Sunday, April 8, 2012

I need a leather hood!

Anyone that has been in my playroom knows I have a thing for hoods and gasmasks, and really we don't have much in the way of a shortage at the moment. However, the one thing we are short on is leather hoods. I only have 1!!!

All the rest are rubber!

Especially lately I have been craving having a hood that goes with the Leather Sleepsack, both because it would look good but also to have that full body leather enclosed feeling which I love as both a top and a sub. So I have been thinking about what the next hood is going to be.

Now don't get me wrong, the one leather hood that we do have, the Leather Puffy Hood, is very amazing. I love the large mouth opening, just open enough for a nice cock sucking. And the thing is super comfy as hell! I can and have worn it for hours at a time. But still, part of the thing is that it is almost too comfy, a good thing sometimes, but other times I kind of wish I had a more intense hood. 

This would be a great example. My ex had one of these and I miss him putting me in it. It was intense! The Sci-Fi Hood has a very think leather to it, making it rather unforgiving to the sub, wrapping your head in a rigid case of leather. The smell enough was to make you swoon! Once all of the buckles are all locked on the intensity gets ratcheted up another notch. The inside of the mouth area makes it feel like you might be able to communicate a little bit, the rigid chin keeps the mouth closed, so while not impossible being able to talk is very difficult. The first time I was put in it I nearly freaked after a while, which only made it that much hotter.

One of the other hoods that I think that I need to consider for the next one would be the Breath Control Deluxe Tight Hood. Those who know what I get into know that I love a good tight hood and breath control, and usually I have to cobble some things together to make it work. This makes that a breeze with the respirator mask built right in, something I could attach the hoses and rebreather bags directly to. And the fact that it has a locking collar only makes it hotter.

Of course, this one is another option that I am really considering. The Inflatable Deluxe Tight Hood not only looks amazing but this inflation part makes it a very interesting hood! it would appear that the inflatable part is in the back, so as you inflate the hood it pushes the head into the face part, probably making is much more comfortable while also making it more of a heavy bondage experience for the sub. I love the look of the face part though, and think that it both gives a little bit of personality to the boy while also still turning him into an object to be played with. That with the soft leather that their hoods are known for and I think that this would be a very worthy hood to add to the collection.

However, I think that if I were to make the decision today it would have to be the Deluxe Sidelace Hood. They come in either closed eyes or open eyes, but I would take the one without the eye openings. I like the open mouth, giving the option of using a gag with it or not, and versatility is something I always look for in gear. And I know that lacing is going to make sure it is a snug fit, perfect for storing someone away. The best part is that I am sure it is going to look awesome with the leather sleepsack! This might just have to be the one!

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