Thursday, September 29, 2011

Contributor - Bouncer is Becoming a Puppy - Part 1

I was chatting with a puppy recently that is just starting to find his place in this kink world, and I found his enthusiasm for it infectious. So I asked him to write a little bit about his experience and what he was thinking about as he begins play and training, and this is what he sent in. There is more coming down the road, and I look forward to hearing more about his journey, hope you will as well. 

Becoming a Puppy: Part 1
by pup bouncer

~Before I begin let me thank our Host, Sparky for allowing me this opportunity to share with you all my experience(s) as a newbie pup on his journey of self-realization, fulfillment and ultimate sexual enlightenment!  *Pounces and licks Sparky happily ^^*~

As long as I could recall I have had the desire to gear up and have fun.  At first it was just a little spattering of spandex, spurred by the TV show Power Rangers, then later moved on up, as I hit puberty, into full-on sexually explosive gear-mania.  Playing football in High School helped me find my inner "gear pig", I guess you could call it, as after each practice (or nearly each practice, hehe) I would run home to furiously beat off; covered in sweat, wearing my Under Armor and football pads and practice bottoms (also padded) with my socks pulled up, all dirty and grimy from a hot summer days workout in the sun.  Not to mention seeing all the cute boys I had crushes on all geared up grunting and sweating and working with and around me...running into and piling on top of me....smelling them and tasting their sweat.  Oh my, I am getting distracted...hurrmm.... where was I?  Ahhhh, those were the days.....(getting distracted is one of my lesser qualities but it's expected from hyper puppies so s'all good!) Oh yes! next paragraph!

I never realized I was a particularly "kinky" guy until I came out to myself and everyone else at 20 years old, though, and shortly after, bought my first Zentai suit.  Something about full-body encasement turned me on something fierce and made me crave some form of bondage to go along with it.  This is about the time I discovered my submissive side as well.  I loved topping guys (during regular sex) but submission is the role/position that I felt I truly belonged; sadly, I was not able to fully express myself until very recently this year, after I discovered Puppy Play!

The minute I saw the gear pups wore... the attitude they had... the mental place they took themselves, and the way they pleased their Handlers/Masters/Trainers/Owners, I KNEW it was for me.  I just knew it; you know those intuitions or gut feelings you follow sometimes, and they just, by their very nature, lead you down the right path(s) in life?  Yeah, this was totally that way for me and I had not a single doubt about it being exactly who I was; in my soul and in my heart.  I knew I was a pup, or at least had the essence of being one, for a long time prior to discovering this form of play, but actually seeing it all made it come together for me and a light bulb went off in my head -DING- and every kink, every fantasy, every desire and even NEW ones started coalescing into this awesome tennis ball that I just had to munch on, chase and bring back to my very own hunky Master X3...

Discovering it, I found, was just the beginning of my Journey.  I have since made many internet and \real life friends who are so supportive, awesome and fun pups and people to talk to and share my experiences with that I feel right at home even if I am miles away from so many wonderful people.  One of the first people to message me when I tentatively stepped into the community has now become my very own Trainer/Sir who has really just fallen for me and I for him in sooooo many ways.  I wasn't even looking for that special someone to hold my leash and actually COLLAR me, not yet anyways, or so I thought, but it just felt so right.  That intuition, it can be a powerful bastard that you end up giving in to more times than naught.

Sir is so gentle and caring....He made me realize some very new things about myself and gave me confidence when I needed it most after a very rough chapter in my life was wrapping itself up.  I worried about if this was really for me, if I was just interested for the wrong reasons or if I would even be able to form my own personal pup space (the head space pups find themselves delving into when they become their alter-ego) or if I was "doing this the right way."  What I discovered is that there is no "right way" there is only YOUR way.  No matter what, if it feels good to you and it works for you and you LOVE doing it, roll with it.

Sir has helped me grow in so many ways already in such a short amount of time, it is staggering and incredible all at the same time to sit back and think that just a month or so ago I was a timid, scared, freshly single young man, self conscious little newbie with not a single god damn idea about what he was doing or where he wanted to go.  All I knew was I got a raging hard-on from the videos and photos I had seen (I have Sparky and RubberAsylum and xtube to thank for that! XD) and that I wanted to be apart of this community badly...that it was a lifestyle I HAD to have for myself.  In such a short amount of time I have forged new relationships with people with so much experience and who have so much kindness in their hearts for a newbie pup that I am humbled...DEEPLY to my little puppy core to be in the presence of these men learning things and experiencing things with them.  I guess it's because I am so eager that it makes them eager in turn to show me the ropes (no pun intended..well, maybe a little) and I an super respectful towards others.

