Friday, April 30, 2010


Recently I was talking with a new friend, and we went down the list of people we have played with in the past. I mentioned one particular rope top and was reminded how honored I was for the opportunity to play with him because my friend called me a bad name when he found out I had (I believe it was lucky bitch or something like that, LOL).

Last year I had a little bit of time for a quick photoshoot with Domasan. For those that don't know him, you can see his amazing work either at his website, or on his recon profile. He is certainly a fun man, and it was very unfortunate that we only had a short time together, as I felt I could learn a lot from him, rope bondage and in photography. As a former professional photographer myself I love seeing people use their skills along with their kinks to express their art. Makes me want to pick up the camera again soon.

I was very tired from the work I had been doing, and only had a short visit, so when I arrived I was nervous, wanting to make sure that I didn't fail on him if I was pushed too hard. In fact in most cases where I sub I am usually nervous as hell, which I like as a feeling as most of the time in my life I feel I have to be confident and direct. Nice to let that go for a while from time to time, and let who I know to be inside out of the cage.

However, there is one test I have that helps me know when I am completely at ease and in the groove with a Top; the tickle test. Normally I am extremely ticklish (tied up tickling - instant turn off, off handed ticklng - might get ya punched) and during the course of a bondage scene there might be some brushes of fingers or something like that that may set me off. It isn't often that anyone other than someone I am really at ease with that they can even touch my sides, but with Domasan I was really comfortable. As he roped me up there were times that he did, without thinking of it, touch parts of me that would have sent me to fits of laughter, but he managed to not send me there.

The rope itself was great, just felt right over my body and so difficult to move. I could stand up a little bit, or drop down a little bit and hang from the ropes, but mostly was completely unable to move and attached to that door.

Thank you Domasan for the great pics, I hope to get to meet you again someday soon!

Here are some pics from that shoot!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the hell happend to Sparky!?!

There have been a few inquiries from friends as to how I am, as I have been gone for a while from posting.

I must apologize for those that I have convinced to follow this blog, as it was my intention to keep it flowing with a steady flow of content but recent weeks have been challenging for me. For those that are interested, I have a little to share about what has been happening in my world.

I have been on the road for work for the last several weeks, with two seperate trips to Las Vegas and another to Atlanta. I had thought I would update in my hotel room but turns out I rarely had time it turns out. There were work parties, evenings with my teammates for dinner or drinks, and also some fun play time with some really cool people.

I got some videos and pictures to share, which I will have up in the next few days.

Also, there is some other news in my life, about finding something that I have been looking for as a part of this journey I have been on, but I am not quite ready to go into just yet. But this news will make it into the blog in one form or another I am sure. Stay tuned

Ok, back to work on getting the next set of content ready!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Check Out: All American Kinkster

I have been enjoying the blog called All American Kinkster for the last few weeks now. There is a great deal of hot pics and videos rolling through, as well as some hot personal content from the owners.

I want to thank them for sharing the link to this blog with their fans, I greatly appreciate it!

Head Kinkster

Contributing Kinkster

The diffferences between puppies and furries, finale... and a good-bye

For the final installment of this series I am dedicating my final words on the subject to the man who inspired me to ask the question in the first place.

Today our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Bodisama, who with his partner are the owners of Devil Dog Rubber. He passed away today, and though I didn't know him well and was only hoping to more in the future, I did get a chance to talk with him recently and found him to be a truley wonderful man.

At the bondage party I attended a few weeks ago, during the late night hours sitting in the hottub with Bodisama, Rubberasylum and KinkiDiver the discussion turned to furries. It would seem that Bodisama had a growing respect for the furry community, and was trying to impart how much more vast the furry community is in this country than many of us other kinksters realize. Having heard similiar things from other friends, I was intrigued, though I felt that perhaps it could be the same as rubber or skins or gearheads becoming similarly ubiquitous over the years within the larger kink community, but Bodisama didn't necessarily agree.

Since then I have been searching around on the internet, and talking with some pups and furries about the subject, and have since come to appreciate what he was trying to get across.

In no way can this be better illustrated my revelation surrounding furries than in the question that was first posed to me, and caused me to express an answer here. As someone who was (and still is in many ways) a puppy did I feel there was a difference between puppies and furies.

Now, I must confess, up until that moment I had held some prejudices about furries. While I have met some wonderful people both online and at events in general, most of the self identified furries I had met were not so... well not so. I had a couple of bad issues with stockerish behavior from some furries, and I have to admit that I took a few bad experiences to paint the entire community.

So my answer to the question is likley not very accurate, as my main goal when answering was to ensure that there was a difference, as I didn't want to be compared in such a way.

Since then I have talked with a several more boys that are solely furries and have had the opportunity to learn more about them. I am not going put everyone up on a pedestal right now, as there are a still a few nut jobs out there, but the same could be said about people from other kinky streaks to.

What really brought a new perspective was some of my friends, people who I have come to value and appreciate, sharing with me personally and on this blog, that they are not only puppies but furries too. That helped me to realize what is really important: there doesn't need to be a difference between the two, we are all in this life together.

The shitheads in any community shouldn't ruin it for all the good people that are out there.

I think that one of the greatest compliments I can give to is that someone helped to challenge my beliefs and change my mind. That is exactly Bodisama did for me. Thank you for making me see the world a little differently.

 You will be missed.