Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Washington State Mr. Leather - Herrmeister D

First I want to express my heartfelt congratulations to the new Washington State Mr. Leather, Herrmeister D.

Now, I am going to admit, I am not from the traditional Leather Tribe. I ama pup. I have been Rubberman, a collared sub, a skin. I have been a Dom. A Trainer. And somes a Sir to some boys I have come to know.

but I have had a hard time with the traditional leather. There seems to be a constant look at the past. the trandition, the protocol, the always looking back. And I have always been excited about what is next, what is the new era Leather going to be like when there are so many new kinksters and so many new techniques.

What is it that the next generation needs from a "community" and what will they bring to us.

that is why I love the speech given by Herrmeister D during the content, and I hope everyone can take a moment to read it. I love the looking ahead, the call to action. It is exciting to see, and I look forward to sharing here my observations on how this unfolds and what this direction means for the community here.

so, with that I now give you Herrmeister D!

[from the Washington State Mr Leather 2010 contest]

“‘NICE’ ….BUT Cliquish, Cold, and Unwelcoming’

WOW, that's harsh!!

It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not. What matters is that We, in the Northwest, are considered ‘NICE’ BUT… Cliquish, Cold and Unwelcoming’.

You see, what they are saying is, we're not approachable. We're closed, and don’t know how to be warm or welcoming to outsiders. Basically, we don’t make leather fun and open.


Let's meet this challenge.

What’s the one thing that we all have in common?


It’s BIG and RED, and it is on our leather flag.

It is our Heart.

That heart is a message to everyone that LEATHER, ABOVE ALL ELSE, comes from OUR HEART. Opening THAT heart IS about being Warm and Welcoming. SO TOGETHER LET'S strive to be MORE Welcoming.

WELCOME newbies to our community, and this bar we are in.

Be MORE welcoming of first-timers who are shy, and getting their foot in the door. They are the next generation, which we will need to guide and mentor.

Be MORE welcoming of visitors from outside of the Washington area. Let them leave with a warm impression of our leather community.

As your Mr. Washington State Leather, it’s my determination that when people ask, “‘Where does THE LEATHER HEART live?’, we can say with pride “it lives OPENLY in the State of Washington, here in the Great Warm, Welcoming Northwest.”

SO TONIGHT, turn to someone you don’t know, and introduce yourself. Open a dialogue; learn something meaningful about them. Afterward, say ‘Thank you for coming tonight’.

Trust yourself to mean it. Be yourself when you say it.

Let’s not just be NICE; LET’S BE WELCOMING!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Internet Pic Post #5 - Hoods

I was thinking today about the people who have tied me up, and really comparatively it is a rather small group. And any of them can tell you that one of my favorites is anything involving a hood. I love to be hooded!

The confinement. The uncertainty of knowing what is going on. The control not only of the body but the senses as well.

One day I hope to have a play room lined with numerous hoods of all types, including these!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is the difference between puppies and furries? cont.

 In the continuing effort to explore this discussion I have had with a few pups I know about the differeences between pups and furries, we are going to turn now to Pup Jet.

I will have to admit that I don't know him as well as I woudl like, we have talked a good deal via IM and have met a few times now at events, but haven't had the chance to really spend much time with him! I am looking forward to, however, for one simple reason. Having once been a pup myself I learned to trust my instincts, especially when sniffing out genuine people, and this pup is one of them. The kind of person that wants nothing from anyone other than to be treated well, and has no agenda other than to be a good pup and a good boy. I like that, and think that many people, including myself, can learn from that. I am very much looking forward to seeing him again soon at IML.

Pup Jet

I have been asked to write a short bit about my feeling on the differences between pup play and furry. Let me start by saying read rubberfiendʼs and Pup Donʼs posts first. While I have my own take on things but they did a wonderful job and I will reference their work in here.

