Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Past Play: dogbruin

Back when I was living in PA with Oneill67 there was a special pup who came up to visit from time to time that at the time was known as Woofpup, though you may know him now as dogbruin. Over the course of time we did a fairly good amount of play, puppy time and riding around the countryside, and has always been one of those people that is important to me. 

In one of our earlier play sessions we had a horny hood lent to us by a friend that we wanted to incorporate into a scene, the pup wanted some intense bondage, and I wanted to work on my rope skills, so decided to go for the full body rope web to a bed. 

Overall the tie is fairly simple, just the amount of it looks complicated. The result though, with the extra rope interlaced between the arms and the body, and between the legs as well, is a bondage that prevents any movement at all. One the head was secured with more rope, the poor pup was left only to take the electro into his cock and balls. 

I still remember the wonderful sound of his whimpers. 

Later in the same visit I went for a far more simple bondage in the rubber sleepsack. Of course with more electro. 

Boys in Jocks

Pup Speedy

For me, it was easy. 

I have been Sparky for nearly half my life now, and had it before I ever came anywhere near anything kinky. So when I first heard about pup play, I knew  I was going to jump into it all the way, then my name was pup sparky. 

That moment when the pup inside knows who you are and had a name, its a milestone. 

Tonight a pup found his name. Pup Speedy Tenspeed

Pup Speedy will do though for short.

Those who know him will find understand it means a lot about who he is, especially his love for biking. So all the pups out there take a moment to celebrate a fellow pup reaching this point. I am glad he found the name he knows fits him.

Will work on getting him some proper dog pics in some rubber here pretty soon. Until then he gave me a few pics to share out there, will have a few more as he develops some more on this path. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Week of Chastity in Vegas

Well, the week of chastity ended with a bang, with two great scenes of play and torture from BindNLocK , but I ended up having to come back earlier than planned do to a work obligation. 

The play has some video captured, and I am looking forward to working that up into some videos soon.

However, the week of chastity gave me some time to reflect on some thoughts.

Now I know there are those out there that get off solely on the chastity itself, and being locked up gets them a sexual thrill. The chastity, for me, doesn't work like that. Mostly I find it annoying, cumbersome, and frustrating.

What gets me off, though, and why I really did enjoy this last week was the fact that I was annoyed, encumbered and frustrated because that is what someone else wanted me to be. Chastity itself isn't what does it for me, getting to do it for someone that I want to make sure enjoys the fact that I rarely give up such control is the turn on.

Plus, to do as Sir asked of me also meant I knew he was going to give me an intense bondage scene as a reward. That first load was incredible.

All the same, it is nice to have my dick back. A little sore and abused, but all free again.

Until next time :)

As I explained each day I was in a rubber jock strap with the cock cage on, each night I was ordered to suit up in my wetsuit I brought with me. Then before I hopped into bed for a night of restless rubber dreams I was to send Sir a pic to let him know I was following his orders.

The wetsuit was a little bit of a challenge to sleep in, as sometimes it was far to warm in the hotel room, and the horniness of being in it was keeping me up. so I go special permission one night to change it up (though that didn't solve the horniness part). 

Overall it was a really great week!

March 19th

March 20th

March 21st

March 22nd

March 23rd

March 24

Monday, March 28, 2011

Follow: Capture Heroes

So one of the sites I have been grooving on recently is Captured Heroes, run by a hot guy down in North Hollywood. Sounded like after his last post he was wondering if anyone was liking what he was doing. 

hey Spidey, keep it up! Love the latest pics of you tied up in the Spidey suit. And ever since I have been a kid tied up superheroes is a huge turn on. Your suit 

If you get a chance, go check his blog out, and be sure to let him know he needs to keep it up!

He can be found at:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puppy Hood - What is the right one

So when I got home this evening there was a thread on the old twitter-verse about what is the best hood to get. Always something that comes up from time to time, and I started to write this post several months ago, so finally decided it was time to finish it.

So what is the right puppy hood?

The answer is.... it depends. Every pup is different, and ever pup play session has different needs. Over the last 8 years I have been a pup, trained pups, had just casual scenes and some very personal experiences with very special pups. I have run into a lot of different opinions about hoods.

What follows is my experiences, my opinions. Read and take away what you want and decide for yourself.

But before you decide on a hood, the first question is....

Puppy Hood or No Puppy Hood

Not all pups are into having any kind of headgear for play. There are those that want to be natural and don't need the pup hood at all. And there are good reasons for it, but some draw backs as well.

No Hood
Advantages: Its not always necessary to use a puppy hood when you are a very experienced pup, and can easily get into the headspace. Part of a very deep connect with Trainer and your inner pup. Also very versatile, no need to lug around gear.
Disadvantage: Not everyone can get into that headspace so  easily, so a hood can be helpful. Also, hoods can become a part of an identity, part of a look for a certain pup, which also helps with getting into headspace

Advantages: Often used as a trigger in the mind of a boy to bring the pup headspace out. Most pups find when a hood is used something just pops, the boy mind retreats and the pup side is more free to be playful, open, obedient and attentive to his Handler.
Disadvantage: Besides just being cumbersome at times, getting in the way of the pup's natural snout for smelling, licking or sucking, the hood can also become a crutch the pup is too dependant on. I believe in slowly weening a pup off dependence with a hood when a long term training is established.

