Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pics: 20 Tweets of the Straight Boy

So I was chatting with this cute boy while I was on my work trip, and ended up having a good time with him. This whole world is new to him, and is at least "mostly" straight, as he needed to get back home to his girlfriend at the end of the night. He mentioned in his profile online that in addition to a lot of fun kinks he was into "having pics and vids taken". 

Well he came to the right place for that!

But just taking pics and videos for this boy's first time wasn't going to be enough. I wanted to make sure this was going to be memorable for him. So I decided to live tweet the scene as we went. I took great delight in making sure he knew his helpless ass was being broadcast out to a bunch of pervs all over the world while he squirmed and struggled. 

Unfortunately twitter took down all the pics, so of course I have to follow up! Here is the entire scene and the associated pics:

(Note on the pics: since Twitter took them down the links no longer work, so I just put in screen caps and copies of the photos)

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Tweet 01
(I am in Vegas, and in years past I ran into a lot of flakes, so you never know. Especially with someone that was so new, sometimes they just get cold feet)

Tweet 02

Tweet 03
He had a nice nervous energy about him when I picked him up from the casino and took him to the hotel room. But he never backed down. Impressive. 

Tweet 04
Wasn't sure how much experience he had with the kit that I brought, but took to it like a duck to water (so to speak)

Tweet 05

Tweet 06
(I love the sound of a guy getting hit in the balls, especially when he hasn't experienced it much, and how surprised they get when their dick gets hard because of it)

Tweet 07
(The moan he gave when I told him that I was doing this only made me harder)

Tweet 08
(I am spoiled by my husband, I am proud to say he is the best in the world, but I have to say this boy did much better than I thought he was going to)

Tweet 09

Tweet 10

Tweet 11

Tweet 12

Tweet 13

Tweet 14

Tweet 15

Tweet 16

Tweet 17

Tweet 18

Tweet 19

Tweet 20


  1. thanks for the follow up Sparky,

    I was really disappointed when Twitter took the pix away.

  2. Thanks for posting the screen caps of the pics! I had caught the first two live, but had missed the rest.

    I love working with straight/new guys too. And I love that you tweeted the scene, that was super hot. Awesome work!

    BTW, I'm going to be in Vegas this weekend myself. But it's mostly for work, and I have very little free time. :(

  3. Wow! Great bondage trip for the new guy and excellent all-around scene judging from the photos - it's obvious you're a master at bondage practice. You took that guy to some wild places and structured the scene beautifully. Hope we get to meet someday - I'll collect my Slim Jims then!
    Animal J Smith, SF