I am a gay rubber pup who is also a fur. Unlike rubberfiend, I found rubber/kink first, then came out to myself many years later, and then not long after discovered furry. So while it is a slightly different road than he or others may have taken the path to understanding who oneself led to similar places.

To me the key point that both rubberfiend and Pup Don have already stated is that there is a relation between the two, I really liked Pup Donʼs use of the term “cousins”. These two groups are the same yet quite different and both are unique in their respective sub cultures. While both have suffered repression from outside and more painfully from within.

This pup sees pup play (and pet play in general) within the kink community as a release, a focusing on being true to one’s inner self. Be that a desire to guard/protect, preform for, or just love and obey your handler/owner (for myself it is the latter). Now, this is NOT the same as a boy/submissive being made to act like a dog, that’s another topic entirely, where I come from it is the desire of the pup to be that, a pup. This desire comes from deep within, and the first time I was able to be a rubber pup for a friend I knew instantly within it was who I am. Feeling that unconditional devotion and desire to care for my handler as well as the deep caring given to me by my handler. As rubberfiend stated: pup play is more tied to the D/s dynamic. For myself, just putting on my pup gear (hood, mitts, etc.) brings me into that mindset of the k9 wanting to please his handler & wanting to be the 6ʼ3” lapdog that I am. Hey! Great Danes think they are lap dogs, why can’t I? Don’t knock it ;)

As a fur I see myself part of a vast yet distinct diverse community. One that unlike many groups celebrates diversity and accepts more so than most. Furry for me is a social release of that k9 side, I can be with friends who are like minded and release into a care free and creative environment. The connection to the inner self is also there for some furs, a feeling of association with their animal side, a release of that side of their personality. However one can also look at it as a way to simply express one’s self using an animal persona. The one key difference is basically put, it is not all about sex, it is about being one’s self. Oh sure there is sex (there is a good bit of that), talk about sex, and well more X-rated art then you can shake a bone at (far more then IML). But deep down it is a way to connect with your inner self, a release and an escape from the impressed norm.

Now sure it is not all people holding hands singing around a camp fire in harmony. There are clicks, niches, sub cultures, and behaviors that are not accepted; but generally I have yet to meet a more accepting group of people. I have found in the gay kink community a lack of acceptance of heterosexual kinky couples yet, I find negligible differentiation in the furry community about sexual orientation.

I recently saw a bit of art on DeviantArt [link] about tolerance. I for one try to accept my fellow pup, wolf, fox, & even kat no matter if they are in leather, rubber, or fur. To you I say WOOF!



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aquala Bondage Suit

Very recently I went over to my friends RubberAssylum's house for an afternoon of play.  He recently received his customized dry suit back from Devil Dog Rubber, which as you can see from the photos below it is a pretty amazing suit from the outside.

From the inside it is even better! The inside of the is fully lined with white latex rubber. The hands of the suit have been fitted like a straight jacket on the outside but inside is a set of large rubber gloves with padding between the fingers and the outside. The hood fits around the head, and in these scene I was put into a rubber puffy hood. The legs have D-rings on the inside and out, which my buddy used to effectively keep my legs from moving at all.

After a good portion of ball beating and vibrating from the belt vibrator strapped over my cock the scene reached a great climax, but I don't want to spoil it all too much right now. Working on the video which I will feature here very soon.

So enjoy these photos as a bit of a preview!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is the difference between puppies and furries? Cont.

We are going to continue with the discussion of the differences between pup play and furries by hearing from another pup friend of mine, rubberfiend. He was one of the very first pups I ever played with as a Trainer, and since that ime has remained one of the most special pups I have met. He has a heart of gold and a great way of articulating his thoughts on his kik, so I wanted to share with you all his thoughts.


I vividly remember the first time I let out my inner puppy.

