Saturday, February 25, 2012

Contributor - Levyathan2 - Tied in Leathers - Part 1

Been chatting with Levyathan2, who is a damn hot boy from Hungary. Why do all the hot ones have to be so far away!

He shared some photos with me of him tied up, which were too amazing not to share. He told me this was taken by the talented HogtiedHu, who makes some awesome vids on xtube! You have to check them out.

This is just the first part of the collection, will post some more soon.

Duct Tape Bondage

Silver Spandex

Wesco All-Black 14" Combat Boot

Oh my god, it brings out my boot fetish!

Wipe down the counter after, please

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Video - Electro Puppy - Part 1

A little while ago I had over a very fun puppy, MrIncognito. After some initial puppy play, getting him in the headspace and just enjoying having him in rubber, I put in an electro plug into the puppy and started to secure him down. 

I put him on my padded board while in the neoprene sleepsack, all locked in. Then I proceeded to rope the boy in so he wasn't going to be able to get away at all. The puppy hood was fitted with the blindfold and gag attachment. And finally a set of headphones were added. 

Now it was time for the electro. 

The source was a run of music from a playlist of songs I selected for having a good bass line, just to ensure that the poor puppy's ass was going to get pounded by the electro plug properly. While he was riding the ride I had time to go get rubbered up myself. 

When the playlist was done and I was sure the puppy was properly horny enough, it was time for the next part of the fun- Getting the puppy off, edging him for a bit then finally letting him have his nut. I particularly enjoy giving that to him knowing that he wasn't done just cause he got off, he was going to have to play for his orgasm in the sling... which we will get to in Part 2!

Direct Link to Video

Camo Skins

Biking Boys

Hot Rubber Uniform

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pics - Rubber Sleepsack Back In Action

With the help of of the very sweet pup, Pup Skoll, the piece that was one of my first big kink purchases is back in action. I have had this rubber sleepsack from Regulation for some time, it is all one piece with a gas mask hood attached. Pup Skoll offered, however, to fix the one feature that it has always been lacking, front access. 

The other night we had a chance to break it in after its return, with Bndgkid being roped up by me and his Daddy, the wonderful Daddy Tony. The result of all the rope was the boy left in the position where his head pulled away from the body, and he was unable to move hardly at all. I am sure you will agree that makes for a great set of photos!

Sex with the Boots On

Speedos.... yum!

A true fantasy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Video - Rubber Play Party

The very first group type of event that I ever did was attend a play party called the New World Rubbermen Play Party. We are working on a video regarding the history of this group and the parties, which I am really looking forward to sharing this incredible story. 

For now I can say that a lot of who I am as a kinkster has been really been formed by these parties, or rather, by the people that I have met at them, many of whom are still some of my closest friends. 

One of the best things about the parties is just when a group of guys in full rubber start playing, and that is what this video is showing! In this video you are going to see Kinkidiver and Lucien tied down, and puppy spike being a good puppy at my side while I worked the rope. And getting lots of help from the boy in my last few video posts, Cypherrub. And finally I got the great camera work help from our future roomie, Dreadfire.

Hope you find it as much fun as I did! 

Direct Link to Video

Soccer Boys


On your knees boy