Friday, November 11, 2011

MIR Wrap up

I just returned home recently from an incredible weekend in Chicago for Mister Inernational Rubber.

Damn. What an event. 

I figured the best thing that I could do to share the experience would be to list out my thoughts from the event.

1 - My puppy is awesome
Earlier this year I collared BoD0ppel because of a special connection we have developed. This weekend only reinforced that, and I can't really express what it was like to be able to hold my puppy at the end of each night, but I will express that directly to him.  

Plus he is fun, as you can see! 

2 - Gear Swap how cool!
People were able to bring their gear, from sports gear to bondage gear and everything in between, and sell it in the Gear Swap area. There was a ton of great gear, and I picked up a great pair of sailor front rubber pants. Awesome! 

3 - Support vendors that support the rubber community
Thank you to each of these vendors that supported MIR!

4 - Thank you to the Chicago Rubber Men
In some ways it is easy to say that all the boys in Chicago have it made, considering they get to have some of the coolest events in their city and they are one large collection of the hottest and funnest rubber men anywhere. But at the same time, they did a lot of work to make this happen, with many of my friends spending hours to staff the event and make sure everyone had a great time. You boys should be proud!

5 - Show tunes is pretty much awesome
Thanks to all the buddies that invited us out to join them at SideTrack for Show Tunes night on the last night was the perfect way to round out the night. Damn that was a gay time!

6 - Congrats to the new MIR
A big congrats to the new Mister International Rubber, Si Hands. Such a hot rubber man and a great guy who has earned the respect of the community, great to see him walk away with the title!
7 - Welcoming place
One night, when returning from one of the late night parties, I met a group of guys coming into the hotel, including a new guy who has just started on his road of being a rubberman, experiencing his first event and wearing his rubber out for the first time. We all tried to make sure he felt welcome and a part of the tribe, and we were not the only ones. It is one of the things that makes being a rubberman so much fun!

8 - Joyful Event
I don't intend to pit one event against the other, that isnt' what this is about. Yet, I think as a community we can take pride in the fact that MIR, unlike some of the other larger, leather orientated events, was so much more joyful! You couldn't turn around without seeing some one with a big smile on their face. There were a few times that people working the event had their nose to the grindstone, but even then you could tell they were loving it. 

Amazing to see. Thanks MIR!

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  1. Great comments, Sparky! It was great to see you there and hope to see you again soon :)