Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog Roll - Ruff Stuff!

Wanted to send a thanks back to Ruff for highlighting No Safe Word on his blog earlier, I do greatly appreicate it. If there happen to be any readers here that aren't already fans of his, be sure to check it out, he does a great job with it!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Age Ranges - Does it matter?

A few months ago I was speaking with a friend online about age ranges. He felt that now he was getting a little older (40s) he was going to have a hard time finding guys to play with because most want younger guys.

I disagreed and said that the amount of people that only look for younger guys is rather small, which he didn't believe at all. So I set out to prove him wrong.

Now, perception is a very tricky thing. It is very easy for someone to believe in fact that which we perceive, but sometimes we can only see what we want. If we believe that most guys are looking only for younger guys, then each time we see an example it only reinforces the notion but we don't take into account the complete picture.

So I set out to do a little experiment. This is not scientific by any means. I chose to review profile from a single source: Recon. And I didn't look outside of the US as I didn't want to choose only profile that I could read (only can read English). Finally, only those people who were online were looked at, not necessarily those that may be offline, though the samples were taken over the course of months to help mitigate this.

However, at the same time the same sets were taken from around North America, looking at numerous states and population centers. I had several volunteers assist with collecting data and gathered profile data on several hundred profiles. We collected the location, age of the person in the profile, their status as a top or bottom, and if they listed in their profile an age range they were seeking.

Here are the results:

  • There was no significant difference of this percentage between any region, state or urban versus rural locations
  • Of all profiles reviewed, only 15% of them had any specified age range that the person was looking for.
  • Of that 15%, only 4% of all the profiles indicated a preference for guys only younger than themselves.
  • Of that 15%, only 6% of all the profiles indicated a preference for guys near their age or younger
  • The remaining 5% of the 15% specified an age range that was range both below and above their own age equally (e.g., a 35yo man indicating he is seeking anyone from 25 to 45, or similar ranges).
  • Of those that do specify an age range, 89% were Tops/Doms. 6% were switches. 5% bottoms/subs.
  • 85% of all profile had no mention of a specified age range they were seeking at all.
  • Of those that specified an age range, 56% were in their 30's. The remaining were evenly split between those in their 20's, 40's, 50's. Those in their 60's were the least likely to specify any age range, but not by a significant amount.


While there are those out there that do seek out people within a specific age range, most aren't specifically stating it. There is a possibility that there is some number of individuals that may be harboring such criteria but not stating it in the profile, but even if that would be the case it would have to be a rather large number of people that would be doing so to significantly alter these findings, which may be unlikely. It is far more likely that most players in the kink world do not have any significant factor for age when seeking out someone online. While not a scientific study in its entirety, we can assume that even with a margin of error factored it is most likely that the statement of "most guys want younger guys" is likely not true.

As someone that regularly plays with guys in age ranges from their low 20's all the way to someone in their high 50's, I find the results to be quite satisfying!

And finally, my thought about those that do specify an age range.

If someone is in their 40's or 50's and only wants to tie up guys in their 20's, as this study suggests there are some (though relatively few) out there, I have to say this.

 It is a little creepy, and you are swimming in a very small boat.

If that is the only way you can get off, you can only feel dominant with someone that is very much younger than yourself, that is your choice. But it is also the choice of the rest of us, those that don't have such preferences, to find fault with such a choice. You are not only missing out on a vast population of great kinksters to play with, you are indicating, likely unintentionally, a lack of your own maturity by needing to dominate only those that are in the least likely potion to challenge your dominance.

I have chosen, quite purposefully, to play with those that do challenge me, either as a sub or a Dom. Those that don't aren't likely to be interesting enough for a good play session.

In my own opinion, of course.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 Hours of Solid Electro

In the last video from this series from the pup's visit, I set out to give the boy one last scene before he has to go to the airport. The goal was 2 hours of non-stop electro while completely helpless. From the video you can see the results, though hard to tell that I kept slowly ramping up the electro throughout the scene to ensure it always kept his attention.

Seemed he enjoyed himself!

Direct Link to video

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Past Play Pics - The Scuba Shop

To this day the smell of neoprene reminds me of one particular day. After having met ONeill67 a couple months earlier at a rubber play party, I went to visit him. During the trip he decided to keep me occupied while he worked. He took me up to the rafters above the Dive Shop he works in, tied up up, forcing me to wait for him while I was wearing his gasmask, smelling the neoprene of all the wetsuits and other dive gear stored up there. All the while I could hear the customers shopping below. Still one of the hottest and most unique scenes I have ever done.

Internet Pics - Leather Men

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shop Ready!

I am pretty damn excited!

