Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wish List: Mr S Deluxe Sleepsack

So I have been saving up for a sleepsack. Currently I have 5 of them, but each of them are fairly inexpensive ones, not have had that feeling of being a solid piece of bondage gear like a real sleepsack, so I have been coveting one for a long time. 

First I was drawn to a sleepsack that I have been in under the hands of BindNlocK (as seen in Video - In the Leather Sleepsack, Video - Electro Punishment, and Video - BindNlocK Sleepsack) to the sleepsack that is called the Essential Leather Sleepsack. It is a great piece, very snug and feels like you are well secured at all times. Getting to be in one of these with BindNlock made me really want one. 

So I set a goal of saving up for one, putting away small amounts for it, as well as whatever the generous readers of this site who have clicked on the ad from this site to make their purchases, all going towards an Essential Leather Sleepsack. 

The great news is that I have reached my goal. However, the challenge is that someone recently made me rethink my goal. 

A few weeks ago we had over some friends (see Pic Set - Bndgkid All Bound Up) who brought with them their Deluxe All-Leather Sleepsack for the evenings festivities. That was when the desire to have one of my own was rekindled, and the seed was planted to get one of my own. 

Now it isn't like I haven't experienced them before. My first video posted to this blog was in Rubbersasylum's sleepsack that was the same (see Video - 3 Boys and a Milker), and have been in that same sleepsack numerous times since, so I have really appreciated it. 

But truthfully it always seemed out of reach, as it is a very expensive piece of gear. 

Well, I think that I have found a way. There is a lot of gear in my playroom that I just don't play with anymore. So this week we are going to put it up on Ebay and see what we can get out of it. Hopefully it will get me that much closer to my goal. 

I so can't wait to have one of these of my own!

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