That's something I will get into for all you newbie pups who have yet to experience this with a true Dom/Sir/Master: how to go about actually BEING a pup is all up to YOU as an individual, but certain...I dunno...rules or behaviors are expected of you, as a submissive. Respect and honesty/openness/communication being the key terms that come to mind first.  But like I said, I will go into more detail in subsequent postings!

For now, this is just a little, hasty autobiography of sorts about me, Pup Bouncer, and how I got into puppy play and into the community in general (and I am still breaking out into new territory, I am by no means well known or anything of the sort, please make no mistake, lol).  It was all luck really, coupled with, as I said, my eagerness to learn and experience things.  For all you out there who are timid or scared of looking dumb or whatever, DON'T BE.  I found out the easy way but if you actually LET GO of all that BS floating in your head and HAVE FUN and be yourself (cliche to say, I know but it IS true) you will find so many rewarding experiences; it will truly astound you what will come your way if you give yourself some confidence, put a little swagger in your puppy pounce and have fun YOUR way.  Don't give a FUCK what other people think....chances are that if they don't dig pups they aren't worth your time anyways and if they think pup play is one way and one way only then they are narrow minded and not fun to be around at all and should be avoided.  Bottom line you will find somebody who you click with, there's millions of kinksters out there, hehe.  Just be your hyperactive, puppy selves and many good things with come your way!

Hell, just from following that basic principle/principles I have ended up with my first training collar, my own tags showing I belong to an Owner, and just a few days ago, got my first piece of rubber gear GIVEN to me by a wonderful Sir who was blown away by my enthusiasm and dedication (thanks to Him for the rubber pics of me)!  And I didn't think I was being anything but myself!  YOU can make a difference in your life and others around you by just letting go and exploring yourself.  explore your inner pup and you will heap rewards onto yourself beyond your wildest imaginings.  It really is true, take it from me ;-)

Lots of Wrestling

What an ass

X marks the spot

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Latex Jacket!

I am so excited, the jacket that I have always wanted to have, one made entirely of shiny, beautiful latex, is now being made. I so can't wait to slip it on with my catsuit!

Of course it is coming from my friends over at E7 Gear, and hope you will consider them for your next rubber purchase from E7!

Fort Troff Sling

When there is great customer service, I think the best thing I can do is share the experience with others. We talk a lot about different ways to serve our community, and I think one of them is to call out bad vendors of kink gear and toys when they are taking advantage of people. It is equally important to celebrate the good ones when they go the extra mile to make for a positive experience. 

A year ago when we moved to a new home we decided to get a sling, something our old place couldn't have handled (unless we set it up in the living room; don't think it didn't cross my mind more than once). I spent a lot of time looking, and finally settled on what I felt was the best deal, the Sling Stand and Premium Weave Sling from Fort Troff

Now, we use the sling quite often, but have to admit not every time we do any kind of play, so it was surprising we discovered a problem with the sling starting to come apart. 

So I contacted Fort Troff to see what could be done. In less than 24 hours I got an answer, which was that they were immediately shipping out a replacement and I could send the defective one back once I got the replacement. 

I was blown away! 

My friends, if you are looking for a sling and stand for it, I have to recommend this one, not just because it was a damn hot toy, but also because they stand behind the product. 

Pig away everybody!

Lots of Wrestling

hot booted man

Monday, September 26, 2011

Announcing AsylumCast

Those that follow RubberAsylum's new podcast may have heard about the announcement of a new podcast that will be in development in the coming weeks. Asylum asked if I would join him, and RubberGator on the show. 

A lot more details I am sure will be flowing soon, but looking forward to seeing what this project will bring!

Checkout the annoucement at:

Tribute - Lady Gaga's Live Tribute to Jamey Rodemeyer

I have to admit, when it comes to Gaga, I am not the best homo in the world. I recognize that her music is good, and I love her support of our community, just I don't follow music any more in the way that I used to so I just haven't spent a lot of time connecting with her music.

A few days ago we learned of the tragic loss of Jamey Rodemeyer, a young gay identified boy who committed suicide after struggling with his sexual identity. Hearing that was very painful, as I was in his shoes at one time, and came closer to than I care to admit to following in his footsteps, but I was lucky enough to find some sort of support in a few people that cared and guided me through.

So to see and hear this tribute from Lady Gaga really moved me, and I love her for doing it.

Take a moment to watch, and remember that one of the main reasons we all are in this crazy world of kink to is create a place where it is safe to be who you are, and where you are celebrated for exploring ideas and feelings that others demonize only out of fear, and that no one need to end their life because they are afraid to be gay.

Perhaps if we can all remember that, then such a meaningless death need not be be totally in vain.

Lady Gag - "Hair" [Jamey Rodemeyer Tribute] Live at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2011

Back now!

Hey all

Sorry for the delay in the blog, I had to take a little bit of break due to a rather large work project. In fact probably my last big one of the year. It consumed me last week and there was simply not enough hours in the day to give into the blog other than a few quick posts. 

