Monday, March 12, 2012

The Podcast Is Up - Checkout Episode 1

I am very excited that episode 1 is out there of the new show that I was asked to be a part of, the AsylumCast. You can check out the first episode by going to and the post there for the first episode. 

I think that we have a lot of great ideas of what is going up for the show, with opprotunities to talk to some great people and sparking some really awesome conversation. 

Now some people out there may go... Podcast!?! Where did this come from?

Ever since I was a little kid I listed to talk radio. My grandfather gave me a beat up little radio from the fifties when I was 7 years old, just after my parents divorced and we moved in with them while my Dad landed on his feet again. It didn't do anything but AM that well, and most of the band was taken up by talk shows. I listened to one show after another, didn't matter about what, just loved the idea of talk radio. 

In the year's since I have listened to talk radio as my main source of entertainment, most now in the form of podcasts. I regularly subscribe to 10 shows and try my best to keep up with them. 

This was something I have always wanted to do, and truthfully the inspiration for starting this blog in the first place was as a platform to begin working on a show. So when Rubberasylum approached me a few months ago about doing this show I jumped at the chance. 

So the day is here and the first show is live for you to listen to. We got a lot more to go, so I hope you stick with us, and have as much fun listening as we do making it. 

Thank you all for your continued support of this blog, which I will be continuing on as we go through the podcast! 

Got to to get the details!

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