(photo taken from my first real pup session with a full pup hood, when I was the collared pup of Oneill67)

Rubber vs Leather

Advantage: My first puppy hod was leather, and I cherished that thing, but also shared it a lot. I had a lot of pups in that hood, and found the leather is pliable and the lacing helped made it easier to use on any boy's head for a pup scene. Rubber hoods tend to need to be sized correctly. If you plan to be versatile and share your hood, go leather.
Disadvantages: I think the leather ones look great with no gear or with other leather, but a leather hood with latex doesn't always match up well. Conversely, a Latex hood can work with anything (usually).

I recommend the Leather Dog Hood from Mr S. I bought this one after a year of saving up for it, and had it for nearly 7 years. I traded it away to a very special pup, and only did so because it would stay in the family, I am glad I did because he looks so damn hot in it.

Advantages: The ability to shine up a pup hood makes them very visually appealing. Also, the form fit of a rubber hood, touching every part of the skins, adds to the feeling of having a second skin. The second skin feeling is what a lot of rubber pups love about being in full coverage for play.
Disadvantage: Not everyone gets off on being so sweaty, and longer term play is more challenging in a rubber hood. I could sleep in my leather hood no problem, but my rubber one I found to be itchy or irritating. I have still done it, but sleep was more hard to come by.

One hood to recommend is the Rubber Dog Hood from Mr S, which is a solid hood and while there are a lot of pups out there with one I think it still gives a distance look because the eyes of each pup end up being part of the distinctive look.

My hood, however, is probably my favorite. It is custom made for my head, and all the attachments come off so it can be a pup hood, or a bondage hood, or both. It is from Wethot in the UK, made perfectly the first time, and I love to play with it the most for every kind of rubber scene, pup or otherwise. 

All the attachments make this hood the best designed one I have yet to ever run across, even more so because you can custom it with your own color combo. Check them out at:

Other hoods
Now there are a lot more hoods out there, from a variety of vendors, some are very well done and some are more affordable. There are good and bad for numerous ones, but the ones I have talked about are my favorites. I haven't tried every single one, but here are three I have some experience with and should mention as well.

Molded Hoods: There are a few out there, such as Mr S's Terrier Hood or Rottweiler Hood, and has a ton more directly at their site. They look cool and very realistic, which really makes a great way for a pup to create an identity around they can wear anywhere; home, events, bars (assuming they are so inclined for public socialization). I never went for one of these, though, because I didn't like that how the hood formed to the head; too many gaps and pockets inside. I think these are better for those that get off on the look rather then the feel of a puppy hood.

Dog Muzzles: There are a few muzzles out there that are designed specifically for pup play, like the WOOF Muzzle. Now for some this is the right choice, I will admit they are pretty damn adorable. And it is the most affordable of the ones I featured so far. But it is also very specific. I say to any pup that is considering one: If it makes your dick hard when you see it, get it. If not, save up for the one that does.

Regular Muzzles: The most basic toy for any kinkster I think is a Leather Head Muzzle, which because of the price makes it a great entry item for a pup to play with. Also, I think it is a great step down from a dependence on headgear for headspace. My ideal headgear scenario for any long term pup training: a full pup hood for social occasions (pup parties or bars) and events, a muzzle for long term home training scenes, and no hood for rewards and just playing around once we get to the advanced levels of training.

So there you have it. I tried to put down all my thoughts on the subject, and hope it was helpful for you to make your own decision to find a hood for yourself or your pup. There is no right answer for anyone but yourself, so weigh the options, and decide for yourself. Now is a great time to be a pup because there are so many options!

Video: Wrapped in the Sling

Following up after the last video post, Sleepsack Afternoon, with my buddy Cypherrub, I now I have part 2 for you.

There tends to be a couple of common themes to the requests and comments I get about the videos posts I put up here. First, a lot of guys like to see fucking as a part of a scene. As a true kink pig myself, I do love a good fuck and can't agree more. And also, more cum shots (I usually forget about the camera by that point and focused on other things) so I wanted to give you a pretty close double orgasm.

This video both. See how I take such good care of all you perv pigs out there.

This particular boy wanted to really be used for an afternoon, and truly feel like he was there soley for my amusement. I decided to see if I could make him regret that decision by pushing the objectification further than he had gone before.

So after a few hours of being wrapped up in the sleepsack and hood, the electro plug pounding his ass into submission, I took him out and tossed him into the sling, and immediately wrapping him into it with the black pallet wrap. You symmatry hounds out there are going to shudder at the site of the work, but I wasn't going for pretty, I was going for quick. I didn't want the boy to feel freedom for long.