For my recent birthday and early Christmas my husband got me a few cool power tools to get started. One of the thing I have been so excited about the new place is enough room in the play room to build bondage furniture, but needed a good work area for it.

Now that is out of the way, have to get started on a couple of fun projects I have planned, will share photos as I complete.

Large Events can be Hard!

I was recently talking with a boy that I have seen at some of the large events, but we never had a chance to meet. At one point he stated that he thought I didn't like him for some reason because I never talked to him or seemed to be distracted.

Truthfully, this isn't the first time I have heard this from someone.

I love to go to events like IML and MAL (looking forward to being at MAL next month) but at the same time they present a challenge for me.

The problem is that I have a partial hearing loss in one ear due to a severe infection when I was a kid (I got it at Bible Camp, so I assume God smote me!), and the one time I did try hearing aids it was very disorientating. Most of the time it really isn't much of an issue, I am just used to it.

But large events can be difficult. The lobby where people gather gets loud, and some noises are just distracting. I end up often trying to muddle through talking to someone by reading lips. Also, sounds seem to come from different directions than they really are. Overall, some may not notice, I try hard not to let it affect me, and a lot of my friends know about this already.

So if there was ever someone that flelt like I blew them off, or didn't quite understand what you were saying, or seemed I was aloof or distracted, please know I don't intend to be, and and will try to keep it all in check next time! 

See you all at MAL


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Internet Pics - Strait Jackets

I have recently ran across a great set of videos from a guy I have heard about for sometime. RbrDavey is one of those Doms that I have heard about from my friends, especially when I lived on the east coast. I have always heard of the great scenes he does, and jealous of the lucky guys he has had the chance to play with. he lately has been posting up some videos on Xtube, which have been great to see. Can't wait to see what he puts up next!

Check him out at:

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kinkiest thing I have ever done!

Hey all, following up after the last video, I wanted to play just a little segment of that scene. There was one moment when I thought of something, and just could help myself.

The pup was immersing himself in the bondage and headspace, so not exactly sure he was fully aware of what was going on around him.

So that meant I had an opening.

An opening to do the kinkiest thing...



Direct Link to Video

Internet Pics - Jocks

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Caged Pup

Continuing with the visit of the pup, justme92103. I decided to take him up to visit my friends Rubberasylum and his partner. Another boy was in town visiting then, so the 5 of us hung out for dinner and talk. While dinner was cooking, however, we decided to take the boys to the playroom for a while.

Rubberasylum worked on the other boy (in an inflatable sleepsack and with the milker) and I took the pup to the cage. The cage has a few chew toys from the pup that normally resides in it, as you will see, and a nice rubber coated padded matt, so it was perfect to tie the pup into.

I decided I wanted the pup to get milked, but wanted to wait until the boy in the sleepsack had came. I don't remember how many loads he had taken out him already that day, but I do remember it wasn't going to be his first, so it was likely to take a while, so the pup was tormented with alternating smacks to his balls and jerking until he was close while we waited (the standard three barks when he was close).

My favorite part is when he comes :)


Direct Link to video

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taken to the Shed

A friend I have known for a few years was coming to visit for the weekend. justme92103 is one of those pups that just grabs my attention. For one thing, he is fucking adorable. And another is that he has an infectious sense of fun when he is excited, I have always enjoyed talking with him.

So I was really looking forward to his visit. He was to be my pup for the weekend, and of course that involves a lot of rubber and a lot of bondage. Had to make sure the first night was fun.

The boy was told to bring his rubber surfsuit on the plane with him, and once he landed to put it on under his clothes using the airport bathroom. While he was doing that he gets a text directing him to a location in the airport parking garage, and that he is to get into the trunk of a car parked there.

Just as he arrives to the back of the car the trunk pops open, where he finds cuffs, a blindfold, a gag, and a hooded boy already in the trunk. Putting on the blindfold, he gags and cuffs himself and climbs into the trunk. The trunk is closed over him and the car pulls out for the trip to the shed.

After the car stops the boy next to him is dragged out of the trunk.A few minutes later he is hauled out, and still in bondage taken over dirt to a wooden shed. His clothes were taken away and tossed into a chair, and immediately wrapped to it with pallet wrap. He could feel the other person was tied up across from because their knees and feet were touching.

Due to the darkness much of this was not captured, but I have the video of what followed.

Note: Ok, the video quality sucks. I know this isn't the best first attempt, but thought it would be fun to share anyway.

Direct Link

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stomppers Boots needs YOUR help!

I know that a great many of the fans of this blog also check our Ruff's Stuff blog as well, but in case they haven't, you have to check this message he posted today about Stompers Boots.

