Thursday, May 26, 2011

Off to IML

Hey all! Getting ready to head out to the airport shortly to being the trip to IML. I will be back on Tuesday of next week. I plan to log in from time to time to check up, post some happenings, and push out some content to the site that I have prepped, so NoSafeWord will still be going while I am away. And of course I plan to be getting a lot of photos, videos and stories from the weekend to share!

Have a great memorial day weekend everyone!


Video: CBT and Icy Hot

Ok, truth is there are some truth awesome Doms I get to play with, as you have seen, and this video is certainly from one of them.

Based on a recommendation of a friend I got a chance to meet BindNlocK last year, of which I have shared videos on here already (BindNlocK -Sleepsack, BindNlocK - Hogsack, BindNlocK - Chair Bondage, HogSack Again, Electro Punishment). A couple of months ago I got a chance to see him again while on a work trip to Vegas.

I will follow up with the second video shortly, but in this video Sir introduced an new element to the CBT and bondage. Icy Hot. I believe he said that it must have been an old tube, but there was definately an intense feeling going on!

Along with the electro and cbt, the breath control and being all secured in the neoprene straitjacket it made for a lot of sensations happening at once

You can see in the end that I had a lot of fun with it!

Can't wait for next time.

Gear Featured in this video
E232 Electro Box
Electrified WMCBP (Electro Butt Plug)
Neoprene Straitjacket
Neoprene Surf Suit (Colored Piping) with All-Round Zip

Direct Link to Video

Nothing Quite Like a good pair of chaps

Proper Use of Duct Tape

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video - Spandex Sleepsack

Cruising around the old ebay from time to time turns up some interesting finds, like a spandex sleepsack for dirt cheep. The unfortunate part is that the inside of the sleepsack has no internal sleeves for the arms, so it isn't the most useful piece in the world for bondage, but for 20 bucks it was worth it.

So I decided one day to play around with it on the boy, Dvous1. In order to solve the problem of no sleeves I used a long coil of rope and proceeded to tie a body harness that I could then burn into a hog tie. The resulting position left his ass in the perfect spot to be taken advantage of.

To keep with the theme I jumped into some spandex myself. One needs to match afterall!

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Amazing Suit on a hot guy!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On Leatherati: Interacting with Pups

I recently was asked by Daddy Loren of to write an article regarding pup play, which was a great honor to be asked to contribute as a part of this series along side Brue, Pup Tim, Angel, Ace, Stomper and Pug, many of whom I am fortunate enough to count as friends. 

If you do not have Leatherati in your feed, you need to go there. No place out there is better to find out what is happening out there in the kink world, no matter which kink you have. Plus, Daddy Loren and his boy Alex are damn hot too!

I had already been working on a post for NoSafeWord on a topic that has bugged me for a while; how to best interact with pups in all these public events we have. There are way too many stories from pups who go to events in full pup gear and come back with some sort of weird mistreatment.  So I felt this was the perfect time to finish it up. 

Please check out the article, it hope it helps change some perceptions and helps some pups out.

Also, be sure to check out the other awesome article in the series, they have been a great and informative ready. 

Pup Play: Not a Cookie Cutter Lifestyle
by Brue

Good Boy!
by Pup Tim

Hello Princess
by Angel Propps

Types of Pups/Dogs
by Ace

Pups and Pup Play
by slave pug

Who is going to tie my feet together

Like 'em wet

Great Gag Shots

Video: Hero Pup - Part 3

This will be the final part to the 3 part video of the play with Hero Pup. You can view Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

In the previous videos you saw me edging the puppy over and over, using the electro on him and making him beg to finally cum. Now the puppy decided to turn the table on me a little bit, lock me into the fist mitts and do a little edging himself. 

A perfect end to a great evening!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rubber Chlorination - The Experiment

Over the course of the last few months I have been hearing a lot about chlorinating rubber in order to make it more smooth and soft, so I decided to give it a try on some of my older rubber pieces to see how well it would work. 

For those that haven't heard of it, the idea is to create a diluted mixture of bleach and vinegar, which the reaction of turns to chlorine. The rubber is submerged into the mixture and the chlorine bonds to the surface, giving it a smooth sheen and makes the surface more slick. 

