Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bucket List #7: Fucked Rubber Toy with Gas

Ok, this pushes all my buttons. First it is play with two guys I have seen around for a while and admire their work, truly two very hot guys! Hope to meet them one day.

And this scene in particular is one of my favorites. It's got the suspension, which is always amazing. And a straitjacket, which is one of my all time favorite ways to be bound. It has the obviously very tight hood that looks so snug and intense.

All that on it's own would be hot enough, but then the top comes in, gasses the boy up in a bag with some spray poppers, and then goes to town fucking him.

I have done all of these elements separately, but never combined into one scene where I would feel so helpless and used. Hopefully one day!

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