Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aluminum Balls on a String

I definitely think that these are on my list of new kink toys!

If you're an experienced butt pirate...maybe it's time to shove some heavy metal up your ass. Heat up with some warm water so they match your body's temp...and you're ready to feel the frictionless aluminum surface as they GLIDE in.

But it gets better...cuz the feeling of WEIGHT as you start to fill up with these balls will kick your cock into overdrive.

Each of the aluminum balls is secured to a stainless steel wire protected by a sleeve of super soft plastic rope that you can find the right path to go BONE DEEP.

There are 3 balls, with a circumference of 5 inches each. Insertable length is 9.5 inches. Made by Diogol just for our greedy asses here at the Fort.

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