I was on all fours, wearing a skintight pewter-colored latex catsuit, and had just been commanded to bark. Not a half-assed, onomatopoeic bark that people utter as an imitation of the real vocalizations of a dog, but a REAL bark; one that could only come from some primitive, instinctual part of the brain. Now, I can't say that my first attempt was entirely successful--the truth is, it was actually pretty lousy. I let out a meek, still-too-human "bark," while trying to stifle my nervous, self-conscious laughter.

The realization that my snickering signified that I hadn't really let go of my inhibitions and insecurities helped me to overcome them. Soon enough, I was barking like I meant it, because I really DID mean it.

*WWRRRRUFF!!* And that was the moment I truly became a pup.

Now, I don't mean to say that being a pup is about achieving an accurate rendition of a dog's bark, or that a pup is defined by what he wears or even how he behaves. Pup play is an intensely personal and ultimately individually variable experience, one that means different things to different pups. So I can only speak for myself.

More recently, this puppy has become interested in the "furry fandom"-- a rather eclectic group of individuals, many of whom seem to share similar traits to my personal understanding of pup play. And several other pups have also noticed the parallels, so it seems only natural to ask what distinguishes the two. But owing to the very diverse notions of what is "furry" and what is "puppy," it's not something we can expect to reasonably pin down--nor should we try.

I identified myself as gay before I understood I was also kinky. I identified myself as kinky before I understood I was also a pup. And I identified as a pup before I understood I am also, to some extent, a fur. Like the proverbial story of the blind men and the elephant, all of these terms are simply different aspects to the entirety of who I am, different ways for me to relate to the world, and for the world to relate to me. Yet they remain distinct concepts--I don't conflate "pup" and "furry" any more than one should confuse "gay" and "kinky"-- after all, there are vanilla gays, and kinky straights. And there are those like me--gay and kinky. I trust that a Venn diagram is not a required visual aid for this discussion.

To me, what ultimately distinguishes the notions of "puppy play" and "furry fandom"--other than the fact that furs don't necessarily identify with canids--is that puppy play is, at its core, about wanting to relate to and express oneself in a particular way to another individual. That individual might be described as a "handler," "owner," "master," or "alpha," but the relationship fundamentally remains along the lines of "I am devoted to and endeavor to obey you, and in return, you treat me with kindness and respect for the trust I have placed in you." It is a manifestation of the dominance/submission dynamic, yet in a way that is not centered about punishment and reward but rather affection, encouragement, and loyalty.

By contrast, a fur need not view anthropomorphism, or their spiritual identification as an animal, as being defined by how they desire the guidance and love of another. A furry fox or cat may even view themselves as being fiercely independent, for instance. A fur's path to self-understanding generally tends toward a much greater focus on the real animal species; a furry wolf might have started collecting various iconographic representations of wolves (photographs, drawings, stuffed animals, figurines, etc.) from an early age, and the desire to be like a wolf is the goal in itself, rather than in the case of pup play, where the puppy behavior is a vehicle for relating to a human "owner."

However, there's a lot of overlap, and I think that there is far more that unites pups and furs than what sets us apart. Many (but not all) of us carry a sexual component with respect to our self-identified natures. We are nearly universally interested in the pleasure of feeling free of societal expectations as well as the self- consciousness and introspection of being human. We yearn to bring out a spirit of playfulness that would otherwise be suppressed for fear of being ridiculed or despised. And of course, we each identify with a type of animal instinct, whether as a metaphor for expressing ourselves, or out of a belief that we are an animal trapped in human form.

Sadly, perhaps the one thing that pups and furs share most in common is the perception among the ignorant that we are deviant and therefore only worthy of scorn. Even worse, there are those in each group that holds prejudices against the other, which, if it were possible, makes even less sense. For we should be more united and accepting and mutually understanding of each other, because we are in fact very much alike as I have pointed out here.

Life has far more potential to be meaningful than to waste it on despising what you don't understand, worrying constantly about what others might think of you, and letting yourself be discouraged from exploring who you truly are inside. That's the secret to making your bark genuine.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ball Beating Video

During the same weekend play party as my last video I got the chance to have a couple of really great scenes as the sub. First up is the scene I had with KinkiDiver, which made me shoot a damn hot load. The best part was I got to turn the tables on him after and give him a taste of his own medicine, a video to follow later of that.

