Friday, April 29, 2011

POLL: Random internet pics - RESULTS

I know that there are 15 hours left on the poll that I started last week, but the results seem to be pretty damn clear.

The question was: Should this blog continue to post random shots found out in the reaches of the internet from time to time?

96% said YES!

So with that, we will continue. 

Just threw a few at you, another 20,000 left to go....

Hot Leather Daddies

Favorite Color Combo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final batch of Pup Speedy pics

I am looking forward to very soon giving pup speedy some intensive pup training, and hopefully will have some to share from that, but until that day comes I have the final installment of the photos he gave to for me to share here. 

I love a pup with a bit of attitude!


Real Mean Wear Tights

Start at the boots...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Safety - NO NO NO NO!

I am not providing direct links to this video because I don't want to encourage this. 

The mixture depicted here has been the kind of BS that has led others to their deaths. 

No self bondage mixed with breath control. EVER!

Getting off is great, but getting to get off another day is better. 

There is someone out there who will tie your ass up and do awful things to you, if you are patient and work hard to find the right one. The reward for that hard work is being able to get off while playing on the edge. 

Taking a shortcut like this person did is a fast-track to a world of hurt. 

Don't ever do this, my friends.


Standard LVFD Uniform

Homemade Stocks

Sometimes the best way to spend a weekend with is a nice home project. This weekend, it was a set of floating stocks. 

With some extra wood and material laying around I whipped up the first version of this fun play toy. I learned a lot, about what to do, and more importantly what not to do, which will make going at the next set so much easier.

Still, this one will be very useful for a couple of applications. 

In this grainy photo you can see one of the uses for it. 

There is plenty of video footage of how I ended up putting it to even better use. 

Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Video: Pup Spike and Pup Niko

At the beginning of the year we decided to have a party here at the house, and a few stayed over for the next day, which resulted in a couple of fun scenes. 

This first one involves pup niko tied up to the rack while pup spike kept him occupied. As many of you have noticed I do favor the chain, and wanted niko to feel the chain holding him place, as well as hanging from his nuts. 

Edging a puppy is a great way to ring in the new year.

Will be continued in Part 2

Gear Featured in this Video:
Four Buckle Hand Restraints

Direct Link to Video

Saturday, April 23, 2011

POLL: Random internet pics

Hey all

As may have noticed I have been posting pics from time to time of various kinky pics I have collected over the years, and wondering if it is something that the readers of this blog particularly like or care about.

So I am going to conduct a poll for the next week. 

When I first started to look on the internet for kinky pics over 10 years ago I would grab images from the various Yahoo Groups I belonged to for later jerk off fantasies. I just kept that old folder, moving it from computer to computer (and now home server), and though I have rarely added to the collection in recent years it still has over 20,000 images in it. 

With that many photos I could keep posting for years on end. 

At the same time, I realize I don't know where most of these images came from, who is in them or who owns them. The only reason I am posting them is because it seems a waste for them to just sit there and I thought perhaps others could enjoy, especially since the process for posting those kinds of images is actually very simple. 

So I leave it to you, dear readers. No skin off my back if you do or don't want it to continue, but up to you.  

To the right of the main page you will find a poll, please enter your vote. I will announce the conclusion at the end of the week. 

Athletic Studs

Even more swimmers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Safety - Phone a Friend

Below is a news story of what turned out to be a BDSM scene gone wrong , but if you look closely to the story the woman in this one did a great safety protocol: She engaged a friend by sending them their Dom's contact information with instructions to contact authorities if not heard from by a certain time. 

Now some may say, but isn't this the NoSafeWord blog, doesn't that mean Sparky is into no safety, no safe words at all, throw caution to the wind?

Not at all.

I first addressed this back in the post called "No Safe Word?", posted on January 29th of this year. 

I have found the most rewarding experiences, the ones that really get me going and get the person (people?) I am with going as well is to operate on a level of connection that makes safe words unnecessary. 

That doesn't mean I won't use one, or let a sub I am working on have one. Or to use other such measures that saved the situation below from progressing even further. 

Some may argue that the victim in this case is at least partially responsible for her own predicament because she entered into a situation freely without setting limits ahead of time or knowing fully who she was submitting to. Other will blame the Dom for not negotiating the terms and knowing just how far he could go with her. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, unfortuantely. 

I have participated in scenes, as both sub and Dom, where both sides didn't know each other well, no negotiation, and only a brief discussion of limits was had. Not recommended, and a certain amount of risk is involved, not the least of which of not understanding that "torture" is actually consensual or not that can result in someone facing life in prison, justified or not. 

To progress to the ideal of a NoSafeWord scene there is connections and research that needs to be made. Research of the person in power and if they wield that power responsibly. Operating on a similiar level of what each will get out of the scene without compromising safety. 

It is sad to see that the victim in this case took the time to provide herself the safety net of her friend only as a shortcut to skip the other steps necessary to ensure that such measures would not be necessary. 

My hope that the followers of this blog will know better. 