I have sent several Sirs & boys looking for quality boots to this store, and they have always come back happy. For myself, I have been saving up for and waiting to get a pair of boots that I have always wanted, and I hope they are there for when I am ready to get them. Please check this link out and consider shopping there this holiday season!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Past Play - Play with Leatherdanny

Today's post is a blast from 2003. Back then I was just getting started in kink play, and recently broke up with my vanilla (well mostly vanilla) boyfriend, and was just exploring what I found to be kinky. The idea of getting tied up then was insanely thrilling, and the chance to play with Leatherdanny, a boy from Portland who I had (and will always have) a huge crush on.

We had spent the day running about the city, found my first pair of skin boots then, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Heading back to my apartment me we tried some bondage play, with him topping me because I hadn't done any topping of anyone at that point.

He pulled out this harness he just got, a unique one where all the leather parts have little sharp teeth embedded, so as you wear it it digs into and stings the skin. It kept me from thrashing about. Add to that was a leather chastity jock that was also locked on, and a leather isolation hood (I think that may have been the first time I was hooded).

he tied me down to the bed and proceed to play with and tease me for some time that afternoon. I still thing back to that day from time to time, and thought this would be a great time to share the pics.

Internet Pics - Rubber Bondage

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black Zentai Bondage - Part 1

My buddy cypherrub came over to play one day. We have been playing on and off for a few years now, and also been friends since then, and value that much more than the play. Doesn't mean the play isn't fun, though, cause we have had some cool scenes over the years.

This time he brought over a variety of gear on a warm day and we proceeded to just figure out what to do. Turns out he had an extra zentai suit that was a bit large for him and said I should try it on. Then he told me if it fit I should just keep it.

Now my first real kink was lycra/spandex. I am remember when I was a teen just discovering myself was the time when bike shorts were getting popular, and I was discovering speedos and singlets as well. Once, when I was in my late 20's, I found a zentai suit on eBay and ordered it, but the damn zipper was broke and never got the full enclosure feeling, so this was a treat to try for real, especially with someone that I could really explore some fun with.

Part 2 will follow shortly

A very serious note, however: This video contains scenes involving breath control. This form of play can be very dangerous and can lead to death with inexperienced players. Never do this kind of play by yourself in any way. Ever!

Direct Link to Video:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Play - My First NW Rubber Weekend

Wanting to share some of the past play experiences along with the recent ones. Here is a set of images back from 2003, when I was first getting into kink play.

If I remember correctly I heard about this rubber play weekend from reading the profile of Kinkidiver somewhere, he said in the profile that anyone interested in attending should send him a note. By this time I was starting to get a bit more brave and contacted him saying I wanted to go.

We met up for darts at the local bar to get to know each other, and it turned out that he was friends with my most recent ex. In fact, most of the people that I had been hanging around with in the last couple of years were all people he knew as well, but we hadn't ever crossed paths. It was a great time, and I have enjoyed remaining friends with him and his partner ever since.

On the day to go to the play weekend I went over to Kinkidiver's house, where the operation to pack all the food, gear and toys into a truck for the trip up to the mountain cabin was in full swing. There was one guy there that I couldn't take my eyes off, just fucking sexy as hell, looking both innocent-guy-next-door, and flashing a bit of a devilish grin my way as he and several others all loaded the truck. I was trying to time when I would take an armful of stuff out to the car to match his trip.

I will never forget that weekend, getting to know everyone and wearing gear, and all the play. I have met some people that I still count as friends there today, and I truly appreciate that. I also was flirting with this guy, who I learned was Oniell67 and was visiting from Pennsylvania.

There wasn't a lot of photos from that time, I have included a few here, but a lot of memories. I do remember playing with Oniel67 in the playroom one time, where he tried both electro and breath control on me, two things that I was petrified to try but didn't mention to him when we started, and by the time he had me tied down, gagged and hooded there was no way I could tell him to stop without the wonderful sensations stopping.

I am sure there will be more stories of what came next with Oniell67 in future posts, so I will just share some of the pics.

I was pretty excited about wearing this suit when this photo was taking, it was my first surfsuit and had just got it recently. I was just kind of laying there trying to be cute :)

This was the second play session with Oniell67 in the makeshift play room that was set up. The hood was amazing, as it was tight and the blindfold and attached inflatable gag were very effective to make me very vulnerable. Plus I was exposed to the room and all the others wandering in and out. I remember several people coming up to sniff my pitts.

In this photo Oniell67 and I were wrestling around, me in his latex wrestling suit. I was hooked up to a remote electro box, and was squirming around in his arms while he was setting it off from time to time. Was an incredible feeling!