Thanks to Rubberassylumboud for taking the video and posting it up!

POLL! - Hottest Deadliest Catch Captain

Every gay, kinky man I know (that I have asked) watches Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel. Now there is no way you can tell me these people are watching the show just to learn how to fish for crab. Probably more to do with the hot guys working that damn asses off, along with a titch of a fetish for trailer trash with money!

So for my first poll, I thought I would ask; If you had to do a captain from the show, which woudl it be? But really, that is unfair, because I am afraid far too many are going to say None of the Above. So I am going to put it this way:

Which Captain on the Deadliest Catch would you think is the best lay?

(try not to let that one of them is dead sway your vote too much)

 Captain Keith Colburn

 Captain Andy Hillstrand

 Captain Jonathan Hilstrand

Captain Sig Hansen

Captain Phil Harris (R.I.P Phil)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Internet Pic Post #3 - Straight Jackets

One of the hotest ways to be tied up is in a straight jacket, especially if it fits just right. The tightness, being forced to keep the arms in and close to the body, the feeling of the entire top of the body unable to move or get away.

Everyone has a fetish....

...and this is a weird one.

Ron Mueck is known for creating incredibly lifelike sculptures... in very unnatural sizes. Just take a look at this 15-foot-long newborn baby.

Friday, March 12, 2010

3 Boys and a Milker

Here is the first video that I promised from the NW Rubber Weekend held recently. Enjoy!

What is the difference between puppies and furries?

Recently I was at a my friends (Rubberassylum) for the NW Rubber Weekend Winter play party, which was a damn good time? (video coming very soon). At one point in the middle of the weekend, late at night, Rubberasylumbound and I headed out to the hot tub (in wetsuits of course) and were joined by KinkiDiver and Bodisama.

The conversation turned to the subject of furries, and Rubberasylum asked me a question, "You were a pup at one time; do you see a difference between pups and furies, or is it just the same thing?" What followed was an intersting conversation for a bit that I have been wanting to get back to because it felt unresolved. We never finished the conversation due to lack of sleep and the cold outside, ending before I could hear everyone's thoughts, and it has stuck in the head since.

So I have turned to of my own friends who are pups and furries to tell me their view. What are the differences, if any? Is a pup just a type of furrie? Do both approach the headspace the same way? There are pups who are furries (or are they furries that are pups), so do they feel at home in both communities?

I have put the question to some of my friends, and will be sharing what they wrote here in the blog.

First up:

Pup Don

"I've always believed the leather dogs and the furries to be cousins, because while there are differences, there is certainly a lot of crossover as well. From what I understand the furries see themselves as animals in human bodies who prefer dressing in costumes that more closely resemble the bodies they would prefer to have. The leather dogs, or "pups" as a lot of us are called, see ourselves as human dogs. When I go into a pup headspace I take on the mindset and characteristics of a canine yet my body is still mine. I may use some gear to get me into that headspace, such as fist mits to render my human hands to be more like paws, and a butt plug tail, yet these all accentuate my human body the way leathermen wear leather in a play scene. However, I know there are some furries who love leather gear and I know some pups who don't feel complete without leather or rubber pup hoods and full body gear.

So, while some things do cross over, I think it's more in the way we see ourselves in this alternate existence we delve into that makes us different."

See Pup Don at either Facebook or on his Recon profile

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Internet Pic Post #2 - Singlets

I had a moment at work today when my mind was warndering, and something brought to mind the days back when I first was in high school as a freshmen. I was encouraged by the PE teacher to go out for wrestling (he was also the Wrestling coach).