Tacoma man charged in 'bondage room' rape

A 66-year-old Tacoma man has been arrested and charged after police discovered a “bondage room” in his home. The man was accused of kidnapping, raping and assaulting a 24-year-old woman in the home on April 2.
Seattle police gave this account on their blog:
The woman was on Aurora Avenue North when she was solicited by the man for a game of sexual role playing.
After some negotiation, she agreed, entered his vehicle and together they drove to the man’s Tacoma home.
Once there, the woman became worried about her safety and suspicious of the man’s motives. She sent a text message to a friend with the man's address, the license-plate number of his vehicle and instructions to call police, if she did not make contact by midnight.
The man “forcefully restrained” and tortured the woman, according to police. She asked whether he planned to kill her and his response was: “We’ll see.”
The woman then told the man about her text message, and after looking at her cellphone, he untied her, paid her extra money and drove her to an agreed-upon location, police say.
The woman later contacted Seattle Police.
Police did not provide the man’s name. He has been charged with kidnapping in the first degree, rape in the first degree and assault in the second degree.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Past Play: The Wader Suit

On a visit to see me early when we were dating, Oneill67 brought with him a rubber wader suit that his friend had. The suit was truly awesome, with the bottom half having full waders (always a rubber man's lovely feeling) and the top half a latex bib. 

So we planned a scene with me in the suit. After donning the favorite thick rubber lineman's gloves (with yellow trim, of course) and a gasmask with the lens taped over, I was secured to the bed with plenty of rope.

After all this time I don't remember how long I was left in this position, but I do remember it was a goodly amount of time for me to stew waiting for his attention. When it finally came he rubbed his own rubber covered body all over mine, and after blowing his load on my chest he used a vibrator to get me off as well. 

It was amazing, as you can see!


Hogtie Suspension

Support AIDS/Lifecycle

Hey all

A very good friend, and past video subject here on this blog (and all around adorable puppy) is participating in teh AIDS/LifeCycle fund raiswer this year. Please join me in supporting him as he works towards this great cause by sponsoring him! The details are below in a message from him:

From June 5th through June 11th I will once again be ride my bike 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in AIDS/LifeCycle 10.  As this is the 10th year of AIDS/LifeCycle I’ve committed to raising $10,001 this year and I need your support.  The funds I raise will enable the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and San Francisco AIDS Foundation help those impacted by HIV get the treatment and care they need, and provide targeted prevention efforts for high risk populations.

Day One of AIDS/LifeCycle 10 will mark the 30th anniversary of this pandemic.  HIV affects all of us, regardless of race, background or sexual orientation. While great strides have been made since the first reported cases, the AIDS crisis is NOT over.

Please click on the link below and donate as generously as you can.  Together we make a difference every day with your help.  Your support each year means more to me than you can know. Once Again I thank you

Click here to visit my personal page.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I personally thing one of the more exciting parts of going to IML each year is the WOOF Camp session. It is a chance to see all the pups and their handlers again, but more importantly the energy of the room always seems to embody what is best about pup play int he first place; playfulness. 

A hearty thank you to the organizers for putting this on each year, the work you do is not only amazing but greatly appreciated by so many. 

And a big thank you to SquarePegToys for sponsoring the event. I still love my tail plug that has lasted so well since I got mine years ago. Please support them so they can continue to support events like these. 

Can't wait to see everyone at the event!

Saturday, May 28, 2011
Hyatt Regency Chicago
West Tower, Gold Level
Regency Ballroom A
Session A - Pups/Dogs, Handlers Trainers only (9pm to 10pm)
Session B - Open to General Public (10pm to Midnight)

Check it all out at:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Play Pics Finished

I have completed the page, linked from the buttons on the top of the site, with all the posts that I have done of play pics. Clicking on each photo will take you to the original post of those photos, and usually more information about what is going on in those photos. 

Please feel free to browse around and check out the photo collections!

Packages from Atlantarubber

In the post I just made yesterday called "The Meaning of Discipline to Me" I mentioned how in my recent trip to Atlanta had been dropping off some packages for me at my hotel with things to wear. I should finish that thought!

The first day he dropped something off he left me the Disciplined tank that I mentioned in that post. I was very much enjoying wearing that under my clothes each day. 

For day 2 I came back after a long day of rehearsals to find a package at the front desk that I could just tell had some sort of rubber in it, so I rushed back to my room where I could open it. Inside I found this pair of rubber briefs, the kind of a thong style back. I was a little dubious at first as I really don't wear that type of underwear, but once on the feeling of the rubber snuggly holding on to everything, and going up my backside, kept me feeling super horny throughout the next 2 days I wore it. 

The final package that was dropped off the night before was obviously not something I was going to be able to wear under my clothes to work the next day but Sir told me he just wanted me to wear it for bed. The best part of wearing neoprene to sleep in is the smell of the suit the next month, which is just amazing!

Made for a great build up before seeing him at the end of my work trip!

Horny Rubber Men

Even more guys in singlets