Monday, November 14, 2011

Consider Supporting the Blog

Hey all

So this blog has defintely been a real exercise to get me to think about my kink in a different way, and explore some different approaches it that I hadn't thought was going to happen. Because I try to find ways to capture the essence of a scene, without at the same time taking away the focus on what I am doing with the sub has been a little bit of a challenge. Still,  it motivates me to try to create a great scene for us both. 

I also find there are times when I decide that I want to try something new because I am motivated to continue to bring to this blog personal experiences of my own making rather than just smut laying around the internet. It has been my intent that most of what this blog will do is be personal expressions of what I am into and be original. 

That being said, I also am motivated by reaching a certain goal. This blog is in part supported by the ad banners on the side of the main page, and through links that I post. When you make a purchase to either Mr S or Fort Troff through my blog, I get a portion of that as credit back, allowing me to continue to create new scenes by getting more gear from those vendors. 

At the moment I want to get enough to pick up one of the Mr S Essential Leather Sleepsacks, pics below. Hopefully one day I will get enough credit built up to get one and use in many future scenes! 

If you like the blog and want to help support it, please consider clicking on the links here on this blog to these vendors the next time you go for a purchase. Your support is what helps keep me going. 

Thank you to you all for your continued support and encouragement!


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