Sunday, July 31, 2011

Passing of a Friend

It is with great sadness that I have found out a friend from back home has passed away this weekend. 

Jon (aka Sister Karma Za Betch, or Rubberpigsea) is someone that I have known since I first got into kink, and one of the first people that I tried my hand at being a Dom in rubber bondage and pup play. I gave him some of his first play in puppy sessions, and we played for quite some time before I loved to Pennsylvania. When I returned to Seattle he had moved to LA to work for Instigator Magazine, but eventually returned back to Seattle. While we didn't play again, we had stayed in contact often, and he was someone I would nearly always run into when out in the city.

When we first met, he was boisterous and rambunctious, in fact that could be said of him for years to come, but in those early days it was hard to keep the leash on him. It was an endearing quality, actually, because he was someone who just threw himself full force into whatever it was that he was doing, including play, eager, playful and often had a smile the entire time. 

It was hard to see him when he came back to Seattle though, as he went through a bit of a rough patch figuring out where his place in the world was, and was obviously not always happy with where he was at the time. We talked a couple of times about it, and I kept encouraging him to keep at finding his passions and whatever was meant to be would present itself. 

A couple of years ago he found his place with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and it was amazing to the see the transformation. He found a home with his Sisters, and a calling to be out in the community. It was evident every time I saw him, in Face or not, that he was loving who he was and what he had become. 

If only everyone can show that much joy. 

The word that I have heard from friends and read this evening is that he passed from an accident while returning home from a night out as a Sister, which we can only (if not somewhat morbidly) be thankful it wasn't do to some accident play as we have had to report about others in recent years. Still the passing is a loss to the entire Seattle community and to the Sisters. 

May your passing be filled with the same light you gave others in recent years, pup. 

You will be missed.

An article about his passing can be found at:

Past Play: RopedUpBud Part 3

Continuing the series of photos from the past play from Ropedupbud in New Orleans, this next set is one from a nice of more rope hog ties, one of my favorites to be tied into!

Posing in speedos

See it? See it!?! SEE IT!!!???!!!

Robin to the Rescue!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Video - Giving Back

Since I have started this blog I have posted several videos of play with Kinkidiver, both subbing to him as well as Doming him. You can check them all out by going to the video section HERE.

Recently I went over to play with him, and I ended up Doming him for the night. I decided I wanted to put him in a similiar spot that he had me when I first tried CBT.

For the longest time I didn't want people to touch my balls other than nice light play. I didn't think that I was into anything like that, even going to far as listing cbt as a limit.

About 2 years ago there was a play party at Kinkidiver's place, and I wondered into the playroom at one point, horny and looking for play, to find he had another boy tied up. They they were obviously reaching a conclusion. This was all happening on his bondage bed, so I hopped into his bondage chair on the other side of the room to watch the end of this hot bondage scene.

After the boy he was working on came and he was untying the straps, Kinkidiver turned to me and said, "You know only one thing happens in that chair. If you sit in it..." letting the implication just hang in the air.

Now my response of "bring it on" was born out of horniness and a belief that he was referring to bondage of some sort. He was referring to something a bit more, but I didn't realize that until after he had me fully strapped into the chair, gagged, hooded, and poppered up. Then he started beating my nuts there was nothing I could do, so I decided to roll with it and see where it took me.

I think from the number of videos I have done on the subject you can see where it took me.

So this night a few weeks ago when I was strapping him into the chair, I decided it was time to pay back a little bit of what he taught me, and see if I couldn't torture the hell out of his nuts the way he did mine.

Everyone says it is important to give back to the community. I agree. One set of nuts at a time.

Direct Link to Video

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wish List: Mr. S Essential Leather Sleepsack

In the last year I got to play in one of the Mr S Essential Leather Sleepsacks, when I got to play with BindNlocK. Now love to play with him whenever I get the chance, because he is a great guy, and always pushes me. Some of the most of intense scenes I have had have been with him, and of those the most intense ones have had with him as been in that sleepsack. 

Don't believe me, you can check out the past posts that shows it!
In the Leather Sleepsack

BindNlocK - Sleepsack

Ever since I have been in one, I have been coveting one really bad! We made a commitment, we will use whatever comes from the affiliate program with Mr S on this blog to go towards getting one. 

The leather on these are amazing, and once secured into it you are not going anywhere. Truly an amazing piece of bondage. 

I can't wait to get my hands on one! Very much on the Wish List

Your continued support of this blog, either by clicking through the banner, your comments, and your messages of support, is always greatly appreciated. 

And of course, if you are looking for a great sleepsack, can't recommend this one enough, you will be bound in style.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video - Rubber boy at IML

So I have been flirting with Toy Hero for sometime, whenever we are at the same event, but we haven't quite hooked up until this last IML. 

Not only is he always looking hot in his gear, but he is a really good guy as well, which makes him that much hotter to me. He arrived to my room rubbered up and ready to go, and I was in a mood to take inspiration whatever was at hand to create the scene. 

We had this great view out of our window, and there was this cool table, so I thought I might try to use it. What ended up happening was a very difficult bondage position to maintain, but damn it looked good, especially when I slapped on breather bags filled with poppers on him. 