I am going to talk about the results in this post. In a future post I am going to do a detail of the steps that I took to get here.

First, I selected the oldest and most beat up of the pieces that I have in my collection. There is one piece, a basic surf suit, that I got from Syren once a long time ago. The piece was OK, but from the very beginning there were two major problems with it:

  • The rubber they used was very tacky and would stick to itself unless it was nearly swimming in powder
  • It never looked shiny
I mostly used it for guests who came over to try on rubber, and it saw a lot of hard play over the years. And as you can see from the before pics the rubber was not looking its best. 

So I researched a few chlorination processes and found the one that seemed to be the most well defined and recommended, and ran this suit through the process.

The results can be seen in the final pics. First, the shine is incredible. I can't believe it is the same suit. I have never seen it look like that even when it was new. 

And the feel is the most mind-blowing part. The rubber has almost a buttery feel to it. The feel of it on you just can help but feel yourself up in it. now need for layers of slimey lube to get that feeling anymore, this process keeps it slick. I have never felt any rubber feel like this ever.

When I go through the process and steps I am going to talk about the concerns you need to watch out, but for now I can report: SUCCESS!!! 

I am going to post this and go back to doing a few more pieces now!



Friday, May 20, 2011

Neoprene Straitjacket - Price Drop

One of the coolest pieces of gear I have purchased in a long while has got to be the Neoprene Straitjacket from Mr S.

Not only is the neoprene horny just because it is the distinctly smelling neoprene, but also because it is rugged and durable, closely modeled after the infamous Mr S Leather Straitjacket. 
And now there has been a price drop, from $999.95 down to $899.95!

If you need further evidence, I have included links to past posts featuring this awesome bondage toy!

Picture Sets
Straitjacket and the Sling
Neoprene Straitjacket - And its Mine!
Neoprene Straitjacket Part 1
Neoprene Straitjacket Part 2

Or, you can get the words of Mr S themselves!


So you like the idea of being tightly strapped into a Straitjacket...fighting and struggling to get out, and then falling back exhausted, after trying your damndest to break out? Then our New Neoprene Straitjacket is a Must to get strapped into. Long-term comfortable gear just doesn't get better than this. Mr. S Leather has now added a Neoprene Deluxe Straitjacket to our line of Neoprene gear we're making here in San Francisco. All the Same aspects of the Mr. S Deluxe Leather S/J have been put into this Neoprene one. In fact even more, as Neoprene has to be reinforced everywhere compared to leather. This in order to withstand the struggling and pulling that you're going to do when you're strapped tightly into this piece.

This truly is a Deluxe S/J... in strong, but stretchy, soft Neoprene. We have even added an Extra strap below the collar on the back, to make it even more secure and two side straps that go around the elbow area of the arms. These two buckling straps pull the lower arms tightly into the body. All total there are 10 bucking straps to hold you tightly into this S/J. Add one of our Neoprene Hoods (NEO 523 or NEO 524) and maybe a pair of neoprene pouch pants (NEO 190) and neoprene boots (B 050) and take the next 5 hours (or more) struggling, drifting, floating, fighting and surrendering to some of the best gear you'll have ever experienced. Truly one of our favorite new pieces.

Strong sales have enabled us to produce this intricate jacket for less and we’re passing the savings on to you.

Neoprene Straitjacket
Neoprene Straitjacket
Neoprene Straitjacket
Neoprene Straitjacket
Neoprene Straitjacket

Interview with Stomper of Pupzone

I have been blessed to have some truly special people in my life who have changed me in ways I never thought possible. 

One of those is my first handler, Stomper. We knew each other before either of us where into kink but when I started in kink he was the one, along his partner Squirm, to help introduce me to what has become my favorite kink, pup play, as well as bondage and rubber and all the other fun things that today I love

But of course it was more than just that. 

One thing that I can say about our relationship, it has always be intense and passionate. He was my first trainer and I was his first pup, and that is a bond that means a great deal for me. 

So when Leatherati just recently interviewed him and he called me (and this blog) out in the interview, I was blown away. Thank you Stomper!

