Thursday, October 28, 2010

Relocating No Safe Word HQ!

Hey all, I know I have been a little bit quiet lately, and I apologize for that. I know there are a lot of fans that have been following the blog that wonder what happened.

I am really excited to say that my partner and I have moved to a new house, one where I can dedicate my time to working on the next phase of the blog, and also have a great play room. The new play space is easily 10 times bigger than the old one (which is easy to say, since it was tiny) and I have picked up a new piece of furniture for the play room that will play a role on the blog in the future.

I will be back shortly with a lot of great new content, stay tuned!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

WOOFnDC - Part 2

In the next part of my play with WOOFnDC from this summer, I take the boy to bed in my hotel, and while still bound and in the puppy hood I decided to work on his nips for a bit. I love chewing on a boys sensitive tits, drives me nuts to feel him squirm under me while bound and helpless. 

I alwas using on him the fun new magnetic nipple clamps I picked up at IML this year, which made his nips sensitive and gave them that special taste that I know means he will be feeling this the next morning. Anyone who enjoys chewing on a boy's nips knows what I am talking about.

Will continue in part 3.

Direct Link to Video

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sad News

A friend has passed away

I am choosing for now not to identify this individual, as I have no idea the wishes of the family and friends at this time regarding how public his death may be.

However, he was someone that I just came to know at a recent play party, having discovered that he was a very delightful boy who was excited to learn and grow with the kink world that he had recently discovered. I had a chance to give him a ride to the airport at the end of the event, and we talked about what he hoped his future to be. I found his optimism and enthusiasm to be as refreshing then as it is heart breaking now to know that future will not come to be.

Unfortunately he was discovered in what is likely a self-gassing scene, apparently with the use of ethyl chloride (Max Impact & similar).

Good bye, good boy, I wish we had longer to get to know you. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this sweet kid.

Too all my friends out there who read this blog, please do me a favor. Throw these damn spray poppers away. I have used them myself, sure they are fun to a point, but it just isn't worth it. In the last few years I have known too many people who have died this way, as if one death wasn't already one too many.

Beg you all not to be the next.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Submission to BindNlock - Part 2 - The Mindfuck (the video)

As promised here is the video of the scene highlighted in the last posting. Thank you to Rubberasylum for creating and posting the video. Be sure to check out his blog at:

Direct Link to video

Submission to BindNlock - Part 2 - The Mindfuck

In previous postings I shared some photos from the NW Rubber weekend held in late August. Before the event i had come to the agreement with Master Cory to visit him two weeks after the event was over, and my right to cum would belong to him as soon as the event was over.

Additionally i agreed to buy a chastity device from a friend of his, and it would be shipped to me to help enforce the rules, but it hadn't arrived by the time the event ended. i was still allowed to cum with my partner the first of the two weeks, but not the second at all and would be locked up for most of that. We will get more into that in the next post.

On Sunday night of the weekend I headed home to spend it with my partner, Dvous1 before he headed back to work for the week. Before i left one of the hosts and my good buddy, Rubberasylum, suggested i come back the next day to at least hang out a bit, possibly play, since i was off from work that week anyway. i figured i could at least help him put the house back to together if he needed it as well.

so on Monday morning I was speaking with Master Cory via IM about heading back up to the party, and he asked me to detail for him all theorders for the next two weeks he had given me in the previous week. unfortunately i failed to mention one critical piece, so he then would not allow me to cum with Rubberasylum that day as punishment.

now at this point i must mention that i knew this was going to force the issue with me having to explain everything to Rubberasylum about my trip and the fact that i was handing over this much control. don't get me wrong, i have subbed for him several times in the past, and we are good friends that i think i can share anything with. at the same time, i don't always like sharing the depths of my submission to someone else (this blog being in the exception for a different reason).

it is in part because i always feel like people want to lock people into roles. he is bottom, that guy is a top, that guy is a bottom who just thinks he is a Top, blah blah blah. for me i get tired of trying to explain i really like both and can go for both. i just can't submit to everyone that i meet, and i can have everyone be a boy for me either, but i figure it out one by one.

the other part of it is, truthfully giving up that much control is a bit of a humiliation to me (in an exciting way) as i know i am a control freak.