But back now, and going to try to get some more fun content to send your way again! Looking forward to it!

Back to normal... at least as normal as I can be...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Past Play: Biker Pup

The photos in this set are from many years ago when I was with Oneill67. We weren't living together just yet and I was out for a visit. Seemed like a great day for a ride, so we suited up in full leathers. 

The feeling of being in the tight leather suit (I believe I was wearing something tight and spandex underneath as well) and being on the back of the bike with him while we sped through the hills nearby was pretty incredible. The speed, the excitement, and most of all, the horniness. 

When we got back it was time for some puppy play, so out came the headharness and the mitts, and I froliced about in the leathers and gear while he snapped some pics of me. 

I remember that day because of how all the events combined together to create a great puppy headspace. 

Gear Used in these Photos

What a flirt!

Lots of Wrestling

Damn, boy....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Video - New Stocks

A few months ago I was working on creating a new set of stocks, my first attempt at such a toy. Still needs a bit of work, but definately effective enough to hold a boy for a long period of time.

I took the hubby, Dvous1, into the playroom and had him getting into his Neoprene Singlet, and fitted him with the Electrofied World's Most Comfortable Butt plug. A few hours of time with the poor boy getting some electro torment in a variety of positions was more than enough to keep him content.

Gear Used in this Video
Padded Fist Mitts
Fetters Padded Locking Ankle Restraints
E232 Electro Box
Open Crotch Tit Flasher Singlet

Direct Link to Video

The Finger



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Missing out...

Over the course of the last few weeks I have been talking  with a boy that has been feeling like the world is moving by him, and he is left out in the cold of the kink world. 

There are those out there that seem to lead lives of constant parties, travelling around to all the events, getting the chance to play with all the hot guys. There is a wide range of players out there, with factors including the amount of gear, self promotion, connections, charisma, etc., that make them seem as if they are "living the life" as he put it. 

He puts me in to that category of people to some extent, because of this blog, and had a hard time understanding that I don't always feel it. 

And just as there are those on the end of the spectrum that seem to be living the dream kink life, there are those on the other side. They don't feel hot enough to be players, or have the personality or social graces to find the right players. They may be poor and unable to buy the gear that turns them on. Or they may live in an isolated place that keeps them from meeting kinksters. 

It is tough not being the cool kid in the class sometimes. To feel like others are getting what you can never have. 

It creates a sense of abandonment and isolation. I related to him this week something that hit me hard regarding those very feelings.

Earlier this week I was flying out of an airport that I had forgot I was in once before until I passed through the security checkpoint and found myself in the high ceilings of the main hallway near the gates. I felt the rush of emotion that came back to me the day I was eight years old and standing in that same hallway. 

My parents had divorced a year earlier, my mother leaving my father and taking me to a different state to live with my sister. My rather, all alone in the house I grew up in, began a process of deteriorating into heavy drinking. He kept calling us and begging my mom to let him see me. She agreed to let me go back for a few months to spend time with him, hoping that it would help him recover and create some healing, and because I missed him too. 

Not long into that visit a horrible tragedy occured. My older brother who was with my mom was accidentally shot by a gang member in a fight across the street in the neighborhood we had lived in back then. He died quickly. Not only did I end up losing my brother, but my mother as well, as I was told that his death was a big part of why I wasn't going back to be with her. My family helped us the tragedy to keep me from her.

That hallway turned out to be the last time I saw my mother for quite sometime, and never again in her custody. 

So standing there this week, it became all I could think about. I missed out on my childhood in many ways. Taking care of an alcoholic father. Losing my brother. Losing my mother. I had to do a lot of growing up. I missed out on the things you are supposed to do as a kid. 

To this day one of the things I really hate is missing out on things. There are parties or get-togethers that others go to that I don't get invited to. People I wish I could get to know or become friends with that I never get to. Play time with people I likely never will. Parties happening elsewhere. Missing out always kicks me hard. 

I relayed this to the boy I was talking to, who feels like he misses out as well, but on everything. At first he tried to say, "but you get to do so many cool things, I have seen them on your blog!" That may be true. But I still miss out on a lot of things I would like to do. 

The secret, as I tried to explain, is this. Our lives sometimes seem as if there are large gaps because we are living all of it, and we see others as full, expansive lives because we see little snapshots into their lives. Because we don't live their life, we miss out on the struggle everyone has, the loneliness that even coupled people sometimes feel, and the pain of loss, or being left out. Everyone feels it from time to time. 

The difference is that with work, and choosing to have a positive attitude, we find a path to a better life, and a chance to be happy living it. If we have the courage to make that choice.

My life now is so much better than that day I stood in that hallway 30 years ago. And I am thankful for it.