Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pics - Football Puppy!

So last weekend a few of us went out. My husband, Dvous1, was all decked out in leathers, as you just saw in a previous post. And we were joined by our future roommate, Dreadfire and his friend jblack046, who was here visiting for the weekend. We also were joined by Daddy Tony and Bndgkid. After a night out on the town, mostly due to me having to work early the next morning, we decieded to postpone some late night play to the following night. 

It was worth the wait. 

After watching a show and eating some pizza, we headed down to the playroom, and a scene that ended up being a little complicated but a lot of fun started. 

Tomorrow I will share the pics of Dreadfire and jblack046, but for now, going to start with the photos of Bndgkid. 

It has been a little while since I did a scene where I use a ton of rope, and the pup really wanted to be tied in his football gear, which was totally fine by me. A simple body harness, up the mid section and tied down each arm and leg, was going to be the basis of the tie before starting the process of tying each point to the frame, cutting off is ability to move much at all. 

When we started the rope I let him watch, but once all the rope was done we hooded him in my dog hood, complete with gag and blindfold. 

All the while the other two boys are riding an electro ride while they were both in sleepsacks and being teased by Daddy Tony. Once the pup was secure in this web, I gave him a taste of the upcoming ball torture he was going to get, then left him alone to struggle in the ropes until we returned. 

Once the we were done with the other boys, it was time for the pups torture to begin. But I think that we will have to wait for the video footage to be done on that one.

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