Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video - Breath Play in the Chair

As many of you know I have been playing with my good friend, Kinkidiver, for some time now, and he has been featured on here numerous times. We met back when I first got into kink, and over the years he has introduced me to a lot of my kink friends and some new kinks I didn't know I had.

And we have managed to have some really intense scenes, but the one I am going to show you is easy the most intense one I have ever had.

First, he has built a bondage chair with a lot of attachments. This chair was the one I was in when I first "discovered" I liked CBT torture. There are plenty of places to put straps, and the hands are secured in rubber mitts attached to the chair. Finally there is a well padded head box that prevents the head from moving at all while inside of the box.

I was told to gear in in my full latex catsuit, and put on my rubber waders. Outside of the playroom I was fitted with a hood that had a breathing mask attached to it, so I knew that day was going to involve breath play, but I was not allowed into the playroom until I couldn't see and had to be led in to find out my fate as it happened.

Then came the long process of getting me all strapped in, which through the magic of editing only takes seconds for you to see. He played with me the entire time as he was setting up, alternating between adding a strap and applying electro (see gear list below for what was used), using breath play or occasionally giving me poppers. By the time he was done I couldn't move at all, every part of me secured.

The sound you are going to hear in the video is a respirator, which forcing me to breath on its timing. To be completely encased in rubber and not able to move makes the scene intense, but even more so when you don't even have the ability to control when you breath, and sometimes coming to the realization that a rebreather bag has been added as well.

I know it was noisy, but just have to deal with that.

Breath play can be dangerous. This type of scene should only be done by experienced players and with safety precautions put into place. Also, this type of play should never been attempted in any form of self-bondage play, ever. As incredible as this scene was, it is never worth losing your life over.

Gear Used in this Video
ErosTek  312 Super Power Box
Electro Flexi Ball
PES Corona Urethral Stimulator
Electro Band - single
Thigh High Rubber Fireman Boots

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