Sunday, November 28, 2010

WOOFnDC - Part 4

The final installment of the video series of the play with WOOFnDC ends with the pup working on just the electro in his ass. No extra on his dick & balls, just the plug pulsing in his ass over and over. He was told that I had a goal for how much he was to take in mind, and that he needed to signal when he was ready for the next increase, getting him closer to the goal. I love making a boy ask for their own torment, which you can tell from the great sounds he was making that he was hating/loving it the whole time.

Truly a great pup to play with  and looking forward to seeing him again!

Direct Link to video:

WoofNDC - Part 3

I have come to realize that I never did post part 3 to the WoofNDc series, though it was posted up to Xtube before the move. I am uploading part 4, the final portion of this series, which will come later today.

In this video the pup is put into the neoprene sleepack and his good, with electro pulling into his cock and into ass via the electro butt plug. For this video he is only on the receiving end of the electro, slowly building it up and learning to take the pulsing flowing through him.

He was a such a good boy, making adorable barking noises throughout.

Part 4 will follow shortly.

A Half Million Views!

The video collection of No Safe Word has collection had over 500,000 views so far since this spring, a huge milestone. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the videos, shared them and sent me comments about them. They have been fun to make and post them for you all here!

This milestone comes at a perfect time, as I finally have the work flow back up and running for being able to work on videos again after the move, and will have a new one later today for you. And I easily have a dozen more in the pipeline!

Always remember to send your comments or questions about anything to me at

Thank again to everyone!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Puppy Hood!

Hey all

So for some time I had the same puppy hood, which was my very first one. I started to find that I was less inspired to want to use it for much because I had used it for so long. I lent it to a friend, and you could see how it was causing him to chase his own tail for hours on end whenever he got to wear it, so ended up just selling it to him.

A pup hood, even for someone like me who rarely does pup play anymore (see previous post here), is still a very intimate piece of gear. Unlike the tail or collar or other wearable gear, the hood tends to be the one piece that any pup sinks some of their identity and emotional energy into. So believe me when I say I would never have sold my old hood to just anyone and so happy to have it stay in the family! Looking forward to us both playing with the pup hoods soon, Drew!

So I used the opportunity to find another puppy hood. Based on play with a friend a few months ago I decided to go with a pup hood that he had found himself (see the videos of that play with him here, here, and here). Since we live on opposite coasts I figured it would be ok to ask him about me having a similar hood to him.

You can find these hoods at Wethot Rubber, with the link to the specific hood located here. From the first initial contact to the final delivery of the product the man behind Wethot Rubber did a fantastic job of customer service, letting me know what was happening each step of the way, patiently worked with me to get the measurements of my giant melon of a head right before he started, and just a very pleasant guy overall.

The hood is a solid piece, probably one of the best made rubber pieces I have had made in terms of how well it has been put together. I fully expect to have this puppy hood for a long time. Plus the added benefit of the attachments coming on and off makes it just a great bondage hood when not wanting to be a pup (the snout and ears come off from their snaps). Plus, the price of the hood, customization and attachments (gags, blindfolds, locking collar) puts the hood right in the same price range of many lower quality, less feature rich hoods, making this one the best value I have ever seen.

Overall, I have to say one of the best hoods I have yet to run across, and I highly recommend you check it out if you are considering getting a pup hood anytime soon. And thank you to Wethot, I am already saving up for one of your straitjackets!

I have included some pics of the initial play with this hood, as well as some pics before I went out for a rubber puppy night here in Seattle!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Breaking in the Sling!

I could think of no better way to break in the new toy we got for the play room then to put my hubby in it. Add some chain, his neoprene singlet, a gag & blindfold and a good time is ready to be had!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Recently someone accused me of being harsh, and this not being the first time I have heard that I had to think about it for a moment. Am I harsh, or does the other person not understand my perspective?

The first time I heard someone say that about me was a boy in NY earlier this year. I found him online and chatted him up for a bit, deciding to invite him to my hotel to play. He said he was on the way. After the agreed time of his arrival passed by two hours I sent a text saying forget it. After a while he responded with a huge apology and a lame excuse about why he was late, and he seemed generally surprised that I was no longer into him and wasn't jumping at the chance to play. He felt that my emphatic, no I don't care to play with or meet with him at any point, was too "harsh".

Another example. Recently I was speaking with a visiting Dom who showed interest in a local boy, and asked me if I thought he should look the boy up when he was in town (unfortunately I was out of town while he was here or we would have played). I told him no, I don't think that particular boy was a good fit, which surprised him because he knew from pics in my gallery that I played with him before, so he asked why. See this boy was someone I had played with several times, then suddenly he quit responding to messages. After several attempts, the last one just asking if he would let me know he was at least OK, all went ignored. I wasn't sure if I said something to piss him off or scare him off, and later learned he had some personal family issues. After explaining all this the Top thought my dismissal of him was "harsh" because obviously there was something else going on. You don't get to just dump me to the curb then get my recommendation in the future as someone to play with.

So the latest accusation of being harsh, after these two recent mentions of the same thing, kind of hit home. It is actually amazing to me to have the word levied towards me, because when aroused I can be quite harsh, down right fucking mean to someone who is a real ass to me or my partner. In these cases, and in the most recent, there isn't enough passion in my response to rise to the level of harsh. I simply am setting a limit to how much I will extend myself.

In each of these cases there is one thing that is front of mind for me but everyone else seems to lose perspective on; I have found my partner, who is my husband and my passion and my perfect sexual partner, and I adore the life we have together.

So I don't need to sit around waiting for some boy in NY to finally show up, I can just wait to go back home.

I don't need to think positively about some boy who doesn't have the decency to ever respond back to my messages to at least find out if he is OK, I have one at home that would never leave me hanging like that.

And in the most recent case, I don't need to be understanding about situations where a boy is acting up on me, I can pull back and set a limit to further interaction, in a way that conveys I still care about them and hope the best for them. I can do this because I already have the best in my life, and don't feel the need to be greedy about it.

I am thankful each day for how my life is turning out, and I hope everyone else gets to feel this joy as well, especially for the person that this post is intended for.