Friday, January 25, 2013

So close I can taste it!

Hey everyone out there!

I have not been posting content lately because we have been working on a lot of details for the new site, and you won't believe what we have in store for you. Just to get you all ready, here are a few highlights:

New Site!
This entire blog will be moving over to, so be sure to mark your browsers and feed readers to the new location. We hope to be fully up and running in a couple of weeks and so much looking forward to the new site. We will announce the new move soon. 

New Podcast!
The new NoSafeWord Podcast is coming soon. We have been recording some shows to have ready, with about 8 shows waiting, and we will push those out over time. The whole purpose of the podcast will be to talk to and hear from all the different voices out there in the kink world that make up the wide variety of fun being had. We want to talk to all kinds of kinksters, be they newbies or established with many years of experience, amateurs and pro, kinky vendors, the celebs and title holders, as well as the people who just do this because it is fun. Anyone reading this could be a guest on the show, and we think this is going to be a path to seeing what is really happening out there in the kink world!

All the old posts, with better access
All of the posts from this blog will be available on the new site, with better tools to find the past posts and browse around. If you just want to get to the videos, you can do that! 

Tying in
Not only will you get all of this blogs past content, but the Bndgkid run website called will also be in the collection on That is twice the amount of content than before, and we also be bringin in so many ways to search and find the content of all those great scenes! 

All new content coming too!
We have weeks of new content waiting to go, once the new site is launched we will be bringing you new videos, pics and stories! 

Stay tuned!

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