Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photo Copyright? Reblogging? Watermarks?

As someone who posts random pics from the net, I do think about if there was some sort of intent for the photos not to get out there. 

For example, you may notice that any of the pics that are not mine that my posts don't have any kind of watermark or copyright, name of the subjects or anything else posted on them. I assume that if people intend to not want to have their stuff out there they will indicate so in their pics. 

But really I also don't understand the big hubaloo some people put out there regarding protecting their photos but then splash them all over their blogs, profiles and social sites. OK sure there are the rare cases when someone tries to pass your photo off as their own work, which is stupid (we put the work into learning the craft and getting the gear, don't be a dick and take a short cut).

But after that, to get your knickers in a twist because the photo of you handcuffed on a bed gets spread around the internets, and it is out there because you put it out there, seems rather silly to me. If you post up a photo, you are releasing it into the wild, and if you choose to get uppity about it remember that the responsibility ultimately lies with you. 

With all that said, I maintain that if someone puts their copy right or water mark in the photo, I assume I won't post it here as something to be hot and bothered about. 

You will also notice that I don't copyright or watermark my own stuff. I don't because I am releasing it into the wild. If it gets you off, if you think it is worthy of reposting somewhere, then glory be! I would prefer you to not try to make money off from it, but what the fuck am I going to do. 

Been thinking about all this since the other day when I spotted a pic I took of my partner's beautiful ass while he was in his under armour and tied up. Am I going to get raged over the fact I was not cited as the originator, or  given credit in some way? Nope.

I take it as a fucking compliment! I am glad someone likes it, and it is fun sometimes to see my stuff roll back around from somewhere else. 

Besides, I get to come home to that ass every night. Who the fuck am I to complain. 


  1. So glad you're talking about this. I think I may need to address it on my own blog at some point. I pretty much agree with you... if you didn't want the pic out there, you shouldn't post it. I'm respectful if people indicate they don't want their pics taken from their profile, and I'm now trying to be more sensitive if the pics came from Grindr or something where they may not expect it to be online. But if someone has it in a GearFetish folder marked "Public", what can they expect? It's right in the name. But if it's from their "Private" file, I do my best to ask permission before posting.

    I do have a different approach to watermarks... I like to leave them on whenever I can, because to me it says, "Did you like this pic? Then go here for more." Really, since the pic wasn't mine, I feel it's the least I can do to give credit for their work. I think it's hotter knowing there's a person behind the pic.

    I watermark my pic for the same reason... I don't really mind if they get out there, but if they do, I just want people to know where it came from, and publicize my site a bit.

  2. I also watermark my pics, and I suppose that's a combination of protectiveness and paranoia. I share a house with people, so all my photos and movies usually have to be done elsewhere or covertly. So, there is a little more investment of effort than just suiting up and snapping away. So, I suppose my practice of watermarking stems from a feeling that I should protect my work.

    I do agree that if you post pics on the internet, you are indeed releasing them into the world, out of your control. However, I see no reason why pics shouldn't be permanently associated with their author. And I agree with TFG, it's as much a matter of credit where credit is due, as it is about publicity.

    I've only just started to blog, and release pics for "mass consumption". I watermark them because they might end up elsewhere, not to prevent it from doing so.

  3. I don't have a problem with people posting pictures that are already accessible to the public on the Internet so long as there's a link to the source (or something else) to give proper attribution.

    The more serious issue is using pictures from private sites. If a picture it posted on a private site, where it can only be accessed by people who register with the site, I would not post that picture somewhere that is accessible to everyone. The creator my have intended sharing the pictures only with people who are into whatever is depicted in the picture. Posting it on a blog not only shows it off to other interested people but allows anyone to stubble upon it. If I post a picture on a private site like recon or gearfetish, I wouldn't mind if someone I knew sees it there because they would be interested (more or less) in that kind of stuff. I would have much more of a problem if someone I know who isn't into BDSM somehow stubbles on a picture of me on google images that has been reposted on a blog. It is a risk that you take by posting a picture of yourself even on a private site, but that doesn't mean that reposting it publicly without the creators consent is OK.