Nothing like a rock hard rubber boy.

Gear Used in this video
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
Fetters Padded Locking Wrist Restraints
Ultra Blindfold
Neoprene Locking Bondage Collar
Acrylic Ball Crusher
Electro Flexi Ball
PES Corona Urethral Stimulator

Direct Link to Video

Swimmers Body Suits

Hot cyclist

Sacked out

Monday, July 25, 2011

Photos of Puppy Bo

I love it when there are great photos to go along with great play, and a couple of weekends ago while in New York that is what I had: some great play with my puppy, BoD0ppel

He is posting some of the pics over at his blog, Kinked Bloggings of Bo, head on over to check them out. 

Thank you for a great weekend puppy!

Video - Puppies at Play

A few months ago I had a couple of puppies over for some play time, so I took turns tying each one of them up while the other played with them.

When we start the video you will find Dreadfire standing in a sleepsack, with rope attaching him to the chain on the bondage frame, hooded in his dog hood. MrIncognito is in a similar dog hood and worshiping the puppy cock.

They both move on to more and more play with each other, including

Sometimes the best part of having puppies to play with is just sitting back and watching them have fun!

Direct Link to video


Screwed soldiers

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally Home!

It should be no surprise to anyone that while I love what this blog is becoming, and still have more I want to do with it, still the blog can't be the biggest priority in my life. 

I will always put my husband first, now and always, because he is everything to me. 

After that there are numerous priorities in my life, with NoSafeWord falling somewhere in there, but farther down the list than others. 

For the past 2 weeks, my career had to take a priority, encroaching for too close to my relationship with my husband, and certainly crouching out my friends. For that I apologize. 

The last two weeks was a chance for me to flex some of my muscles in my chosen field, it is a time of year for a lot of travel, but this year was challenging because I was pushed further than ever before. It was a lot of hard work, and it was truly an amazing experience.

I can have these priorities in my life, and still give that same measure of dedication to this blog, to see where I can take it, because the limit to what anyone can do is only ever time and imagination. 

Might be a little bit of a slow ramp back up, but have a lot of great content coming your way. Videos from recent play, including a great scene at IML and another intense cbt scene with my friend that taught it all to me. 

A ton of photos to push out the door, just have to get to them. 

And still trying to figure out how I feel about something else big in my life right now that I feel I have to share, but I want to make sure it is for the right reasons. 

Let's just say, I have quite the life. I truly do. 

More soon my friends. 


Monday, July 4, 2011

I thought I was the only one....

The reality is that I really hate heights, always have. And many roller coasters and rides at amusement parks feature heights I have made myself sick going on those things.

But if I get a chance to get on them I jump on it!

In fact I once had the opportunity to go to a private part at a six flags park, the entire place shut down except for  a few people (about 10% of the park capacity). This gave me and a few of my friends the opportunity to ride every ride without any lines, and we hit nearly every one twice, sometimes 3 times.

But it wasn't until Metalbond posted up yesterday a post about the harness system that locks you into these coasters that I ever thought about admitting how horny those restraint systems they lock you into for them make me horny!

Great post Metalbond!

Speedo Speedsuits

Boys harnessed

Bound in tights

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sometimes I hate this time of year...

Part of my job is to go to giant conferences as a part of the management and production crews, which is something that I absolutely love and get-off on professionally. It is incredibly exciting to be able to be creative in a fast paced environment, and it is really hard to explain to anyone what its like to be a part of it. 

At the same time, July does its best to kick my ass. 

In this month alone I have 4 separate events to go to for work, all of them back to back. This is my last weekend off until I hit Chicago after the first week, and I am likely to be on extremely long hours.  

To be ready for it I have been busting ass morning to night, taking meetings, working on design projects, giving direction to the crew and keeping up with all the changes. To be quite honest, I have been stressed the fuck out this last week, and I hate that feeling. 

It kills the libido. It sucks away the motivation to do anything else. And it makes me cranky. I don't feel like I connect with friends lately. I don't feel like I am part of the community like I was a month ago because I am in my own world. And I don't feel like I am the best husband. 

At the same time, each year I do it I advance a little bit more in my career, which is why I do it. That and I happen to be one of the few people trained to do what I do.

The reason I share this here is to explain why NoSafeWord has been relatively quiet lately, and why it is about to get even quieter. 

Thursday I will leave for my first trip to NYC, then directly to Denver, back to Seattle for a week in the bowels of the convention center, then off to Chicago for another week. Some of that time is going to be on long hours. 

During this time, it is going to be difficult to keep up with the blog, though today is going to be about getting content ready that I can just hit send on. Going to be a lot of random photos really, but something will flow. 

Plus, there is a pretty special thing going on in my life at the moment that means a lot to me, but I am not ready to talk about that, it is just front of mind to me everyday. When it is time to talk about it, you will know what I mean. 

Hang in there dear readers of the blog. This site has grown to a point where I am amazed at the response, and love all the words of encouragement and support, I am glad people are liking it and continue to come back. I promise when it get's to be August I will be hitting full steam again!


Keep them gagged