Friday, April 13, 2012

Puppy is Double Sleepsacked!

A couple of weeks ago the pup came for a visit, and I decided at one point it was time for the boy to get some bondage time in the inflatable sleepsack. The last time that Cypherrub came over he brought his sleepsack, and the next morning after everyone went home I found he left it with a note saying that I was welcome to use it until he came back over, so I have been trying to do just that!

So for Bo, I decided it to do an audio scene, first putting him into the Regulation rubber sleepsack with attached gasmask, which fits him so well. He looks so hot done up in it on its own. Under the hood I had him put into some earphones, which was in turn was hooking into the same sound board we are using for the podcast. This way I could not only feed out music to his hears and the electro box, but also use the mics to do the same. 

In fact, even more fun us to hook the mic up to him as well, as you can see in the photos below. This way whenever he moaned or made any noise whatsoever it was added to the mix of music that was already pounded away with the electro plug in his ass. Moan all you want to boy, just makes it more intense for you.

I think you will agree makes for a great scene!

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