Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pic Sets - Neoprene Boy Part 2

This set is a continuation from Neoprene Boy Part 1

The pics from the last set showed my partner, Dvous 1, in a variety of positions while in the Neoprene Straitjacket from Mr S, and the Tight N Sharp Chaps from Fort Troff

But those pics were most from the set up, when we were just getting started. This ended up being a rather long scene. After taking some pics while he rolled on the ground, fruitlessly struggling against the bondage I decided it was time for the next step. 

I riled him over to a sitting position, and used a length of chain to connect his neck to the Locking Ankle Restraints on the boots. What this gave me was a boy in a perfect position for not being able to move away from what came next. I took the gag out, and stuff his mouth with my cock for a nice long throat fucking. 

Each thrust was entirely in my control on how much he was to take, since he couldn't pull his own head away, the chain preventing escape. I would vary the rhythm of the cock sucking, sometimes pulling back and not moving at all, allowing the boy to work on me as best he could, then slowly building up to a frenzy of thrusts into his fact, the boy struggling to remain relaxed and keeping the gag reflex from kicking in. 

This went on for well over an hour, edging myself each time he got me close by just stopping entirely all the movement if I thought I was going to cum, and letting my cock just sit in his throat until the moment passed, then starting the process all over again. I was close 6 times. 

While a very comfortable position for him to maintain, I was getting concerned about keeping him there for too long, and also it was time for the next step, so I unhooked the chain and stood him up. Leading him over to the bed he was placed face down. 

As you can see from the pics below, the chain ran from the back of the neck to under the chest, then through the arms and connected to his ankles. This left his legs in a wide open position, but also the pull of his legs was keeping a certain amount of pressure on the back of the neck and on the upper body, making it impossible for him to move from the position. 

With the ass vulnerable, it was time to fuck the boy. It was a tough position for him to take, but so worth it.

Gear Used in this Photo Set
Neoprene Straitjacket
Ultra Blindfold
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
Inflatable Gag Tube

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