You definitely need to check out the interview, it is truly insightful and he gave a great deal of great information about him and about Pupzone. Check it out at

And if you are looking for an online home as a pup or a handler to find others like yourself or information about what pup play is about, you need to go to

Finally, there is no place in the blog world that I have learned more about the leather/kink community than by following, check them out now.  

Stomper talking about pup play makes me want to breakout the old pup tail again ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Past Play - Rubber Puppy!

Back in the days when i first started I was the collared pup to Oniell67, and I loved any chance I got to be a rubber puppy. Below are some of the photos that were from one his earliest visit to see me, and we have a great night of rubber, bondage and puppy play! 

We started off with me attempting to bark through a very tightly secured muzzle, and spending a good deal of time in pup mode. Then out came a spreader bar and some rope to keep me from tearing up the house.

Can hardly believe that is me!

Gear Featured in this Photo Set


You have a wrench, I have some nuts...

Ok, I have to try that

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: Hero Pup - Part 2

Here is the second part of the post of my visit to see Hero Pup, you can view Part 2 HERE.

In this one it was time to up the ante on the edging that Hero Pup was experiencing by adding in the Electro Butt Plug and ramping it up over and over until I knew it was vibrating his puppy butt just right!

I do love edging a puppy!

In order to get the video to a reasonable length, I had to take out a number of the edges, so rest assured it was far more than what you see here. When you hear the puppy beg to be allowed to cum, it's quite real.

As you can see at the end, he shot all over the place.

What a great night!

Gear used in this Video

Direct Link to Video

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mass Effect 3 - Going Gay

I know there are a bunch of gear heads out there that love Halo Master Chief armor, but I have to say that the armor featured in the Mass Effect series is my favorite, primarily because the main character is so damn hot and the graphics are stunning. I would love to have a recreation of some of the gear in these games. 

So finding out there will be a gay story line possible in the game just makes it even better!

Included some extra shots of the upcoming game as well.

Mass Effect 3 will have gay romance option for male Shepard

via Joystiq by Alexander Sliwinski on 5/16/11

Mass Effect Executive Producer Casey Hudson has confirmed that the final installment of the trilogy will finally allow a male Shepard to know the touch of another man. Hudson tweeted over the weekend that Mass Effect 3 will support "wider options for love interests," including same-sex for male and female characters "reactive to how you interact with them in-game."

Previous installments of the stellar, interstellar saga allowed Shepard to participate in male/female, lesbian and Asari tentacle-head encounters. The omission of a gay pairing for Shepard became even harder to reconcile when BioWare's Dragon Age series allowed players the freedom to define the sexual orientation of their protagonists.

In interviews, BioWare heads Drs. Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have been responsive to the subject. "The team has its perspective," Muzyka told us during February's DICE meeting. "When they created the character, when they defined him. We're pretty open to how the team wants to define their characters. We go with what they like."

It seems the team is ready to try something different.

Think he ever actually played football?

Skins Making Out


Finally Back!

Part of my job involves a lot of travel, and this time of year I am nearly at my peak, July is usually the worst. My plan this year was to have content for the blog pre-made and ready to go while I am on the road so all I have to is hit the send button.

Unfortunately, this last trip my remote connection to the home computer (aka, kink porn central) was down and I couldn't fix it while away.

So I was trying to limit my usage of the work laptop for such activities....

And thus, now I am behind on sending out content here.

But I am finally back and excited to share some of the recent adventures, so, stand by!

Good to be home again!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Play Pics - Spreadeagle Boy

After a long week of work and travel hanging over my head, it was time last time for a bit of fun. After the boy (Dvous1) was off in another part of the house I began laying out the gear on the bed. 

Sometimes the most simple form of bondage is the most fun. Just a spreadeagle, blindfold and gag. 

Now the purest out there will note the lack of locks on the locking posts. For a boy that gets off on hearing the click and knowing the level of security I will use locks. But I wanted quick access to be able to flip the boy over. 

As you can see in the later photos, I needed to have access to ALL parts of him! 

Boy butt is the best place to work on your frustrations.

Gear Featured in this Post:
Fetters Padded Locking Wrist Restraints
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
Ultra Blindfold
Neoprene Breather Gag