I lasted for about a week. Too hard to concentrate on wrestling (and it takes concentration more than muscle) when all my mental energy was trying to keep from getting hard in practice. I didn't learn until later than it is not all that often a high school westling team practices in their singlets, but the first time I pulled on that purple singlet I had to go to the bathroom to jerk off before practice started.

I still have that singlet, I never returned it.

To this day the sight of a hot boy in a singlet is one of the most erotic images there are.

Football Gear bondage

Have to admit, I am an unappologetic switch. I enjoy either side of teh bondage really, though often dom more than sub. Once in a while the boyfriend wants to try his had at being dominate, which I do greatly enjoy and I get off on his enthusiasm and being used for his pleasure once in a while.

Plus I get to get back at him later ;)

Below are some pics from a recent play session, he came home to find me in the football gear, ready for whatever direction he chose. Was a damn good time!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Internet Pic Post #1 - Rubber Bound


Reason #2,467 Why I am Gay!

Dear God, thank you for making me gay and kinky. Thank you for this bountiful blessing of not having to go to shitty workshops like this were I only go to make the shrill girlfriend shut up for five minutes. I don't have to bargain my life away by agreeing to a "cuddle" workshop and sacrifice my manhood just so that I have an excuse to ask for a poker night with my buddies. Thank you for giving me the idea that cuddling shoudl either be done naked, preferably with someones dick in someone else's ass, or in a sleepsack. Thank you sweet baby jesus for making me homo!

Sex educator founded Cuddle Parties
Edward Guthmann, Special to The Chronicle
Monday, March 8, 2010

In February 2004, Marcia Baczynski organized the first Cuddle Party in New York City. A nonsexual, "boundary-appropriate" workshop for communication, intimacy and shared affection, Cuddle Party was an instant success. Today it has branches in Australia, Canada, England and Denmark.

Baczynski, 32, still runs Cuddle Party with co-founder Reid Mihalko, and also works as a relationship coach and sex educator. She teaches a workshop called Flirting 101 and today launches an eight-week Dating Boot Camp for single women (more information is at idealbalanceinc.com). A native of Savannah, Ga., Baczynski moved to San Francisco in November 2008 and shares a house in the Glen Park district with two roommates.

Americans are notorious for not getting enough touch. We're social animals and we like touch. We need touch, and there's plenty of scientifically documented evidence that when people are getting their touch needs met, they relax and everything seems a lot easier.

A Cuddle Party starts with a Welcome Circle. People change into their pajamas or other comfy clothes, and then we do "ice-breaker" exercises. We go over the house rules, we have people get to know each other a little bit. We talk about communication: how to ask for what you want, how to be specific in what you're asking, what to do if you feel awkward. We keep it really playful and light and funny.

The Welcome Circle lasts an hour. Then it's about two hours of cuddling, and at the end we have a puppy pile. It's optional. Everything is optional.

Cuddle Party tends to attract people who are interested in personal growth, communication and connection. We also get a lot of single people who live alone. They go to work, sit in their cubicle all day and go home. They've got friends and they're not, like, desperate or lonely. But they don't have any place where it's safe to have mutual affection.

It's incredibly rare that we have to ask someone to leave for inappropriate behavior. In six years and a couple thousand parties, with several tens of thousands of people all over the world, I think it's happened maybe three times. Cuddle Party is well lit, it happens in the middle of the day, everyone is sober. I always tell people, "You're a lot more likely to run into somebody creepy at a bar on Friday night."

One of the rules is that you don't have to cuddle at a cuddle party. You're not required to do anything. If people want to bring a book or write in their journal, or just converse and not cuddle, that is totally legitimate. Sometimes people fall asleep. It doesn't really have a sexy vibe.

I grew up in Savannah and went to Catholic school. My parents are pretty conservative. I was raised that sex is very private, but because my mom was a nurse I wasn't raised with shame around it. I was always really curious, and I was always, like, checking out books about sex from the library.

