Friday, March 30, 2012

Video: Two MAL Puppies on Electro

At this last MAL I had the idea to set up a scene in front of the window of the host hotel window with my puppy, BO. The scene would involve the straitjacket, a hood, and my new electro plug that I had purchased that day. This new plug was unique in that it has two separate channels in the ass, making for a much more interesting electro feeling there, and I was very much looking forward to the product testing that was to happen that day. 

I also really liked the idea of the puppy knowing he was being put in a spot where the other event attendees could watch his torment under the electro and the ball crusher, and watch him they did. over the course of the entire scene we had several guys peaking out their curtains at us . 

Later that day, I figured if it worked once then it must work twice, and when our roommate, DrewP (from past video Zentai Hogtie) wanted a bit of bondage time I thought it would be fun to repeat the scene. By that time my pup had found a playmate to pal around with on the bed, so while those two rubbered up boys went at it on the bed we set up the electro. 

I love it when a plan comes together!

Gear Used in this Video
E232 Electro Box
Leather Puffy Hood
Neoprene Straitjacket
Acrylic Ball Press

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Hot damn, leather boy!

How to look good in tights

Bucket List #4: Tied up in Spiderman Suit

This is more of one of those things as a top that I enjoy, but there is something about superheros in bondage that just turns me on, and to have one so helpless like this guy is very hot! Sure full body zentai is nice, but even better is some Spidey action!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to get on the leathers, skinboy

How I want to spend the day!

Bucket List #2 - Hello Goodbye

The appeal of this is the being locked away and kept, of course, in a state of horniess until later, especially bound up in such tight rubber gear. I also love the sleepsack that is all one piece like this, makes it super horny. 

But the idea of long term bondage storage is something that has always greatly appealed to me, and something I still need to experience, both as a top who anxiously waits for the hours to pass before my boy is ready to be used, and as a sub, tied away knowing I get no attention or relief until so much time has passed it is impossible to tell when it is coming.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Asylum Cast - Episode 03

Very excited on this one, even though both Daddy Tony and I were both sick, and Asylum had a truly bad day, but through it all somehow we managed to have a good time! Lots of laughs, some hard news, and some great discussion. Hope you all are having as much listening as we are having making them!

Click HERE to go to the podcast!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Contributor: Rocketboyfr

The very hot boy known as Rocketboyfr shared with me some of the great photos of himself in his rubber and agreed to share some here. as you can see he looks damn good in his rubber! Hope to meet him one day!

Rubber Straitjackets

Where do I Sign UP!

Bucket List #1 - Latex bondage in the Forrest

To get my bucket list project going I am going to be sharing my own bucket list of scenes I want to try. Some of these I want to do as a top, some as a sub, most as both (the nice part of being a switch). 

For this one, Latex Bondage in a Forrest, I think part of what makes this hot, besides all of the rubber, is the caption that goes along with it. "Drugged, kidnapped and then waking up like this"

I have been chloroformed before, which was hot, and I have been tied up outdoors. I have been in rubber like this. But never had all three come together with the feeling of total helplessness, exposure and coming to in a world of bondage and sensory deprivation. 

Can't wait to try something like this!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Asylum Cast - Episode 02

The second episode of the Asylum Cast is up, again hosted by RubberAsylum, Daddy Tony, and myself.

This episode was a bit of a practice for us, recorded from the middle of a party, so the quality of the show is a bit rough. But we thought it better to get it out there and share the fun we had for this week since a few of us are on the road and not available to record. We will be sharing more and more recordings from the party, as there are a couple more hours of interviews we did with some of the attendees. 

Looking forward to recording Episode 3 later this week!

Click here to go to the podcast!

Rubber Boys

Bound Bear in a Singlet

Superman in Touble

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pics - Suspended Sleepsack

I teased sharing these photos the other day in a quick blog post, but I am really pleased to bring them here today. 

I had talked with SoundsFun not too long ago about the possibility of doing something I have always wanted to try, being suspended in a sleepsack, and he said he would be happy to give me that kind of ride. So when the new Mr S Deluxe Leather Sleepsack came in, we set up the time. 

My puppy was in town for the week, so the two of us headed over and into the fabulous playroom that SoundsFun and HappyFrosh have. 

I have to say, it was a little odd for me to be tied up and played with by two boys that I normally tie up, but that also made it that much exciting, and they did a great job of making use of my nuts while I was up there. 

Definitely a lot of fun and one I hope to repeat one day!

Rubber Bondage

Thorpe.... swoon!

Rubbermen in Waders

Blog List - Gay Breath Control & Bondage

There isn't really a good site out there for breath control scenes, since you can never get to what was once the great Male to Male Breath Control (and might even be completely gone now), but now it would seem there is a Tumblr site. 

Check out Gay Breath Control And Bondage. Starting to have a lot of good vids and pics (some of which are mine, so I can tell they are fans of NoSafeWord), and will be interesting to see how far it goes. 

Keep up the great work!

(A note about breath control: This can be very dangerous. Do not do breath control on someone unless you have been trained by someone experienced, and do not let yourself do breath control with someone unless they are very experience. And NEVER do any kind of breath control by yourself. We have lost too many that way already)

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Podcast Is Up - Checkout Episode 1

I am very excited that episode 1 is out there of the new show that I was asked to be a part of, the AsylumCast. You can check out the first episode by going to and the post there for the first episode. 

I think that we have a lot of great ideas of what is going up for the show, with opprotunities to talk to some great people and sparking some really awesome conversation. 

Now some people out there may go... Podcast!?! Where did this come from?

Ever since I was a little kid I listed to talk radio. My grandfather gave me a beat up little radio from the fifties when I was 7 years old, just after my parents divorced and we moved in with them while my Dad landed on his feet again. It didn't do anything but AM that well, and most of the band was taken up by talk shows. I listened to one show after another, didn't matter about what, just loved the idea of talk radio. 

In the year's since I have listened to talk radio as my main source of entertainment, most now in the form of podcasts. I regularly subscribe to 10 shows and try my best to keep up with them. 

This was something I have always wanted to do, and truthfully the inspiration for starting this blog in the first place was as a platform to begin working on a show. So when Rubberasylum approached me a few months ago about doing this show I jumped at the chance. 

So the day is here and the first show is live for you to listen to. We got a lot more to go, so I hope you stick with us, and have as much fun listening as we do making it. 

Thank you all for your continued support of this blog, which I will be continuing on as we go through the podcast! 

Got to to get the details!

Wow, hot damn!

Love Straitjackets!