Monday, January 30, 2012

Quick Weekend Wrap Up

I am going to give a quick round up of the weekend, because it was pretty amazing, but only have time to go over a couple of things. Will be posting more info soon.

There has been something has been a very negative drag on my emotional side from my professional life, but it looks like there is going to be a very positive resolution to it. There is a lot of work that is going to be needed to get there, but this weekend felt like there needed to be some celebration that a corner had finally been turned. I know I am being vague, but I really can't be any more specific. All I can say is: Woohoo!

Saturday a few of us gathered at our house for a quick drink before heading out to the Cuff to meet up with friends. In addition to my leather covered husband (damn the chaps look good on him, pic of that later) Dvous1, we were joined by Dreadfire, Daddy Tony, his boy bndgkid, and joining us from Illinois, jblack046.

Now we tried to figure out how to take as few cars as possible, and the only way to make that work was to put someone in the trunk, so a hooded and straitjacketed bndgkid went into the trunk for the ride to the bar.

Once at the bar we ran into all sorts of kinksters that was fun to connect with. Got see and make a future playdate with SoundsFun, and was good to see his damn hot partner Happyfrosh. Got to run into Nightcat and the gaggle of furries he was running around with, all of which were adorable and hot! I ran into wnotgfi whom some of you remember from some of my first videos, he was as cute as ever and need to tie him up again! Also got to meet a new transplant to town, arcticfoxmelb, who I think is going to be a fun puppy to play with. 

There were a lot more people there, but I need to get to work so going to cut this short and say if I didn't mention you it wasn't a slight in any way!

The energy of the night was great, there was a lot going on and we had a great time all around. At first bndgkid had the straitjacket on in the bar, and I told him he could ask to have it taken off but someone else had to go in it. So he found nightcat as a willing victim!

We eventually had to head home, however, so the jacket and hood went on the guest from out of town, so jblack046 got to ride in the trunk on the way home while we stopped for food and across the bridge back home. 

I had to work on Sunday, but overall it was a good day of work and accomplished much, then returned home in time for my crew from the night before to returned. After a bit of talk, pizza and an episode of one of our favorite comedies, it was time to head to the playroom.

We all ganged up on dreadfire and jblack046 to get them in sleepsacks on the same bondage table (head to toe), and slapped on some electro to keep them busy. We then worked on getting bndgkid tied up and secured in a nice rope web, making sure the foot ball puppy didn't go anywhere.

While all this was going on the ebay auctions ended, and I end up getting my goals met for the auctions! The great news is this means that I will be getting my sleepsack that I have been coveting! So can't wait to get that ordered, but you know I am going to be all over sharing that on here once it arrives!

There is going to more pics, more videos coming very soon from the adventures of the weekend! 

Thank you again to all the support and love that is sent my way from the readers of this blog, it has helped a lot in some rough times recently and appreciate everyone. 

Your next boy

Why don't more biking boys wear gasmasks

Aww, I think the like each other

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ready to hose the bitch down

One of my favorite positions to tie boys...


Ebay Auction - Mr S Shoulder Zip Latex Catsuit

 The following is for a latex catsuit from Mr S. It is a shoulder zip suit, with a zip on the crotch area running through to the top of the ass, allowing for great access. This suit is sized large.
This suit has been well loved for and well taken care of, kept in a plastic bag throughout its life.  It has a lot of life left in it, and fits wonderfully.
Here is what Mr S says about their own suit:
If you really love the tight feeling of Rubber, nothing does it like a Full Body Latex Cat Suit.

This is one our most popular styles with and Two Shoulder Zippers for neck entry and a 3 pull All Round Zip at the crotch to the back of the waist.. This gives you access to your cock and balls & Butt without having to take your suit off during play. A lot of guys like this style because of the completely smooth chest area without any upper front zipper.

·         The 2 shoulder zippers also look really hot as a way to get into the suit.
·         May require some help from your buddy when zipping up these shoulder zips if your fingers are slippery.
·         Made from 20 gauge natural gum latex, this suit will feel like you have a second skin on of slippery shinny rubber.

Click Here to check out the Auction

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ebay Auction - Ze Cable Ass Lock

This device is known as an ass lock, combining a cock ring to a butt plug. The ring is connected via a cable that ensures that the wearer feels the device with each step . The cable is steal, but bends and flexs a little, so that it conforms to you. Also, the plug piece can move along the cable for comfort and flexibility.

