Monday, February 28, 2011

Wish List: Mr. S Deluxe Neoprene Sleepsack

As many of the people who have followed this blog may have noticed, I have been using my neoprene sleepsack that I picked up from 665 Leather a great deal. It has been in several of the videos and photos of this site over the last few months, and is one of my go-to toys.

Neoprene is my new favorite material, mostly due to the smell. It triggers memories and sets a mental spot for me of my own early exploration of kink. And of course my love of sleepsacks knows no bounds, I can be in one for hours, overnight, are have a hot boy/pup in one next to me for extended time.

However, my current one is great for some play, it is still not the best. The one that I am really looking forward to getting one day is the Mr S Deluxe Neoprene Sleepsack, found Here.

I have played with these a couple from times from other friends, and I have been extremely impressed by the construction and quality, and the visual it greats when a boy is fitted into it. There are two things that also make this toy the top of my wish list:

First - This one has the lace up front, which means an even tighter enclosed feeling. In my other sleepsack I can feel myself melting into the neoprene and at somepoint start to feel like it is barely there anymore. Part of the headtrip is the complete bondage and helplessness, and the feeling of the rope lacing is a constant reminder of your vulnerability.

Second - The collar is far superior in the Mr S version. In the other the zipper can suddenly zip down. Since it only goes down to the belly button, the likelihood  of anything getting caught is very low, but still nerve wracking, and potentially distracting. I tend to have to lock the suit up to an extra collar, which doesn't always look that great. The snap collar on this device gives a clean, solid look to the bound up boy.

I am hoping to pick one of these up and add to my growing neoprene collection!

Deluxe Neoprene Sleepsack

Oscar Party Menu

While I have certainly done some gay things on this very blog (fucking, sucking, licking, biting, drooling, spiting, punching, kicking... you get the idea) nothing will be quite so gay as revealing my....

Oscar Party Menu

Today being the high holy day that we all celebrate those that are able to guess which film is going to pull the Best Foriegn Language film winner out of their ass and win the betting pool.

Tonight, that was Dreadfire. How dare he beat me!

At any rate, before the last of the last of the hyper-girly boy leaves to hibernate until next year (Cate Blanchett's dress will still be ugly then) I am going to take a moment to share the menu we had:

Cuccumber Inception
Infused vodka that had soaked for hours cucumbers, mint and lime is added to tonic and muddled limes.

Black Swan-tini
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Absolute Vanila shaken with a splace of

Jessie Eisen-burger
Kobe beef with roasted red peppers, black bean garlic asiago cheese

Winter's Bone-less Beef Tenderloin
Rare beef tenderloin on crustini, with a herb cheese spread and wrapped with a chive leaf
and finally
True Grit Velvet Cake

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gasmask and Leather

Past Play: First Sleepsack

Back in '04, after my first play party I took a trip to head out to see Oniell67 as we had hit it off so well as the play party. I have talked about some other parts of that trip, like the part where he found me in self bondage after returning home from work (here), and when he took me to work with him and tied me up in the rafters along with all the stored wetsuits (here).

This time, I thought I woudl share teh part where I was in a sleepsack for the first time. It was a rubber one, and he had added a tape gag, a gas mask and severla belta all around teh sleepsack to give the extra little bit of restriction.

To this day, this is my favorite bondage position, and have since added several sleepsacks (currently have rubber, neoprene, leather, canvas and spandex). The confinement of it, being fully surrrounded and cocooned makes for a feeling of security, while at the same the very position itself, of rendering all your limbs completely useless, seems to bring out in me the most completely feeling of helplessness of any bondage position.

Since this first scene I can and have spent hours at a time in sleepsacks, and yes, even slept in them.

And look forward to more!

More Hot Singlet Boys!

Blog Roll: Asicswrestone

Of the blogs that I have been enjoying following is by Asicswrestone. This guy loves his gear and bondage, and often finds fun vids on the internet to share. If you haven't been checking him out, be sure to click on the link below and add him to your favorites!

Find the blog at:

Internet Pics - Hoods

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Neoprene Surf Suit!

I just received my new favorite bit of play gear, the Mr. S Neoprene Surfsuit. This piece feels great, and is extremely comfortable. Last weekend used it in all the play scenes I had across the weekend, getting a good first initiation for the suit. The cut and feel of it makes it easly one of the best neoprene pieces I have yet

I am also looking forward to the arravial of my latest neoprene piece of gear, details soon.

Tossed in a pic I took before play, as well as the official photo of this item. I am certainly not as built as that guy, but still love the ways it looks!

Internet Pics - Mummification

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S10 Gas Mask Hood

Earlier this year I had to take a work trip to London, and I was determined to visit one of my favorite shops, Regulation ( I was on a missing to pick up a fiew things there, but one was a S10 Gas Mask Hood, something I have been coveting for some time but never got around to ordering.

After looking at the one on the shelf for a few minutes one of the staff asked if I could use a hand, and after an attempt to get it on we determined my giant melon (as usual) wasn't going to fit in it. So he suggested at that point that they could whip up a custom hood to my size and have it ready for me in a few days. Since I was there on my first day of a week long trip, I jumped at the chance.

I also picked up some other bits and baubles, as well as a truly awesome jock made of a distressed brown leather for my husband (though unfortunately there wasn't anything else to match it at the time, though it looks great on him alone)

I came back a few days later and the hood fit perfect. Now it is one of my favorite hoods and often wear it for a great deal of play, including the first pic below

If you are in London be sure to visit their store, and if you have been waiting to get one of their S10 hoods, get one today, you will love it!

Straitjacket Time

Looks like the boy is getting some good, relaxing bondage time

Internet Pics - Pups

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday was a good day!

Ok, it was a damn good Saturday all the way around

First, I started off the day waking up to the husband (Dvous1) deciding he needed some morning protein. I do love a morning blow job!

After spending some time playing around with the twitters, some blog stuff, cleaning and work emails, I wanted to take the husband to the playroom for some play.

I wanted to get him into a position of complete exposure, so tried two positions. The first is a stress position. I wanted to see the boy completely helpless and in a position that I knew would be very difficult for him. At one point he managed to mutter, "i don't know how long i can do this, Sir." through the muzzle, and you could hear his frustration when I told him I was well aware of that.

after a while it was time to take him to the play room, and using some chain and rope I tied him into the second position, his chest held up by the rope, causing his ass to stick out at just the right angle for a long rough fucking.

Later that night a couple of pups joined in, which was able to manage to capture only a pic of them in a 69 position, was busy playing around most of the night which is mostly going to be on video. Before the play we had dinner and a trip to the local leather bar (Cuff Complex). Both of the pups in rubber and matching dog hoods and garnering a lot of looks :) I was, however, distracted most of the time by trying to play with them and scritch their ears :)

Videos of the play with the pups will be coming soon.