Since I was about 15 or 16 my passion was sex education, and then I got really interested in how people communicate what's important to them. In my work as a relationship coach, I always start with, "What do you want? What are you available for?" A lot of women in their mid- to late 30s start to get really anxious because they haven't had kids yet.

They ask me, "When I date someone, when should I bring up that I want to get married and have kids?" I tell them, "You should bring it up on the first date. If you're dating someone who's not thinking they want to get married, why go on six dates before finding that out? Yes, you will scare a lot of men, but that's not the point. The point is finding the guy who isn't scared about that."

My mission in life, if I were to sum it up, is really to help people ask for the things that are most important to them in their intimate relationships. Whether it's a romantic relationship, a friendship, their families. I want to give people the skills to talk about the things that scare them, things that are important.

I just really want people to have great, cool, awesome lives and great, cool, awesome relationships. My high school boyfriend was so cute. We e-mail about twice a year. And he's like, "I'm so proud of you. You've become an entrepreneur of happiness."

Christopher Waltz Offered A Blow Job

What I want to know is, how fucked up at a Hollywood Oscar party do you have to be to start offering blow jobs to the most effemient Nazi ever!


Waltz offered oral sex at pre-Oscar party

New York (ANI): Christoph Waltz, who won the Best Supporting Actor prize for Inglourious Basterds at this year’s Academy Awards, was apparently offered oral sex at Harvey Weinstein's pre-Oscar party. A mystery leggy blonde was overheard making the offer at LA's Soho House on Saturday night.

According to a source, Waltz ‘looked amused’ but tactfully laughed it off. "Waltz was surrounded by women all night. Everybody wanted to congratulate him on his performance. But one woman went further and announced, "I give great [bleep] jobs,” the New York Post quoted the source as saying.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Code - Gear Night in DC

I have heard from several friends about one of the better gear nights at a bar out there, Code, in Washington DC. This is their website.

Just realized that my upcoming trip to DC in July is going to allow me to go, will be arriving just in time for. Can't wait to check it out and see what the DC gear heads are up to.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A few months ago I had a rather slow day unexpectedly and took the day off from work, but needed to bust a nut off so I placed an ad on craigslist for some fun. I sent the ad in from my phone, then hit the freeway home. The ad was:

Looking for a boy that is willing to come over to my house, step in the door and immediately strip to only a jock, then begin to service my leather covered cock. You will be taken to the play room where you will introduced to several forms of bondage and kink, see list below. Have lot of toys and restraints to keep you tightly under control. Your ass will be fucked and fucked hard. Feel free to struggle, once we start we go until I say we are finished.

Kinks: Leather, Rubber, Bondage, Dom/Sub, pup play, hoods, gags, electro, BC, WS, sports gear, motorcycles, sweat, boots and skins.

Gear: Rubber catsuit, rubber surfsuit, rubber sleepsack with attached gasmask, leather sleepsack, head harness, leather pup hood, couple of gas masks, several cock rings, electro unit, couple of chastity devices, lots of rope and chain, restraints, gags, blindfolds, leather uniform, leather motorcycle racing suit, leather motorcycle jacket, helmet, gloves.

It was a hot day, towards the end of summer, and the house was a sweat box when I walked in the door. Anticipating the review of what my fishing expedition had caught, I stripped off my shirt and sat at my desk, opening the email. There were a few good ones, but this one stood out.

Hello Sir.

I am interested in spending my day in bondage and at the mercy of a Dominant man. I'm 30, bi, 5'10", 160lbs and athletic. I'm ready to play now, and have my own transportation, so that's not a problem at my end.

I quite like the scenario you've presented in your posting on craigslist, and I look forward to saying "Ready Sir". I've never been completely covered head to toe in rubber or leather, but am definitely interested in being hooded, gagged, and spanked/flogged while in bondage. My only concern, is that "mercilessly fucked" is ok with me, but I need to warn you that I've only been fucked twice -- once by a woman with a strapon, and once by another Dom -- and I would just ask that you go slow at first, because I'm probably really tight. Also, I'd ask that you use a condom for anal.

