Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pics - Two Sleepsacks

The other day I shared some photo sets from a recently play session, the post was called Football Puppy! I wanted to follow up with the rest of the pics from that session. 

While Bndgkid was all tied up to the frame, Daddy Tony and I started working on both Dreadfire, who was in my leather sleepsack, and on jblack046, who was in their Mr S Deluxe All Leather Sleepsack!

Additionally we had jblack046 in the Leather Puffy Hood, which is probably my favorite hood right now, and made sure that Dreadfire was blindfolded. 

Once the boys were set up, we roped in Bndgkid as you saw in the previous post, then came back to these boys once the roping was done. While we were working, however, they were on an electro ride. With earphones in they could listen to a little soundtrack of music that not only pumped into their ears, but also into the electro attached to their dicks. 

This was jblack046's first time on the electro, so we wanted to make sure he liked it. It didn't take long for the boy to be hard and loving it.

I also was using my mixing board to be able to speak to them through the headphones on top of the electro, just to make sure they were set and feeling what I wanted them to feel. They both were also mic'd up, as you can see below for jblack046. There was a wireless mic on Dan attached near the neck, making it so that they could hear themselves as they moaned and breathed heavy, the sounds they made also feeding back into the electro. 

We did get video footage of all this, and looking forward to sharing it soon!


  1. Arf Arf Arf is all I can say or think right now!!!

  2. Holy. Fucking. Shit. That looks and sounds absolutely incredible. Can't wait to see the video! Awwwrooooo!