The device additionally features two different plugs, a 1-1/4” plug and a 1-1/2” plug that can easily be changed.
The ring runs on the small, snug side so best for those that are not heavily endowed.
This device retails for $170, so the low starting bid means you have a chance to pick up a great piece of gear for a low price!

Click HERE to check out the auction

Tied army boys...

Taped Frat Guy

Blogs to Follow - Kinkidivers' Bondage Lodge

Followers of the blog know that I have played a lot in recent years with my friend Kinkidiver, featuring him in several of my play sessions as both a Dom and a sub. He is one of the first people I have met in the kink world and both he and his partner are people that I feel fortunate enough to call friends. 

He has recently started his own blog, called Kinkidiver's Bondage Lodge. It is certainly one of those blogs you should add to your list!

Additionally there is a write up of a recent visit he made to beat on my nuts, was a lot of fun and a great afternoon surprise.

For some

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Video - Bondage Boy Afternoon - Part 2

In Part 1 we left off with Cypherrub just as he was fully tied up and ready to begin the scene, but was interrupted  by a delivery. But now it is time to get started on the giving the boy some good hard play.

Gear Used In this Video
Fetters Padded Locking Wrist Restraints
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
Neoprene Locking Bondage Collar
Neoprene Breather Gag

Ultra Blindfold
Clejuso Heavy Weight Handcuffs
Ass Hook Stainless Steel
Ultra Knee Pad and Shin Guard

Direct Link to Video

Video - Bondage Boy Afternoon - Part 1

I had been talking with my buddy Cypherrub about him coming over for a day of true submission for a bit, and finally there was a day when both of our schedules meshed enough for it to happen. 

Shortly before he was due to arrive I sent him instructions via text. I didn't want to have to go through the pleasantries of friends meeting each other then awkwardly getting ready to play, I wanted him in boy mode the moment he arrived. He was told to come in the house through the garage. Once inside he was to strip and put on whatever it was that was left for him by the door. 

All that was there was a pair of Clejuso Heavy Weight Handcuffs.

He was then told to come to the living room on his knees and submit to me immediately. When he arrived to the room he found me waiting in my chair, in my riot gear and a gasmask hood. He craweled over to me and I forced him to clean my boots, getting the taste of the leather in his mouth. Then I took my cock out for him to start blowing me, sometimes I would use my boots to hold him close and suffocate him with my cock and holding his nose, knowing how much he loves breath control. 

The boy needed to suffer a bit, so it was tie to truss him up. I fitted him with a gag, a blindfold, and a collar first, then the ankle cuffs and the wrist cuffs. I also decided to put on a pair of very comfy knee pads, as the boy was going to spend a lot of time on his knees. 

I roped him into a vulnerable position to ensure he wasn't going to be able to move away from standing on his knees. Just to be sure he wasn't going to go anywhere, I also put an ass hook into him, then connected that to the ropes, so each time the boy moved or squirmed it would go right to his ass.

No you may ask the video ends right at this point, since it looked like we were just getting started. I had a delivery scheduled for later that afternoon of a new appliance, and just as I got him to this position I heard the truck arriving. I had planned to be finished with this part and have him squirreled away in the play room, but the damn delivery people arrived early, and I had the boy right in the path of where they needed to go to get to the kitchen. 

I scooped the boy and all the toys up, tossing him over my shoulders and hauled him to the guest bedroom and unceremoniously tossing him to the bed. Stripped gear off just in time for the door bell to ring, I locked the door, leaving the poor bewildered boy to wonder what was going on and why he was suddenly hidden away. 

Now I could have cut all this out, with the magic of editing I could have made the narrative smooth and hot, but I liked the way it ended up. Just as the boy was getting ready to start receiving his abuse, everything went to a very unexpected turn, and he was a boy locked away, tied up and fully gagged in a room right next to where he could hear voices of strangers and loud bangs of something moving around. 

I let him stew like that for a while, then once the delivery was complete I hauled him back out. That will be part 2.