I'd love to hear back from you, and make this happen today!

Perfect. A boy with a tight hole and the need to be used! He included a couple pics of himself:

I immediately replied with the details, and suggested we can introduce some poppers to help loosen his as up. Within a couple of minutes he wrote back:

Hi Sir,

I have used poppers, but found that it was easier for me to just slide a butt plug in a bit before getting fucked.. if that makes sense. I'm not worried about being fucked, because it is something that I enjoyed before, and will again.

I do look forward to some tight bondage today... It's been a while since I was last made helpless.

After a bit of messaging back and forth to work out the details I set the time for him to show up at my front door. I put on my full leathers, pants, shirts, gloves, boots, and positioned myself so I could watch him arrive without him seeing me. He drove up to the front of the house, walked up to the door and rang the bell. After waiting 5 seconds he walked in.

In the entry way on a table nearby he found a leather chest harness, a leather collar, a rubber hood and a blind fold, with a note to put them all on. When he finished he followed the final instruction on the note, yelling out, "Ready Sir!", which came out muffled and distant through the tight rubber hood with no mouth hole.

I walked in, my boots hitting slamming the floor so he could hear me coming. I walked up to him; inches from him so he could smell the leather through the rubber nose holes, feel my breath on his chest as I circled him. His firm round ass was too inviting to pass up, so I started there to grab hold of him. He moaned loudly as I worked his ass with my glove covered hands.

I pulled his hands behind his back and roughly put on a pair of leather fist mitts, locking them on slowly to make sure he hear the locks clicking closed, then hooked the d-rings together with a D-clamp.

I took the boy to the play room, shoving his head against the bondage board and spread his legs. He was breathing hard, anticipating what I was going to shove up is ass, and moaning as I put the lube in his ass with my finger. Not wasting time I put a plug up his ass, sliding it home in one full push. The way the boy squirmed around while my arm kept his head on the board was getting me excited to fuck this boy.

But first I needed to get him secured down and tenderized.

I attached a ball vise to his nuts, which turn was tied off to the rope surrounding his body now, so they pulled each time he moved. From this position I flogged the boys chest, being sure to smack the balls with the floggger from time to time. He turned out to be a rather loud whimperer, which only make me more determined to give him the abuse he wanted. After he was breathing hard from the flogging, I took to smacking his balls with a small baseball bat (with a little bit of padding because I am not completely mean).

The whimpers turned to cries at that point. He was tense, every muscle straining, as I think he realized he was getting a bit more than he bargained for.

After his front was well tenderized I untied and turned him around to begin flogging his back. I wanted his ass to be toasty hot for what was coming next. His ass turned a nice hot shade of red, with a few errant strap marks on his side and lower back.

I began to finger the plug in his ass, pushing it deep, and pressed my body on to his. "You ready to be fucked boy?". He managed to get out half whimper to say yes, though I could hear the hesitancy in his voice.

Before taking the plug out I decided I wanted him in a position of total helplessness.

I got him fully secured and roped into the sleepsack, that was a tad too large for him, but that made sure I could move him around as needed. I worked my fist into his sore balls for a bit before rolling him over onto his stomach, a pillow near his mid-section to prop the ass up nicely.

I took down the ass access zipper on the sleepsack, and immediately barked, "Release!" as I tugged the plug out of his ass. The loudest whimper yet came out as the plug popped out, though only for a second or two was his ass empty before I filled it with my cock.

The boy was right. His ass was tight.

What followed as a nice long fuck for the boy, who kept getting louder and louder each time I slammed into him. After a long while I decided that I had my fun and it was time to send him packing, I came and cleaned up.

In only a couple of minutes he found himself back out on the street in his clothes, walking away with a look on this face that didn't go with the "thank you" he softly slipped as he skulked out the door.

Can't wait until the poor boy works up the courage to come back.