolf popped into the pit and ended up spinning me upside down over his back and pounced around with me holding on like that for dear life, lol! 

WOOF.  SO MUCH FUN, GRRRRRR. Okay, where was I?  Oh right!  

I had the most overwhelming sense of happiness and fulfillment knowing I was making Him happy just being by His side and enjoying my time there for the first time with Him.  Messing around and being put into a cage (a massive fantasy of mine) and having Him tell me to stay there while He went off somewhere for a bit then having people interact with me as a caged pup was intensely satisfying on so many levels.  You get to explore so many facets of yourself when you have new people interacting with you in a ton of ways, it eventually becomes second nature as you begin to find your niche or comfort zone.  It didn't hurt that people wanted my picture either, woof! I have to say it felt good to know people liked how I looked as I am insanely turned on by puppy gear, especially when coupled with other gear .  Sir has taught me to love being myself; taught me new and exciting....*ahem*..."techniques" and has been a doorway into a world I have wanted to be a part of for a very, very long time.  I feel completely at peace with where I am at in my life, all because I went with my gut instincts and followed my heart.  Just use your puppy traits to your advantage, they will aid you in the journey of discovery we all take when heading into this lifestyle.  It's a journey of sexual liberation, fulfillment and enlightenment that is unmatched in my opinion by anything else. 

My journey continues, and I grow more with each passing day in my new life as a collared pup; I feel so right with myself as a submissive pup for my Sir and others who I have forged connections with over these past couple months.  If you are a timid person intrigued by the idea of submission and fantasize or just have a passing interest about puppy play you owe it to yourself to at least try a shot at it.  The biggest mistake one could make in this world is to ignore their passions and settle for less; even if you're unsure or it doesn't work for you, if you take that initial step you will find where you fit in and will be so happy!  It really has been a wild ride but it's only just begun; I can't wait to see what the future holds and what sort of pup I grow into being as my Journey progresses.  I thank Sparky, deeply, for allowing me this opportunity to bark all your ears off about this part of my life, it really has made me a very happy puppy dawg and you can bring tons of happiness and excitement to yours and others lives if you give yourself the chance to be free and express yourself without fear!  Puppy power and love to everybody out there in this community, WOOF! :3

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