Gear Used In this Video
Fetters Padded Locking Wrist Restraints
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
Neoprene Locking Bondage Collar
Neoprene Breather Gag

Ultra Blindfold
Clejuso Heavy Weight Handcuffs

Ass Hook Stainless Steel
Ultra Knee Pad and Shin Guard

Direct Link to Video

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Hot Surfers

Buddy made to watch

Leather Gimpdom!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ebay Auctions

So I have put up a bunch of stuff that is just not getting use like it should, so I have decided to put it out there for Ebay auctions. I will be featuring some of the items on the blog to highlight what is up there in between all the other content that I have planned this week!

But feel free to take a took if you want to see what is up there!

Check out my Ebay Auctions

Neoprene WOOF! Muzzle

A few months back I did a piece about various forms of dog hoods (see Puppy Hood - What is the Right One) where I tried to provide a review of some of the different hoods out there. 

Well this week you can find the cool WOOF! Muzzle in Neoprene at a discounted price. If you have been thinking about getting one, now is the time!

His priest is proud he is wearing a cross

Awesome straitjacket Series

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Video - Pup Striker - Part 2

Taking up the play from part 1 (see Pup Striker - Part 1) it was time to start the ball play and edging of the puppy. After getting fully roped up in a nicely exposed position, I began a process of jacking the puppy, cutting off his air, and playing with his sensitive balls. 

One of my favorite parts of playing with puppies is the wonderful sounds they make when you play with him, and pup striker is a very vocal boy. 

So can't wait to play with him again!

Gear Used in this Video
Padded Fist Mitts
Ultra Blindfold
Neoprene Breather Gag
Neoprene Locking Bondage Collar

Direct Link to Video

Wish List: Mr S Deluxe Sleepsack

So I have been saving up for a sleepsack. Currently I have 5 of them, but each of them are fairly inexpensive ones, not have had that feeling of being a solid piece of bondage gear like a real sleepsack, so I have been coveting one for a long time. 

First I was drawn to a sleepsack that I have been in under the hands of BindNlocK (as seen in Video - In the Leather Sleepsack, Video - Electro Punishment, and Video - BindNlocK Sleepsack) to the sleepsack that is called the Essential Leather Sleepsack. It is a great piece, very snug and feels like you are well secured at all times. Getting to be in one of these with BindNlock made me really want one. 

So I set a goal of saving up for one, putting away small amounts for it, as well as whatever the generous readers of this site who have clicked on the ad from this site to make their purchases, all going towards an Essential Leather Sleepsack. 

The great news is that I have reached my goal. However, the challenge is that someone recently made me rethink my goal. 

A few weeks ago we had over some friends (see Pic Set - Bndgkid All Bound Up) who brought with them their Deluxe All-Leather Sleepsack for the evenings festivities. That was when the desire to have one of my own was rekindled, and the seed was planted to get one of my own. 

Now it isn't like I haven't experienced them before. My first video posted to this blog was in Rubbersasylum's sleepsack that was the same (see Video - 3 Boys and a Milker), and have been in that same sleepsack numerous times since, so I have really appreciated it. 

But truthfully it always seemed out of reach, as it is a very expensive piece of gear. 

Well, I think that I have found a way. There is a lot of gear in my playroom that I just don't play with anymore. So this week we are going to put it up on Ebay and see what we can get out of it. Hopefully it will get me that much closer to my goal. 

I so can't wait to have one of these of my own!

...Butt Bitch


Back from Vacation!

So there was MAL, then getting snowed into the house made me want to focus on getting a few things done around the house that have been languishing, so I haven't been posting nearly as often as I should be. That and the fact that we have been running on unreliable internet during the big snow storm and I just haven't' be able to keep up with the blog. 

That doesn't mean, however, that I have forgotten about everyone here, and got a lot of fun stuff planned coming up that I am really excited to get out there. So stay tuned!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Video - Pup Striker - Part 1

Before this year's Mister International Rubber contest in Chicago I started talking with a local pup there, Pup Striker. He is a cute pup and ready for most anything. 

Must of what we did I didn't necessarily capture on tape, mostly because I was focused on him, but there were a couple of fun parts, particularly when the electro hit just the right spot to send him to fits of laughter, then waves of pleasure/pain. 

Throw in a bit of breath control with the bondage was just the recipe for the first part of this scene. 

We will see more in part 2!

Direct Link to Video

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