From this position, with just the hose of the gasmask out, I could control his breathing, and began a process of working on his dick while cutting the air off. In the vid you get one of the cycles, but in the interest of time and because it is so repetitive, I only put in one, saving most of the video for what came after.

Pounding the boy's ass.

His whimpers were fucking delicious, and only made me harder.

Gear Featured
Deluxe Web Sling
Portable Sling Stand
S10 Gas Mask Hood

Direct Link to Video

Friday, March 25, 2011

Video: Sleepsack Afternoon

One of my favorite guys to play with is my buddy Cypherrub. Anyone who knows him can tell you he is a great guy in general, and for play he is just my kind of bondage pig; up for anything. We first played on a Saturday afternoon a few years go, on a hot summer day that resulted in a pile of sweaty bondage gear.

We have been friends, not just on the play level, but just in general ever since.

This last fall he came over for an afternoon of bondage, and I promised him I would give him a good ride. As there were two distinct parts to this video I am going to share them in two parts.

First, he was put in the sleepsack, with the electro plug secured in his ass, and put in the heavy bondage hood. Under the sleepsack he was wearing rubber, so he had layers of rubbery tight goodness to keep his mind occupied while that plug pulsed to his ass over and over.

I left him to stew like this for a few hours, checking in on him regularly, until it was time to make use of him. You will have to wait for Part 2 for that, coming soon.

Gear Featured
Heavy Duty Hood with Triple Straps
ErosTek E-232 Electro Box
Electrified WMCBP (Electro Butt Plug)
Neoprene Sleepsack

Direct Link to Video

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank you All!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone that have been supporters of the NoSafeWord blog. This exercise in vanity and exhibitions has been far more successful than I ever imagined it would be, with the growth path of hits growing every month. 

Plus I have enjoyed the messages sent to me personally from the various profile sites, twitter or the comments section of this blog, as well as those that have personally came to thank me for sharing the content that I do. 

While I am working on more writing that will share my reasons for why I am doing this, why I spend hours putting together this content for you, I felt now would be an appropriate time to thank you all your support. 

Please continue to spread the word about NoSafeWord with your kink friends as much as you can; part of my drive to continue comes from the positive feedback. 

And also please consider visiting the sites of the site sponsors (or sponsor for right now), as that helps also to provide me with the chance to move forward with even more content on this site. 

Finally, there are upcoming expansions of sections that I have been working on for some time, as well as some really exciting and unique possibilities that I am just now exploring. If you have ideas, your own content you want to share or   just want to say hi, please contact me and let me know. 

For now the best way to reach me is either through the comments section of this site, or through my Recon profile: SparkySea

In the coming days I have a lot of fun videos and pics your way that I am looking forward to sharing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Video - Neoprene Straitjacket Part 2

From the weekend when we first received out new Neoprene Straitjacket, this video shows my excitement to use it all the time! It's out first straitjacket that is just our own, and of course neoprene is one of my favorites fetishes, so I am really excited to share this video!

While I have shared some photos of my hot hubby, Dvous1, I don't often share the videos. One, he isn't all that exited about being out all over the Internet in video format all the time, but the other reason is that truthfully I tend to forget to pay attention to where the camera is and getting a shot. But this time I wanted to capture the jacket in use.

Not to say that there isn't some parts of our fun in the playroom that night that was captured, I don't show everything, but I did get the important parts.

I even decided to breakout the cock extender for this one to make sure he felt it for a while after! I love that thing, really tears up the boys ass in just the right way, yet still slips right in. And when you fuck a boy with a great ass like my boy has you might need the help to keep you on the edge without going over too quickly. And yes, you can cum while wearing it.

This one is for all those boys out there that have been badgering me about showing more cum shots, and more fucking.

Gear Featured:

Neoprene Straitjacket
Training Bit Gag
Ultra Blindfold
Portable Sling Stand
Deluxe Web Sling
Ram Rod Cock Extender

Direct Link to Video

Tat'd boy in a Singlet

Have no idea who this guy is, but I hope he is in that singlet often, he looks damn good in it!

Cocky Skins

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Latex Jock

In a previous post (see it here) I talked about my getting locked up for this week in chastity. Now that I am in it, I thought I would share one part of it that is always on my mind.

I am required to wear each day my latex jock as well.  

This was the first time I ever ordered up any kinky gear was a latex jock from Mr S, several years ago. It is now called the Traditional Latex Jock

I still manage to have that same jock now, and been wearing it every day for a few days now with a few more to go. It is great to think about how well this thing has held up considering what is has seen, and what is has done :)

Certainly a staple latex item for all the good kinksters!

Crysis 2 Armor

Holy crap, this is the hottest armor I have ever seen for a video game character. From the new game, Crysis 2! I would be too horny to play the game!

Yellow Singlet

I wonder what he is looking at that is giving him that boner?

Internet Pics - Harnesses