so Master Cory ordered me to wear up to Rubberasylum's house exactly what i was to wear on the plane down to Vegas to see him in two weeks time. Boots. Black shorts (cut off BDUs), white t-shirt, neoprene open crotch singlet. latex cod piece shorts under that, and a plug in my ass. the singlet clearly showed through my t-shirt, which wasn't so bad that day but did become a concern on my flight later (again, we will get to that later).

before leaving i joked with Master Cory that i might not seek out the play with Rubberasylum while i was up there, as he is very likely to get me off anyway just to see me get into trouble. Sir made it clear that i would be punished if that happened, and remembering the wicked ball crushing scene he put me through some time ago (see video here) i didn't want to disobey.

I arrived to Rubberasylum's to find the last guest was just getting ready to leave, and the house was actually in pretty good shape considering there were over 20 guys playing around just 24 hours earlier. so after everyone was out Rubberasylum and i just talked about a lot of stuff, as we tend to do, and i covered the events of the morning with my Sir, telling him that i wasn't allowed to cum. Dan said he hadn't got to play as much as he wanted during the play weekend and still wanted to play anyway, so we headed down to the play room to get me tied up.

In the next post i will be including the video he took of that scene and posted up to xtube so you can see how that went. i should have known, but he was definitely in the mood to get me off once i was tied up just so i could get into trouble, and though i had several times over the play weekend anyway, the plug in my ass at that moment was driving me nuts and i desperately wanted to cum even in defiance of my orders.

i wouldn't have got into that sleep sack if i didn't really want to get off.

one of the reasons why i love bondage so much is that it provides moments of clarity. taking away the ability to move, to choose for yourself what happens, not able to touch myself. when All this leads to gears to start turning in the head and things make sense. i found myself in a leather sleep sack, the cold leather touching every part of my body. he put me in a leather puffy hood, which i am finding to be one of my favorites, with a gag in underneath so no hope of speaking. rope was attached to every ring on the sack, creating a complete immobilization.

i was getting into the groove of this and Rubberasylum was getting the video camera and other gear ready for the upcoming scene, which one of those moments of clarity hit me. You may notice in this story that i refer to my friend here only by his screen name, as i am not sure he wants me to use his real first name. i prefer that people refer to me as Sparky and not my given name, so i try to be very careful about that.

when we were in the kitchen earlier and talking about my orders with Master Cory, i had only referred to my Sir by his screen name, BindNlock. in fact i have only referring to him as Master Cory in this series as i just asked him permission to use his real name for this story just two days ago. i knew i had not said Cory, yet when we talked RubberAsylum kept calling him by that name. I also knew that while they had friends in common (MaleBndg, my buddy and the person who referred me to BindNlock in the first place) they hadn't met yet, online or in person to what I was led to believe.

so when i am all helpless, and not able to even form words, i realized at that moment things were flowing into place a little too easily for me to be in this helpless position, and Rubberasylum was a little too eager to get me tied up. it was very likely that MaleBndg introduced Master Cory to Rubberasylum and they were fucking with me.

he worked on my balls in just the right way, giving them a good beating with his wooden frat paddle, and that damn plug was driving me insane in my ass with horniness. and he kept saying he was going to get me off just to see me get in trouble, but knowing i had been set up i was determined to get the best of them and not cum. It became a test of wills at this point, to see if i could hold out when the deck was so stacked against me.

and i was actually proud of myself for holding out as long as i did, i thought for sure he was going to give up. just when i thought i was doing good, he stopped the scene and was rummaging around out there. i was totally encased in leather and not able to move at all, so had no idea what it was that he was doing. then i head a sound that is unmistakable.

a single little suction pop of the milker on the other side of the room.

as he brought it over and set it up i knew i wasn't going to be able to hold out. as you will see in the video, i didn't.

after it was all said and done Rubberasylum admitted the scheme was exactly as i thought, and that they all conspired together to get me in trouble. instead of feeling stupid for falling for it or being mad at being tricked, i was proud that they did that for me. it was an incredibly fun mind fuck by them all, and it was an honor.

Sir, however, made it clear that while he admitted he was leading me to do this, i also still came without permission and was to expect my punishment when i came to see him.

which I will be sharing this and more in the weeks to come.