Saturday, October 15, 2011

Electro Workshop - Safety Concerns

As with all things related to BDSM - It is important to remember your safety concerns. Remember, safety isn't just about preventing death, it is also important to keep in mind general health and well-being of your subject. 

When it comes to Electro-sex, overall it is a relatively safe form of play. But you should keep a few things in mind.

Electro-sex should not be done if you have the following issues or conditions:

  • Heart Condition - Even if you are doing electro on parts of the body from far away, you should be wary if you have a heart condition of any kind. Consult your doctor if you are unsure.
  • Pace Maker - Similarly you should be wary if you are fitted with a pace-maker. Again, talk to your doctor.
  • Insulin Pumps - These are electrically based devices and are usually situated closer to the waist than even a heart. I have heard of instances of electro play shorting out and ruining an insulin pump
  • Nerve Damage - If you have nerve damage you can cause the damage to spread, if only temporarily. I would avoid electro on areas where you have nerve damage
  • Inflamed, Swollen, Broken skin - Such sites on the body are in the healing process, and that process makes the tissue more conductive, which can lead to spiking. Also, it isn't good for the healing process to use sex toys. 
  • Pregnant - Electro play when pregnant is not recommended
  • Epilepsy - While I have never heard of any instances of seizures induced by electro, and there are no official data showing that low-level ectro-stimulation devices causing problems that I can find, at the same time you must be careful. I would consult your doctor before beginning.
  • Above that waist - It is never recommended to use electro above the waist. At all. I know there is someone out there that will say, but I do it on the nips because I know what I am doing. Sure. Still, I never do it. I like my nips played with, it is one of my favorites. But I like being alive better. Electro goes stays below the waist. 

When we thinking about the safety concerns we think about the heart, but the real concern we should focus on in the central nervous system. This is where the body's automatic functions are transmitted, from breathing to heart beats, all our organ functioning properly, and everything about ourselves that happen to keep us going without even having to think about it. You should avoid electro in areas of the body that could cause interruptions to parts of the body. 
Where you need to be concerned is on the nerve clusters around the spine, from the tailbone to the neck and the stem of the brain, should all be kept clear of electro just in case of a possible problem, injury, or even death.  A few inches of either side of the spin should be avoided as well.
Now there are a few other items to keep in mind while you are playing around with electro that are safety related:
  • Electro GelAlways use electro conductive gel. – Gives you control of where the path is going to be, and can prevent small burns
  • Careful of plugs - Don't let the wires be in the device while you are hooking up and setting up your bottom. You don't want to send a shock unintentionally because you left the box in the on position. Just keep the cords out until you are ready to start.
  • Keep your toys clean - By making sure you take off the excess lube and cleaning off bodily fluids will help make sure you don't get portions of the electro interrupted and will keep your toys to last longer.
  • Don't use with piercings - The tissues under the skin is more conductive than the surface, and therefore it doesn't take a lot of electro to cause problems .It is possible to cause burns with piercings.
  • Know your gear - it is easy to at times to send shocks to your sub that you don't intend. Read the manual on your device so you know how it is intended to be used.
  • Levels vary - remember that different boxes deliver electro in different ways and different levels. Plus each person is different on how the same box and same levels may feel. Setting the box to half may be easy for some, excruciating for others. Finally, the feeling of electro can be different for anyone from to day. 
  • Breathing - keep watch of your sub's breathing. That is how you can know it is work, and you need to watch for hyperventilating due to panic or other issues with the sub.
  • Crossing the streams - be wary of the paths your electro is taking through the body and how electro from one circuit to another could possibly vary

For the most part you will be OK with most forms of electro play, it is difficult to create serious problems unless you ignore the basics. But if you keep the things in mind here then electro play can be one of the most intense and pleasurable scenes you can do.

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